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Tom GaravanAn Invitation to the Community
By Brad Shuck, AHRD Board Member and Chair of Member Engagement Committee

Recently, I have been thinking about how connection, collaboration, and community are the currency of culture. It does not matter where that culture is — at work, at home, or in our neighborhoods.

I have lived in my current neighborhood for more than 5 years. Five years is a long time to meet the person who lives beside you, but my family had never met our neighbors. Oh, we had met them, and we would wave, but we had never really built a community with them. This fall, we got news that a neighbor down the street got very sick, and then another neighbor had their longtime partner pass away. It was sad. But what really hit home was that we never even knew when it happened, and we could not help. We were not connected despite being so close. So, we decided to throw a party. A huge neighborhood party. We passed out fliers to everyone. Invited the whole neighborhood — up and down streets. We provided chili and asked everyone to bring a favorite family dish. On the day of the party, we set up on a wooden hay trailer pulled by a bright green and yellow John Deere tractor at the end of our street. And we waited. We had no idea who might come. Then, families started arriving. Some drove their cars. Some drove their lawn mowers. Some walked their dogs. There were people we had never met but were instant friends with. It was incredible. We ate like royalty on a crisp October night at the end of our street. We had the best party. Later that week, I took my daughter trick-or-treating and at every house we went to, we were invited to come inside. It was connection, collaboration, and community in action. Funny how things change when you are connected to a community.

AHRD strikes me at this kind of community. With the Conference in the Americas coming up this month, we have a real chance to put these principles to the test. I can get caught up in the work of putting together a presentation or a poster, putting finishing touches on travel plans, etc.; all of that is important. Relevant and rigorous research is our differentiator. But maybe we should also throw a party. A big AHRD party. Invite everyone we know to come. And at this party, I bet there would be people we had never met but would become instant friends with. People we have seen, because they come to AHRD every year, but who we are not connected with yet.

I want to invite you to come to the Conference of the Americas. Please come to our party. And when you join us, I hope you come to connect, build collaborations, and invest in community. Take time to sit in a presentation and support a colleague; ask empowering and curiosity-driven questions; share a meal with people you may not know yet; get involved in a SIG — build your community. I hope you will consider this your invitation.

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News for Members

2020 AHRD International Research Conference in the Americas logo

AHRD 2020 Conference in Atlanta, GA

The Academy of HRD is celebrating its 27th annual Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. The Conference is a much-anticipated event and opportunity to hear from HRD subject matter experts, share research, stay up-to-date on cutting-edge topics in HRD, and celebrate the accomplishments of our members. It is also a wonderful networking opportunity, a time for re-connecting and building new relationships.

This year, the AHRD Conference coincides with the 44th year celebration of Black History Month. The seed for Black History Month was cultivated by Dr. Carter G. Woodson, scholar, author, and Harvard graduate. Dr. Woodson believed that Black history is American history and recognizing its place in the nation’s history is essential to social change.

The city of Atlanta offers a culturally rich context for observing and celebrating Black heritage. Black History Month will be acknowledged by Dr. Darryl B. Holloman, Vice President for Student Affairs, Spelman College, during the Town Hall Forum.

Hotel & Lodging Information

Atlanta Marriott Buckhead Hotel & Conference Center
3405 Lenox Road NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30326

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Call for Nominations: Associate Proceedings Editor for 2021 AHRD International Research Conference

Position Description

The Associate Proceedings Editor is a critical leadership and volunteer position within the Academy of Human Resource Development. This position requires a three-year commitment that includes advancement to a position of increased responsibility in each successive year. The effective term for this position is March 2020 through March 2023. The first year of the term is served as the Associate Proceedings Editor for the 2021 Conference Proceedings of the AHRD International Research Conference. The second year is served as Proceedings Editor for the 2022 Conference Proceedings. The third year is served as the Program Chair for the 2023 Conference.

The Associate Proceedings Editor has the primary responsibility of working with the Proceedings Editor to manage the peer review process and is the primary contact with the authors during the Cutting Edge Award submission and review process. This position within the conference team requires up to 15 hours of work per week, especially during the timeframe of July 2020 through January 2021. The position requires strong writing and editing skills because the finished product has to pass through many steps before it reaches the conference proceedings. The conference team manages the development process of the conference proceedings, including managing manuscripts, scheduling individual conference sessions, coordinating with the conference planning team, and ensuring timely and accurate creation of the AHRD International Research Conference Proceedings. The Associate Proceedings Editor plays a significant role in the management of the review process by coordinating with the Track Chair Editors.

