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The AHRD Digest is published electronically the second week of each month. Please submit ideas and content that would be valuable to members to by the 10th day of the month previous.

AHRD 2017 Annual Conference Registration will open next week.

Association News

From the Board

By Yonjoo Cho, AHRD Board Member

Yonjoo Cho, Board Member

What do you think are the commonalities of the following people?

Hillary Clinton, Gloria Steinem, and Bob Dylan

These people are considered accomplished, having had many, many years of experience in their fields. Hillary Clinton, at the age of 69, though not elected, was the U.S.’s first major political party female candidate for president. Gloria Steinem, at the age of 82, is still alive and active as a voice for gender equality. Bob Dylan, at the age of 75, has been awarded this year’s Nobel Prize in Literature, which was one of the most uncommon choices in the history of the Nobel Prize. These people teach us an important life lesson: that long years of experience matter in becoming an expert in a field. Few will argue about these individuals’ prominent achievements and contributions to society at large that touched our hearts and souls. Their rich experiences and longevity in their work gives us hope to try harder to get better to reach the peak of our potential as researchers and practitioners in HRD.

In this sense, the most recent special issue on the history of AHRD in Advances in Developing Human Resources (Watkins & McLean, 2016) was outstanding in terms of not only being timely and impactful for many AHRD members, but bringing together experts in the field. The issue covers varied topics of introduction (Karen Watkins), early HRD history (Richard Torraco), founding of AHRD (Wayne Pace), academic programs (Karen Watkins and Victoria Marsick), Outstanding Scholars Award winners (Darren Short), four AHRD-sponsored journals (Andrea Ellinger, Carole Elliott, Kimberly McDonald, and Julia Storberg-Walker), Town Hall forums (Darlene Russ-Eft), globalization (Gary McLean and Monica Lee), the nature of the field (Wendy Ruona), and reflection (Gary McLean).

In the special issue, authors offered their perspectives on ways AHRD can improve. In the review of Town Hall forums between 1995 and 2015, Russ-Eft (2016) suggested we ask more questions on equity and social justice, connections between research and practice, technology use for HRD, and ethics in the field. In order to internationalize AHRD, McLean and Lee (2016) suggested diversified conference venues for the Americas conference (e.g., Montreal and Mexico), options for involving more regions of the world in partnership with the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and ATD (Association for Talent Development), and development of a globalizing value within potential leadership. In reflection, McLean (2016) emphasized the importance of historical research to be encouraged and the need for an official historian in AHRD.

In this uncertain time, looking back on stories about the founding of AHRD and learning from the past is necessary to step forward. If you did not read the issue articles, these are must-reads for all AHRD members to be inspired and humbled by the founding members’ efforts to make our professional home a reality.

We are blessed to see those founding members alive and active at the conferences, so we can still learn from them in person. We will have an unending dialogue with them individually and collectively at the 2017 AHRD Conference in San Antonio, Texas, the historic location where the first conference took place in 1994.

Conference 2017 Updates

Notice Regarding Conference Presentation Deadlines


On behalf of the conference committee, I apologize for the delay in getting the reviewers’ comments to you. However, all comments have been sent. We have also extended the due date to get your revisions back to the track chairs until December 2, 2016. This is in anticipation of the December 9, 2016 camera-ready due date. The conference team is now working hard to schedule the conference sessions. Please note that we will have sessions from Thursday afternoon until Saturday afternoon, concluding at 5:00 pm. We are doing our best to keep from doubling people up, but we will not be able to change your assigned times. As stated in the Call for Submissions, Authors must be able to present at any time during the conference (8:00am - 5:00pm, March 2-4, 2017).

