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Digest July 2012
AHRD Digest

July 2012 AHRD Digest

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From the Board
by Darlene Russ-Eft

Incoming SIGnal
The Scholar-Practitioner SIG

Technically Speaking
How Can Your iPad, iPhone or Other Mobile Device Increase Your Productivity?
by Paul B. Roberts

In the News

Member Spotlight
Martin Kormanik

Announcements and Accomplishments

Final Thoughts

AHRD Member Benefit Quicklinks

From the Board

Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to you with some good news about a new benefit that we will offer AHRD members. As discovered by the AHRD Journal Taskforce, many of you indicated that you wanted online access to the AHRD journals. Starting mid-August, you will have online access to all of the Academy journals in addition to receiving your regular quarterly print copies. Furthermore, you will be able to access all previous issues of the journals.


During a five-month transition period, from mid-August 2012 to January 1, 2013, you will be able to compare and contrast how you use the journals. Some of you may prefer to use the hard copies, while others may prefer online access. Then, beginning January 1, 2013, all members will be given a choice: You can choose to receive only the online access as part of your membership package. Alternatively, you can elect to receive both the online access and hard copies for an additional nominal fee.

Please note that the online access to the journals does not mean that our journals are becoming e-journals. They will continue unchanged and will be published in hard copy and online.


We want to thank the members of the AHRD Journal Taskforce, who worked diligently to gather and analyze member preferences over the past two years. This change has been carefully considered, and it has taken the Board a while to gain agreement about this implementation. Furthermore, it took some time to negotiate with the publishers; and the AHRD Office had to undertake some special website programming to allow members easy access to all of the journals through the AHRD website. The final step is to pilot test the new online access system.


Darlene Russ-Eft
Past President and
Senior VP, Research, Education, & Development


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Incoming SIGnal

The Scholar-Practitioner SIG

The AHRD Scholar-Practitioner Special Interest Group (SP SIG) formed from the Scholar-Practitioner Committee and seeks to connect members who are interested in strengthening the connection between research and practice. The group facilitates interaction, organizes activities, supports the AHRD board on scholar-practitioner topics, and champions the role of scholar-practitioners across the academy. Members also support one another in enacting the scholar-practitioner role and in promoting research-practice linkages.


The scholar-practitioner is a linking role bringing evidence-based research to day-to-day practice and practical insights to research and theory development. Scholar-practitioners ground their practice in research and theory, champion research and theory in the workplace, and disseminate findings from their own research and practice. Scholar practitioners also partner with academics, researchers, and practitioners in the effort to improve organizational performance, as well as to improve the field (Short, 2006).


During the year, the SP SIG works to maintain the momentum that starts with the Conference in the Americas. In the last few years, the SIG has produced two scholar-practitioner oriented issues of Advances in Developing Human Resources and has a recently submitted a third for review. The SIG is also very interested in defining the role of the Scholar-Practitioner and building partnerships that strengthen research to practice relationships.


Our Objectives:

The Scholar-Practitioner SIG is established to ensure there is a voice for scholar-practitioners within the Academy, by working to:

  • Contribute to accomplishing the AHRD mission and vision of "leading the HRD profession through research.”
  • Strengthen the Academy’s impact on the field of HRD.
  • Increase the number of scholar-practitioners within the membership of the Academy.
  • Promote the testing of theory and the application of theory and research in practice.
  • Promote the development of theory and the conduct of research that addresses the needs of practice and improves practice.
  • Support networking of those interested in scholar-practitioners and scholarly practice.

The SP SIG Steering Committee is made up of the following members:

Jason Moats, Chair,
Bo Boylan,
Lisa Brinkman,
Beth Frechette,
Rachelle Lehner,
Catherine Lombardozzi,
Carol Packard,
Brad Shuck,
Ellen Sculley-Russ,


The SP SIG Steering Committee is working, along with the SP SIG members, to continue to bring you some exciting programs in 2012-2013, including:

  • A pre-conference session addressing an issue from a SP perspective. More information will be available closer to the conference.
  • At least one SIG-sponsored innovative session at the upcoming Conference in the Americas.
  • An issue of Advances in Developing Human Resources focused on case studies of Scholarly Practice.
  • A pool of SP reviewers to review papers that are considered to be Scholar-Practitioner oriented. While the SP SIG no longer sponsors a specific SP track, we provide Track Chair Editors a list of reviewers with expertise in the specific track area. In addition, the SP SIG also has established a mentoring process for less experienced reviewers.
  • The AHRD Excellence in Scholarly Practice Award.