The requirements for this position are:

  • Publication(s) in the proceedings of an AHRD affiliated conference (i.e. the AHRD Conference in the Americas, the UFHRD Conference in Europe, or the AHRD Conference in Asia);
  • Reviewer or Track Chair for an AHRD affiliated conference;
  • Project management experience;
  • AHRD membership with maintained membership for the duration of the position.

The preferred skills for this position are:

  • Academic or educational institution affiliation;
  • General computer knowledge: MS Office applications including Word and Excel;
  • Exceptional project management skills;
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills;
  • Creativity, flexibility, team-orientation, good listener;
  • Ability to multi-task and to work with close deadlines.

Expectations and Responsibilities:

  • Develop skills to use the computer submission and management system for the conference proceedings;
  • Assist in determining the relevance and appropriateness of submissions for the conference proceedings;
  • Assist Proceedings Editor in carrying the overall responsibility for the quality of published content;
  • Work in collaboration with the track chair editors and authors;
  • Work with proofreaders in order to ensure a correct text and style;
  • Copy/edit contents of the works done by authors;
  • Work closely with the Program Chair to ensure an effective design of the proceedings;
  • Provide editorial help for specific sections or articles;
  • Participate in meetings and other events related to the coordination of the conference.

Applications or nominations, in the form of a CV and a cover letter specifying interest and qualifications as related to the role, should be sent to the AHRD Office at by March 4, 2020.

The Conference Team will begin to review candidates at the 2020 AHRD International Research Conference and recommend a suitable candidate for the AHRD Board of Directors’ review and approval. Questions about the expectations of the Associate Proceedings Editor may be directed to:

Dr. Karen Johnson, 2020 Proceedings Editor, at
Dr. Katherine Yeager, 2020 Associate Proceedings Editor, at
Dr. Sarah Minnis, 2020 Program Chair, at

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Special Interest Group (SIG) Spotlight

Submitted by Dr. Katherine Rosenbusch

As we prepare the future of AHRD, the SIG chairs will meet at the AHRD Conference in Atlanta to set the course and direction. We will discuss the expectations and roles of SIG chairs and steering committee members. Our meeting will take place on Thursday, February 27, from 11:30am to 1:30pm.

Come learn about the AHRD SIGs at our FOCUS session on Saturday, February 29 from 3:30 to 5pm in Buckhead A. It will be a speed dating event where participants can come learn about all the SIGs available in 3-5 minutes and rotate around the tables. We look forward to seeing you there.

Please find the SIG Business Meetings below. We hope to see many of you there to provide direction and insights for upcoming programming.

Wednesday, February 26

  • Qualitative SIG Meeting

Friday, February 28

  • China SIG
  • HRD Theory SIG
  • Faculty Learning & Development SIG
  • Korea SIG
  • Quantitative SIG

Saturday, February 29

  • Scholar-Practitioner SIG
  • Virtual SIG


  • Leadership SIG
  • India SIG


  • Critical & Diversity SIG Meeting

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Join the AHRD Book Club Focus Session

Submitted by Dr. Carole Elliott

Are you attending the 2020 AHRD conference? If so, we would be delighted if you were to join us for Book Club.

You Will Be Safe Here

What is it?

Book Club is a Focus Session at the 2020 Conference designed to provide participants with the opportunity to engage in an alternative form of social and intellectual exploration. During the Focus Session, your experiences of reading the novel, and your interpretation of it, will provide the basis for discussions around HRD’s embeddedness within the socio-political context and how HRD might respond to the challenges represented by the novel’s themes. We will conclude our group discussion with a plenary discussion addressing the benefits and challenges of embedding processes such as book club in the workplace, classroom, or online teaching environment.

How can you participate?

Prior to the conference, we ask you to read Damian Barr’s novel, You Will be Safe Here. If you like, you can take notes as you read or simply enjoy the text. Then at the conference, attend the Focus Session facilitated by Carole Elliott, Jamie L. Callahan, Robin S. Grenier, and Kristi Kaeppel.