Due to the overwhelming response for the poster option this year and conflicting information in the Call for Submissions, I need to provide clarification about how the sessions will be conducted. Instead of four posters being assigned to a 90-minute session, we will have the posters displayed for nearly the entire conference in a large room. Throughout the conference, there will be five 90-minute sessions in which 15 or so posters will be explained by their presenters. We are working on the specific details and will have something out to you soon. However, you should plan on the following for your posters:

  • Each poster presenter will be able to display a rectangular poster with a maximum dimension of 33in wide by 46in tall (840mm wide by 1180mm tall).
  • Please prepare all materials in advance. We will not print posters or copy handouts.
  • We will provide pins for mounting posters. If you need other materials to attach your poster, such as double-sided adhesive tape, please bring these materials with you.
  • Access to electrical outlets will not be available.
  • Presenters must print their own posters and bring them to the conference.

For more design considerations for your posters, please see the call for submissions on conference central.

Finally, if you have received your reviewers’ comments and would like to appeal the decision, you may do this. Simply contact your track chair and request that your submission be appealed. However, please note that the appeal process will only consider your submission as submitted and you will not be permitted to change submission types (full paper to poster, refereed to non-refereed, etc). The review will take about 3 days to conduct and you will be informed of the decision as soon as it is available.

Again, we sincerely apologize for the delay in the results and comments and hope that you will find our adjustments in the timelines to be accommodating.

Jason Moats
2017 Conference Program Chair

Graduate Student Research Colloquium

As part of the Graduate Student Research Colloquium (abbreviated as the colloquium) requirements, students are expected to be present at the conference site from early morning on Wednesday, March 1 through late Saturday, March 4, 2017. To maximize their experiential learning, students are required to attend all sessions offered during the pre-conference period (Wednesday morning through Thursday at noon), as well as the full conference (Thursday afternoon through Saturday evening). There are no exceptions to this attendance requirement.

Students are fully responsible for arranging their own transportation and lodging. Hotel information can be found on the AHRD website. Finally, students are expected to arrive in San Antonio, Texas by the evening of Tuesday, February 28.

Get further details for booking hotel

For other important pre-conference logistics, please contact the course instructor at your university.

If you need assistance regarding the Colloquium issues, please contact the colloquium coordinator:
Dr. Toby Egan

If you are currently enrolled in an academic program that supports your participation in the colloquium, contact the instructor regarding registration. If you are not currently a member of an institution that is supporting the colloquium, you have two options: (1) contact a faculty member at your institution to determine if he or she would support your participation in the colloquium as part of a directed study or research-related project for academic credit; (2) contact Dr. Egan at or at (317)938-9111.

As part of colloquium participation, you must do two things: 1) register for the full conference; and 2) register for the colloquium.

Managing Expenses
Former student participants have identified sharing a room with another student(s) as an important cost savings strategy. Contact your instructor or colleagues/peers to determine if this is possible. Starting to immediately investigate air travel options is also important as prices may rise as the travel dates approach. A modest continental breakfast and snacks are typically available as part of the conference, hors d'oeuvres are available during the Thursday Opening Reception, and a plated dinner is available at the Saturday President’s Banquet. As noted in the hotel information, a variety of affordable restaurants are within brief walking distance.

Course Instructors
Your university should have an instructor responsible for your colloquium participation. She or he will make a final determination regarding course requirements beyond your on-site participation during the colloquium in San Antonio, Texas. However, if you are not currently affiliated with a sponsoring institution, but would like to participate in the colloquium, please contact the colloquium coordinator (contact information listed above).

Although a number of faculty and guest speakers will participate in the colloquium delivery, the onsite scheduling and coordination of the colloquium will be facilitated by Dr. Toby Egan. Details regarding the course program and syllabus are available at the AHRD website (Sample of last year’s program available at AHRD).

News for Members

The 2016 Academy of Human Resource Development (AHRD) International Research Conference in Asia and MENA (Read More)

The conference was held at the Al Akhawayn University (AUI) Conference Center in Ifrane, Morocco November 2-4, 2016 with a conference theme of Promoting Intangible Capital for Economic Growth: National and Organizational Perspectives. Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane was the sponsor and the host of this conference. This was the first AHRD conference to be held in Africa. We had 53 participants attending the conference who came from 18 different countries, representing Botswana, China, Hungary, India, Ireland, Korea, Lebanon, Malaysia, Morocco, Myanmar, Netherlands, Portugal, Scotland, Singapore, Slovenia, Thailand, Turkey, and the USA. In addition, approximately 40 AUI students participated in one or more of three pre-conference workshops and the closing panel, with the total participants over 90. We had 48 different topics that were discussed, including 3 pre-conference workshops, 4 keynote speeches, 4 innovative sessions, 2 special sessions, 26 refereed paper presentations, and 9 work-in-progress presentations.

