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AHRD 2019 Town Forum
Sustainability through Transdisciplinarity

Thursday February 14, 2019, 1:30-3:30 PM, Marriott Downtown, Louisville, KY

We see an ever-increasing move toward inter and trans- disciplinary attacks upon problems in the real world ... The system scientist has a central role to play in this new order, and that role is to first of all understand ways and means of how to encode the natural world into "good" formal structures. -John Casti, Mathematician, Author, Entrepreneur

During 2018 when AHRD celebrated its 25th anniversary, a think tank was held with major stakeholders to envision what the next 25 years might look like. Several scenarios were examined, and overwhelmingly, the participants supported a future in which AHRD is interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary. What does this mean for AHRD and its mission to be a community of professionals who create and apply research to build human, organizational, and social capacity to learn, change, and thrive? The short answer is we need to broaden our constituency and create partnerships with like-minded professions. The 2019 conference will build on the theme of transdisciplinarity with a preconference, keynote, and Town Forum. The Town Forum is AHRD’s traditional kickoff to the conference where key issues of the day are examined. The purpose of the 2019 Town Forum is to bring professionals from diverse, compatible fields, to help us muse on the issues related to becoming more inter- or transdisciplinary. Below are some basic definitions of these concepts:

AHRD 2019 Town Forum

This year, we are inviting partners with whom we might forge inter- or transdisciplinary partnerships to help us think about: What it means for AHRD to live into this new transdisciplinary future.

Each panelist will have 10 minutes to address the following questions:

  1. What is your field and its current or potential synergies with AHRD?
  2. What would either compel or repel your field from partnering with AHRD?
  3. From your perspective, what might it mean for AHRD to live into this new transdisciplinary future?