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AHRD Sponsored Journals

One of the benefits of full membership in AHRD is online access to all four of our sponsored journals:

Advances in Developing Human Resources, Editor Michael Leimbach
Human Resource Development International, Editor Carole Elliott
Human Resource Development Quarterly, Co-Editors Valerie Anderson, Kim Nimon, Jon Werner
Human Resource Development Review, Editor Julia Storberg-Walker

Full members may also elect to receive hard copies for an additional nominal fee upon renewal as well. Please note that the online access to the journals does not mean that our journals are becoming e-journals. They will continue unchanged and will be published in hard copy and online.

If you have questions about publishing in specific journals, please contact the journal directly.

  • Advances in Developing Human Resources (ADHR), published by SAGE Publications
  • Human Resource Development International (HRDI), published by Taylor & Francis
  • Human Resource Development Quarterly (HRDQ), published by Jossey-Bass, A Wiley Brand
  • Human Resource Development Review (HRDR), published by SAGE Publications

Technical Note

  • You will need to be signed into the AHRD website to access Journals.

  • HRDI, published by Taylor & Francis, requires that you enable cookies.

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