We have received very positive feedback from the participants about the program, facility, and the general atmosphere of the conference. If you would like to view some photos from the conference, please visit the Conference Facebook page.

We would like to thank all participants and organizers for a very successful conference!

Dr. Hyung Joon Yoon, Scientific Committee Chair & Conference Site Co-Chair, The George Washington University
Dr. Mesut Akdere, AHRD Asia Conference Coordinator, Purdue University
Dr. Karim Moustaghfir, Organizing Committee Chair & Conference Site Co-Chair, Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco

2018 AHRD Research Conference in Asia to Be Held in ThailandLeadership Opportunity

By Ron Jacobs, Past President

I am pleased to announce that the National Institute for Development Administration (NIDA) in Bangkok, Thailand, has agreed to host the 2018 AHRD Research Conference in Asia. Some of you will recall that NIDA hosted the conference in 2008 — ten years ago — and it was a huge success. We thank the administrators and HRD faculty at NIDA for stepping forward and confirming their commitment. More information about the 2018 Conference will be forthcoming. In the meantime, don’t forget about the 2017 AHRD Research Conference in India, November 7-10, in Ahmendadbad.

As AHRD begins the early planning stages with NIDA for 2018, we wish to announce a leadership opportunity for AHRD members related to this conference. We have established a protocol on how to conduct our regional conferences, but we need a key contact person, who we call the AHRD Conference Coordinator. That person would work closely with the NIDA Conference Coordinator.

If you are interested in being considered for the role of AHRD Coordinator, or a support role of some kind to the Coordinator, please let me know of your interest as well as qualifications/talents to contribute to the role, at I would also like hear from those who are interested in the international aspects of AHRD as well. It’s important that we continue to develop our global community of HRD scholars.


Engaging Research in Practice: Approaching HRD as a Scholar-Practitioner

(A recommended session for HRD students at AHRD 2017 San Antonio)

Scholar-practitioners link evidence-based research to day-to-day practice and bring practical insights into research and theory development. Scholar-practitioners ground their practice in research and theory, champion research and theory in the workplace, and disseminate findings from their own research and practice. This professional development workshop will examine what it means to work as a scholar-practitioner and how this philosophical and practical way of working fits within HRD.

This session is appropriate for Master’s students, first-time attendees, and anyone whose interest and passion is aligned with becoming a scholar-practitioner. Master's students and faculty bringing students to participate in the Emerging Scholars course are especially encouraged to participate in this session and incorporate it as a part of a class session/experience connected to the conference.

Participants will have the opportunity to engage in dialog with experienced scholar-practitioners as well as engage in sample scholar-practitioner projects to build their professional skills. For emerging and current HRD scholar-practitioners who seek opportunities to learn about, connect with, and develop their competencies as scholarly practitioners, this as a “must attend” session for networking, learning, and development.

10th Critical Management Studies Conference Session Invitation

Members of the AHRD Critical HRD SIG are co-convening a stream at the 2017 Critical Management Studies Conference, to be held July 3-5, Liverpool, UK.

Stream title: 'Realising Critical HRD in the Face of Racism and Xenophobia'

This stream seeks to explore the contribution of and challenges for Critical Human Resource Development [(C)HRD] in the face of the social upheaval the world is currently experiencing. In particular, our concern is to invite papers that explore how (C)HRD can make and is making a contribution to addressing current and future problems of hate-based xenophobia by facilitating and helping to achieve desired awareness and behavioural change among employees and citizens.

Get further details about the stream

Get further details about the conference

Deadline for submission of papers/abstracts is January 31, 2017.