If you have any questions about participating, please contact one of the facilitators:

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AAACE Membership Discount Code

AHRD members are eligible for a 10% discount off AAACE membership with this Promo Code: “AHRDMemberPartner”

Visit the AAACE membership page here:

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Journal News

Human Resource Development Review (HRDR)

Jia Wang, Editor

Human Resource Development Review (HRDR)

Open Call for Editor-in-Chief, Human Resource Development Review

We are pleased to announce an open call for Editor-in-Chief of Human Resource Development Review. In the Journal Citation Reports (Web of Science Group, 2019), HRDR’s 2018 Impact Factor is 2.487 in the highly competitive Management category. Human Resource Development Review (HRDR), published quarterly in collaboration with the Academy of Human Resource Development (AHRD) and Sage Publications, is a theory-based international journal for scholars of human resource development and related disciplines. HRDR publishes articles that make theoretical contributions to theory development, foundations of HRD, theory building methods, and integrative reviews of the literature, as well as addressing philosophies of HRD, historical foundations, definitions of the field, conceptual organization of the field, and ethical foundations.

Job Description:

The Editor is responsible for the strategic direction of the journal with the following key activities:

  • Running the Editorial Board meetings, held at the annual AHRD International Research Conference in the Americas each February/March; and when possible, supplemented by Editorial Board meetings at the AHRD-sponsored conferences in Europe and Asia
    • This meeting focuses on delivering and discussing the annual reports from the Editorial team and the publisher (Sage)
  • Recruiting for and nominating Associate Editors (as needed)
  • Monitoring the SageTrack journal management system
  • Rendering final decisions on manuscripts
  • Maintaining a respected and well-functioning Editorial Board (which includes activities such as identifying and inviting new Board members and ensuring an effective Board composition)
  • Communicating with Sage publishing staff
  • Interacting with authors, reviewers, and Editorial Board members as necessary to meet journal goals
  • Ensuring each issue is uploaded for publishing on or before the deadlines established by Sage
  • Writing or inviting Editorials
  • Approving identified reviewers to review each manuscript and identifying additional reviewers as necessary
  • Ensuring the review process is robust, which includes activities such as identifying new reviewers, removing unresponsive reviewers, updating reviewer search keywords, and improving reviewer feedback mechanisms
  • Using the Sage stipend of $10,000/year to fund journal expenses as needed (e.g., funding trips to conferences to market and recruit for the journal and funding the Managing Editor to attend the Editorial Board meeting)
  • Coaching/Mentoring the incoming Editor-in-Chief for approximately six months
  • Conducting periodic reviews of the Associate Editors’ work, providing feedback and recommendations
  • Maintaining a performance evaluation system for the Associate and Managing Editors. The Editor-in-Chief position is a three-year term that will accompany the incoming Associate Editors' terms, beginning July 1, 2020 and ending July 31, 2023.

Qualifications for the Position

Applicants should possess a notable record of scholarly publications within the HRD community and related fields of study, have interest and previous experience in diverse content domains relevant to HRD, and have support from their home institution to serve in the role. Specifically, applicants should obtain a letter of support specifying that their institution will provide a dedicated graduate assistant (20 hours per week) for the three-year period of the Editorship. Applicants may negotiate additional institutional supports (such as course release) as needed. Finally, applicants should have a record of service as reviewer and/or track chair, special issue editor, or editorial board member of one or more major journals.

Although the official start date of the position will be July 1, 2020, successful candidates should expect that training and immersion into the role will commence prior, at a time mutually agreed upon. Self-nominations are encouraged and should include a letter that fully describes the candidate’s capability, experience, and commitment to serve in the Editor-in-Chief role based upon the position requirements, as well as a full curriculum vita.

The submission deadline is March 15, 2020. The decision will be announced in April 2020. Please submit all applications to Dr. Jia Wang at

HRDR Tip of the Month

I have received a revision decision, now what?

After learning that your article has not been rejected and that you need to revise your manuscript, some of you may not know how to proceed. The HRDR editorial team has developed a practical guide to help you advance your manuscript to the publishable level.

  1. Prior to revising your manuscript, create a table to summarize the revisions, according to all the review feedback (reviewers’ and editors’).

    Table: Manuscript #xxx: Summary of revisions

    # Reviewer Comment Response

    Creating this table early on has many advantages. For example, it will help you get a clear idea about the amount of the work that needs to be done. It will also help you identify the consistency or inconsistency between the reviewers’ comments so that you can decide how to address them to your best knowledge. In many cases, you may not be able to address each and every comment for various reasons, so having this table in front of you will help you rationalize your decision and deliver a compelling justification to the reviewers and the journal editors.