We are looking forward to our most productive year. If you are interested in being a part of this exciting, diverse and dynamic group, please contact anyone on the steering committee with questions or suggestions.


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Technically Speaking

How Can Your iPad, iPhone or Other Mobile Device Increase Your Productivity?

By Paul B. Roberts


OK, now I can check my email and calendar on my mobile device…wait, did I just spend $200-$800 for this ability? There are many "apps” out there, seemingly to solve all the world’s problems, which is why I was struck by a cartoon in which a mother asks her teenage son to do the dishes. He immediately pulls out his smart phone, to which the mom replies, "there’s not an app for that”; the disappointment and amazement are comical on the son’s face. Cartoon aside, many apps simply extend or simplify existing web sites, such as Facebook, eBay, USA Today, ESPN and the Weather Channel. Some go beyond to provide entirely new capabilities.


As an early adopter of mobile devices (I bought my first Palm Pilot in 1998) I have found one application to be an invaluable tool. It is Notepad. This may disappoint some, as it is not the newest or most powerful, but I have come to rely on it. Notepad is a text editor that can be found on most mobile devices, a fact that gives testimony to the effectiveness of this program for improving productivity on the go. I currently have about 200 notes that sync to my phone, tablet, and computers. I can see the same information across platforms and devices. Notepad is a veteran program with a modern application. I use Notepad to keep track of important lists, such as shopping, tools, research questions, books, gifts, article ideas, music, and movies. I can check items off my book list, for example, right in the store after a purchase. With the program, I can create notes of conference sessions, my most recent inoculations for travel, the past and future AHRD conference locations, important contacts, and the phone numbers of my credit card companies to report a lost or stolen card. A word of advice, though: Do not use Notepad for sensitive information such as passwords and banking information. There are several good encrypted apps designed to securely hold this kind of information.


The program has also helped me administer grants over the years, including meeting and conference planning, which often require me to travel to the host site with important informational notes. I have notes in Notepad such as a meeting packing list that includes everything from pencils and extension cords to the number of drinks we purchased for a two-day event broken down by type (water, Coke, Dr. Pepper, juice) and how many were consumed to assist in planning the next event. I have a list of conference ideas, so when I see an idea that I like, I will make a note of it and include it in my next planning session. Notepad has definitely become a cognitive tool that allows me to offload details and let me focus on other administrative interactions. Even better, I can improve my productivity by having the notes synched to my various mobile devices, so that I can select the best device for a given trip, whether to the store around the corner or the meeting across the world.


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In the News

AHRD Awards Nominations Open August 1, 2012 - New Process & Deadline

Nominations for AHRD Awards will be open for entry on August 1. All award entries must be submitted through online forms that will be built on the website and that will allow attachments. No email submissions for awards will be accepted. The awards deadline is October 20 (exception is for the Journal-sponsored awards). Please review the awards sections here. You will also receive an auto-confirmation upon submission. If you do not receive a confirmation, contact to verify your award submission has been received.


R. Wayne Pace HRD Book of the Year Nomination Process

The R. Wayne Pace HRD Book of the Year Committee is pleased to announce that nominations for this year's book of the year process is open. Academy members, authors, or publishers can nominate any book authored between November 1, 2010 and November 1, 2012.

Winning books must be grounded in a sound foundation of theory and/or research, address a topic of timely importance, suggest new thinking about the topic, and challenge current values, beliefs, and assumptions. The winning book will:

  • be scholarly, more than a "how-to” book of checklists.
  • be considered well written.
  • fill a need or a gap in the field, contributing significantly to HRD.
  • be published between November 1, 2010 and November 1, 2012.