UFHRD Call for Papers

University Forum for HRD/Academy of HRD

June 7-9, 2017
Universidade Europeia, Lisbon, Portugal

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Following the huge success of recent UFHRD Conferences, we invite you to come to sunny and warm Lisbon, near the Atlantic Ocean, to discuss a pivotal question on HRD's future, namely “Indigenous Research and Identity in HRD in a Globalized World.” Never like today has the world been so globalized, but also never like today have we had the feeling that national and individual particularities matter. It is in order to bridge that gap that we ask for your contributions for the conference. Specifically, the conference will be divided into ten streams, led by very well-known and experienced scholars who have been in the field for decades. The ten streams are:

  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Critical Approaches to HRD
  • Diversity Issues in HRD
  • Employee Engagement
  • Global, Comparative and Cross Cultural Dimensions of HRD
  • Leadership and Leadership Development
  • Learning and Teaching and HRD
  • Learning in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
  • Scholarly Practitioner Research
  • Workplace Learning Training and Development

Further guidelines for each stream may be found at the conference webpage under the header Stream Contents.

The deadline for abstract submission (1000 to 2000 words) is November 26, 2016. Contributions should be sent to Abstracts should include information about Purpose and Research Question, Setting, Theoretical background, Methodology, Results, Implications and Limitations. Reviews will be sent to authors before January 31, 2017. The deadline for papers submission (6000 to 8000 words) is April 1, 2017.

We are also honoured to announce that we gathered four very distinguished scholars as Keynotes — namely Monica Lee, Valerie Anderson, Brad Chuck and Bob Hamlin. Come and have a wonderful experience, intellectual, exquisite, colourful, warm and sunny.

For any contact, use

Eduardo Tomé, Maria José Sousa and Sandra Costa on behalf of the Organizing Committee

Research Grant Opportunity

Korea SIG's International Research on Korea Grant


The Korea SIG’s International Research on Korea Grant promotes AHRD graduate students’ research collaboration on research in Korea. This grant provides $500 to the awardees to reimburse them for research and dissemination expenses for one year only, with eligibility to apply for a subsequent year. Eligible expenses might include, but are not limited to, gifts for participants during data collection; software; data analysis assistance, such as transcribers or translators; AHRD membership, registration for any AHRD conference where the outcome of the award is presented; and travel and lodging while at the conference.


  • Graduate students who are members of AHRD are eligible to apply with a research proposal.
  • A team of students, consisting of at least one Korean and one non-Korean, regardless of where they live, may submit one proposal. A faculty member may be part of the team in a mentor role, though he/she is not eligible to use the funds. The rationale for this eligibility criterion is our desire to expand interest in Korean HRD research, while wanting to ensure sensitivity to the Korean culture.
  • Students can find partners on the AHRD Facebook or LinkedIn, or contact the Korea SIG chair, Heeyoung Han (, who will distribute your request.
  • Past recipients are eligible to apply in a subsequent year.

Application Process

  • Submit a proposal in electronic format in Word format (not .pdf).
  • The cover page should include:
    • Student names and affiliations
    • The title of the research project
    • The corresponding student’s email address and telephone number
  • Proposals must not exceed 3 single-spaced pages, in addition to the cover page, including:
    • Problem statement
    • Research purpose and questions
    • A brief review of the literature
    • Research methods
    • Anticipated outcomes and implications for HRD
    • Information dissemination plan (including presentation at one of the AHRD conferences)
    • Research project timeline (not exceeding one year beginning with March following the award announcement at the February AHRD Conference in the Americas).

Submission Deadline

  • Submit a proposal by December 1, 2016, by e-mail to Dr. Han at
  • The Korea SIG Chair will form a three-person review panel.
  • The final decision will be announced at the AHRD in the Americas annual meeting in 2017.

Journal News


The Fall, 2016 Issue of HRDQ (Volume 27, Issue 3) is online:
View Journal

For all articles on Early View:
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Methods for HRD research, theory and Practice: HRDQ encourage submissions of papers that demonstrate or discuss a quantitative, qualitative, or mixed method with relevance to human resource development and related fields.
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HRDQ now offers the “Gold Open Access” option to authors.
View More Details

podcast image HRDQ Podcast:
Listen to a Podcast with Ciara Nolan concerning her article in HRDQ (with Thomas Garavan), Problematizing HRD in SMEs: A “Critical” Exploration of Context, Informality, and Empirical Realities.