  2. Copy and paste each comment into the Comment column of the table; one comment per row.
  3. To help you strategize your action steps, you might want to thematize the table based on the sections of your manuscript (e.g., introduction, literature review, methodology, findings, discussion, and implications) and move review comments on the same section close to each other.
  4. In the process of revising your manuscript, refer to the table constantly and update your response each time you make some revisions. Do not worry about the page numbers because you will finalize them once the whole revision process is complete.
  5. Highlight the row in your favorite color each time when you address a comment to provide yourself a visual of the progress you make. Doing so will also help you gain a clear idea of how much more time you need to budget to address the remaining comments.
  6. Celebrate your perseverance when all the rows are highlighted in your favorite color!
  7. Don’t forget to add the page numbers where revisions are made; doing so will make it easy for reviewers to locate the work you have done to enhance the quality of your manuscript.
  8. Finally, before submitting your revised manuscript, review the table in its entirety to ensure that all comments are addressed and your responses are presented in a compelling and logical manner.

Stay in touch with HRDR

To learn more about HRDR’s announcements, Table of Contents, and updates, please sign up here for e-alerts from us.

Join our conversation on Facebook @HRDRjournal and Twitter @hrdrjournal.

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Additional News

Job Postings

Department Chair at the rank of Full Professor - Human Resource Development

The University of Texas at Tyler, Tyler, Texas

The Soules College of Business at The University of Texas at Tyler invites qualified individuals to apply for a full-time academic Chair position at the rank of Full Professor in the Department of Human Resource Development. The College is looking for an accomplished academician and effective leader who will advocate for students, staff, faculty, and programs. The department currently offers bachelor’s (BS), master’s (MS), and doctorate (Ph.D.) degrees in Human Resource Development (HRD). Department faculty have led the field through teaching, scholarship, and service including as leaders in the Academy of Human Resource Development and editors for HRD journals. The position begins Fall 2020 and is an academic year appointment at The University of Texas at Tyler with a summer stipend.

Read More

Assistant/Associate Professor of Human Resource Development

The University of Texas at Tyler, Tyler, Texas

The Soules College of Business at The University of Texas at Tyler invites qualified individuals to apply for the position of Assistant/Associate Professor of Human Resource Development. The Department is looking for an emerging or accomplished scholar to help achieve its vision to be the program of choice for students, practitioners, executives, and/or educators who are seeking a corporate and/or academic career in human resource development. The department currently offers bachelor’s (BS), master’s (MS), and doctorate (Ph.D.) degrees in Human Resource Development (HRD). Department faculty have led the field through teaching, scholarship, and service including as leaders in the Academy of Human Resource Development and editors for HRD journals. The position begins in August 2020 and is an academic year appointment with the potential for summer teaching.

Read More

Director of Employee/Labor Relations, R19118B

Bellevue College, Bellevue, Washington

Under the direction of the Vice President of Human Resources (VP-HR), the Director of Employee/Labor Relations is responsible for assisting with managing comprehensive employee and labor relations for the Office of Human Resources at Bellevue College. Position duties include, but are not limited to, participation in the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements (CBA); CBA administration and interpretation; providing guidance and assistance to HR team members, supervisors, and managers on employee related issues; and managing and administering organization-wide employee and labor relations that supports the mission and the goals of HR and Bellevue College.

Read More

Assistant/Associate/Clinical Professor/Department Chair, Human Resource Dev

Idaho State University, Pocatello, Idaho

The tenure-track Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Department Chair, or Clinical Assistant Professor of Human Resource Development will teach and advise in two online programs: the Bachelor of Science in Workplace Training and Leadership and the Master of Science in Human Resource Development (a WICHE Western Regional Graduate Program). The position holder will advise online and face-to-face, recruit students, secure grants, and provide service to the College, University, and the Human Resource Development (HRD) profession.

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AHRD Career Center

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Final Thought

By Tomika W. Greer, AHRD Board Member and Digest Editor

Tomika GreerIt’s conference time! Whether you’re in Atlanta or not, don’t forget to check out AHRD and the happenings on social media…

  • Facebook: @AcademyHRD
  • Twitter: @AcademyHRD
  • Instagram: @AcademyHRD
  • YouTube: Academy of Human Resource Development

And if you’re posting on social media about your conference experience, be sure to use #AHRD2020

I look forward to seeing YOU there! If you see me, please come say hello. I will probably want to take a selfie with you.

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