For detailed information on the submission process, please visit the AHRD website or contact Dr. Brad Shuck for more detailed questions.


Human Resource Development International Announces New Editorial Team 2013-2016

Rob Poell has done a wonderful job as editor of HRDI, which has thrived under his leadership. Rob’s term of office finishes at the end of the year, and Alexandre Ardichvilli (University of Minnesota, USA) who has been serving for the last three years as associate editor for the Perspectives section of the journal, will step into that role. Sally Sambrook’s term as associate editor for the Refereed section also conclues at the end of this year. After six years of very hard work on behalf of HRDI, she has now decided to step away from HRDI due to other commitments.


Earlier this year, there was an excellent response to the call for applications for the post of associate editor, with eight very strong candidates applying. The Board of Directors along with the Editorial Team have agreed to appoint Carole Elliott (Hull University, UK) as associate editor for the Refereed section, and Jessica Li (University of Illinois, USA) as associate editor for the Perspectives section.


August Webinar

After a successful June webinar, AHRD is very happy to announce the upcoming August webinar presented by Dr. Laird D. McLean, from McLean Global Consulting. The webinar is titled "Deciphering the Factors Related to Creativity: Implications for HRD". It is scheduled for Thursday, August 9, 2012 from 12 to 1 PM (CDT). More information and registration is available at:


AHRD Asia/MENA Conference

AHRD is excited about the next joint Conference of the Asia Chapter and the MENA Chapter of Academy of Human Resource Development to be held November 8 through 10 in Istanbul, Turkey. Manuscript submission deadline is August 1, 2012. More information is available at: We all look forward to seeing you there.


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Member Spotlight

martin kormanikMartin Kormanik

Martin Kormanik is the President and CEO at O.D. Systems in Alexandria, Virginia, as well as an Assistant Professional Lecturer at George Washington University and Practitioner Faculty at Johns Hopkins University. He has been a member of AHRD since 1998, and in that time has served in a number of volunteer positions. Martin has been both a presenter and paper reviewer for the AHRD Conference in the Americas, as well as a member of Faculty Learning and Development and Scholar Practitioner SIGs. He has also contributed his time as a member and chair of the Malcolm S. Knowles Dissertation of the Year Award Committee, and as a member of the AHRD Board of Directors.


Martin described his first AHRD International Conference in the Americas in 1999 as a memorable moment. Although he was still doing is doctoral coursework--definitely new to the community--he felt welcome. Encouragement from both senior scholars and fellow scholar-practitioners helped him realize that AHRD was his professional home. The feedback and insights he received on his work challenged his thinking. It also helped him realize that his voice was welcome in the discussion. And he is pleased to report that he has been in the dialogue ever since!


Right now, Martin is reading the Heath brothers' Switch, focusing on leading organizational change and transition, as well as Ed Holton and Dick Swanson's Foundations of HRD.

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Announcements and Accomplishments

  • The Critical SIG has recently published its inaugural newsletter. The issue focused on the perspectives of SIG members on criticality in HRD. The viewpoints included those of Robert Mizzi, Ph.D., Vanessa Ann Claus, Joshua C. Collins, and Heather Kissack, Ph.D. It also featured a message from Julie Gedro, the Critical SIG Chair, and highlighted upcoming SIG programming. Members can read the entire document on the AHRD website or contact Joshua Collins at for more information.

  • The EJTD Prize Winning Paper at the 2012 UFHRD Conference in Portugal is: Dr. Maura Sheehan, Brighton Business School, University of Brighton, United Kingdom. Her paper is titled: The Adoption of Human Resource Management Practices &Perceived Performance of Foreign Subsidiaries. Congratulations, Maura!



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Final Thoughts

At the end of June, Thomson Reuters released the 2011 Impact Factors. We are pleased to announce that HRDQ’s impact factor has increased from 0.475 to 0.804. Additionally, HRDQ has moved up in all of its rankings:

  • Industrial Relations & Labor: 10/24 (moved up 4 spots)
  • Management: 113/166 (moved up 12 spots!!)
  • Psychology, Applied: 53/72 (moved up 1 spot)

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