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HRDI has issued a call for papers for a special issue, ‘Critical Perspective of HRD and social transformation in Sub-Saharan Africa’. Deadline for submissions is January 20, 2017.
View More Details

Final Thoughts

By Robin S. Grenier, Digest Editor, AHRD Board Member

I would like to wish all our members in the USA a Happy Thanksgiving and offer to all our members around the world our thanks — we are grateful for your commitment to AHRD and for your support of HRD scholarship and practice.

Job Postings

AHRD Career Center

job posting subscribe icon Receive an automatic email as soon as a new job is posted! Subscribe to AHRD Job Postings now!

Assistant or Associate Professor of Education (Human Resource Development

  • Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania

This is a 36-week tenure-track appointment with the possibility of supplementary Summer appointments in research and/or teaching anticipated to begin Fall 2017. Full University benefits apply. Penn State has a strong commitment to the diversity of its workforce. We encourage applications from individuals of diverse backgrounds. The Learning and Performance Systems Department at Penn State’s University Park campus is searching for a new colleague with research interests that will inform understanding of Organization Development and Change/Human Resource Development and participatory research in facilitating transformational change in organizational settings in the USA and internationally. Read More

Full Professor

  • George Washington University, Ashburn, Virginia

The George Washington University (GW) Graduate School of Education and Human Development seeks an Associate/Full Professor for primary appointment within the Executive Leadership Program (ELP) in the Department of Human and Organizational Learning. This tenure-accruing, academic year position is available beginning as early as August 2017. The University seeks to attract an active, culturally and academically diverse faculty of the highest caliber and has a strong commitment to achieving diversity among faculty and staff. Further, the University encourages applications from all underrepresented communities. Read More

Associate Professor of HOL

  • George Washington University, Ashburn, Virginia

The successful candidate will be expected to teach graduate courses focused on human and organizational learning, advise a diverse group of doctoral students (including chairing and serving on dissertation committees), and maintain an active research agenda including seeking and maintaining external research funding. The successful candidate will be an active contributor to the Department of Human and Organizational Learning, the Executive Leadership Doctoral Program, and the University including, for example, serving on program, department, school, and university administrative committees. Read More

Assistant Professor, Organizational Learning and Program Evaluation

  • UNM Organization, Information, and Learning Sciences, Albuquerque, New Mexico

The College of University Libraries & Learning Sciences (UL&LS) has a faculty opening in the Organization, Information, and Learning Sciences program. This position is a 9-month tenured/tenure-track faculty appointment. The faculty rank and tenure status are negotiable based on qualifications and experience, with an anticipated start date of August 14, 2017. The annual salary is negotiable based on qualifications and includes full benefits. The Organization, Information, and Learning Sciences (OILS) overarching strategic priority is to graduate students with interdisciplinary knowledge and innovative skills. OILS graduates will work in organizations where they are responsible for learning design and training, organizational development, instructional technology, and program evaluation. Read More

Assistant/Associate/Full Professor of HRD

  • University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development (OLPD) in the College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) is a leader in advancing knowledge about educational and organizational change in local, national, and international contexts. Our research, teaching, and outreach reflect a commitment to interdisciplinary and intercultural engagement with educators, scholars, and policy makers seeking to enhance leadership, policy, and development around the globe. We seek nominations and applications for an open-rank tenure-track assistant or tenured associate or full professor in Human Resource Development (HRD). Read More

Cost of posting:

Members - $25.00
Non-Members - $100.00
PEN Members - FREE, complete the job posting form

Posting information :

Job ads are posted for 90 days and are available to all members and non-members visiting the AHRD website.

If you have any questions, contact us at

PEN Members: email the office to complete the Job Posting Form. Once you have compelted the form, we will post the job for you.


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