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Julie A. GedroBy Julie A. Gedro, President

Greetings! I am excited to offer this March 2018 message, as the energy, learning, and inspirations from last month’s 2018 International Research Conference in the Americas in Richmond, Virginia, continue to enliven my head and heart. I hope you found the conference inspiring, intellectually stimulating, and enriching too! It is a tremendous honor to serve for the next two years as President of this organization and I extend a hearty “hello” to current members who are already familiar with this community, as well as to welcome those who may have an interest but are not yet members. Welcome!

Last month’s conference was characterized by some milestones that bear highlighting. We kicked off our 25th anniversary year with several celebratory events nested within the conference. Guided by the capable leadership of Andrea Ellinger, the 25th anniversary committee—Karen Watkins, Victoria Marsick, Kim McDonald, David McGuire, and Maria Cseh—worked hard over the last several months to conceptualize a variety of ways to initiate this celebration. If you were there, I think you might agree with me that the Toasting event (thank you to our wine expert, Merle Russ), the “Share Your AHRD Story,” the AHRD 25th anniversary logo coasters (mine sits on my desk at school, a daily reminder of the festive and reflective time in Richmond) were delightful. Thanks to Robin Hurst of Virginia Commonwealth University, who designed an amazing “Taste of Virginia” gift bag. We raffled off a number of these bags during plenary sessions throughout the conference. We had a “celebrating your memories” and “In Tribute, Remembering Our Colleagues,” and who could forget the Selfie Station! Many thanks to Andrea and the committee for the long hours spent planning what turned out to be a very special conference. And, we look forward to continuing commemorating AHRD’s 25th anniversary throughout 2018!

As we now turn our attention to the ongoing leadership of this extraordinary organization, I would like to extent profound gratitude to Wendy Ruona, our Past President, for the leadership she has provided and, in particular, for her generous contributions of service through the organizational development expertise that she has brought to bear on our strategic visioning. I will work with the AHRD Board to build upon the impressive framework that Wendy has designed and developed in order to create and sustain the momentum of adaptation that will serve AHRD both present and future. I am excited to work with President-Elect Laura Bierema. May I also welcome our incoming board members Tomika Greer, Robert Yawson, and Brad Shuck.

My sense is that folks get not only a deep sense of fulfillment, but also important career development enrichment through intentional engagement in AHRD. There are several ways to do this. There is service work, such as reviewing conference or journal submissions or journal. There are community related ways of connecting with colleagues who share a passion for particular facets of HRD through our Special Interest Groups (SIGs). There is enough variety within the organization that one can create a portfolio of AHRD-related endeavors that is customized and meets one’s own learning and development objectives. Our mission of leading HRD through research is a beacon, a north star, that pulls us all forward together. I encourage and invite you to make the most of your membership.

It is a privilege to serve as President, and I look forward to connecting with you over the next year.

Conference 2018 Wrap Up

The Academy of HRD held its 25th annual conference in Richmond, VA, from Wednesday, February 14, 2018 to Saturday, February 17, 2018. The 25th Anniversary Celebration Committee made this year’s conference a celebration of the history and future of AHRD. The keynote presentation by Patricia (Pat) A. McLagan encouraged attendees to rethink learning and HRD to adapt to a changing environment fueled by information overload, artificial intelligence, and other paradigm shifts. The town hall forum, organized by Wendy Ruona, focused on trends that will affect the future of HRD presented in an exciting Pecha Kucha format.

Check out official photos from the 2018 conference here. And, mark your calendars for the AHRD Conference in Louisville, KY to be held February 13-16, 2019!

Thank you to the Conference Program Committee and the Track Chair Editors for their dedication to ensuring a high quality conference program!

    Conference Chair:
    Julie Gedro, SUNY Empire State College

    Program Chair:
    Robert M. Yawson, Quinnipiac University

    Proceedings Editor:
    Sunyoung Park, Louisiana State University

    Associate Proceedings Editor:
    Sarah Minnis, Anthology Consulting

    Track Chair Editors:

    • Assessment and Evaluation
      Jie Ke, Jackson State University

    • Critical, Social Justice, Diversity Perspectives in HRD
      Marilyn Byrd, The University of Oklahoma
      Katsiaryna Matusevich, Barry University

    • International, Global and Cross Cultural Issues
      Dae Seok Chai, Western Michigan University

    • HRD Performance and Strategy
      YeonSoo Kim, University of Nevada Las Vegas

    • Leadership and Career Development
      Kori Whitener-Fellows, KWF Solutions, LLC

    • Organizational Development and Change
      Baek-Kyoo (Brian) Joo, Georgia Southwestern State University
      Vishal Arghode, Gannon University Research

    • Methods and Foundations in HRD
      Marie-Line Germain, Western Carolina University

    • Technology, E-learning, and Virtual HRD
      Eunjung Grace Oh, The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

    • Workplace Learning
      Gertrude Hewapathirana, San Diego State University
      Katherine Yeager, Texas A&M University

    • Non-refereed Submissions
      Rita Kowalski, Work Life Consulting LLC
      Keba T. Modisane, BA ISAGO University, Gaborone, Botswana

AHRD Awards

The AHRD Awards were presented during the conference on Thursday, February 15. Congratulations to all the 2018 AHRD Conference in the Americas Award Winners! Award winners are also listed here.

Cutting Edge Awards
Robert Yawson, Chair

    Identifying Latent Profiles in Work-to-Family Conflict and Family-to-Work Conflict
    Yunsoo Lee, The Pennsylvania State University

    Human Resource Development’s Perspective and Role in Technological Impact on Employment, Job Outlook, Work Structure, and Employees’ Continuous Development
    Szufang Chuang, Indiana State University
    Carroll Graham, Indiana State University

    The Effects of Person-Organization Fit and Personal Growth Initiatives on Employees’ Career Satisfaction and Subjective Well-being
    Baek-Kyoo Joo, Georgia Southwestern State University
    Young Sim Jin, Hanyang University, Korea

    Motivational Mediation Process and Moderating Effect of Career Planning on Training Transfer Yoonhee Park, Korea University of Technology and Education
    Doo Hun Lim, University of Oklahoma
    Jaeeun Lee, Konkuk University, Korea

    Organizational Support on Knowledge Sharing: A Moderated Mediation Model of Job Characteristics and Organization Citizenship Behavior
    Boyung Suh, University of Georgia
    Beixi Li, University of Georgia
    Chuungil Chae, The Pennsylvania State University
    Seung-hyun Han, University of Georgia

    Knowledge Creation Practices of Teachers in South Korea and the United States: A Multigroup Structural Equation Modeling Analysis
    Sangok Yoo, University of Minnesota
    Shinhee Jeong, Texas A&M University
    Ji HoonSong, Hanyang University, Korea
    Sanghoon Bae, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea

    The Impact of Team-based Learning on Team Effectiveness and Individual Learning in Flipped Classrooms
    Chung-Kai Huang, National Taipei University of Business
    Chun-Yu Lin, National Taipei University
    Zih-Cin Lin, Foxlink Image Technology
    Cui Wang, National Taipei University

    Workaholics, Addiction, and Motivation: A Critical Review and Implications for HRD
    Sehoon Kim, University of Minnesota

Esworthy Malcolm S. Knowles Dissertation of the Year Award
Sewon Kim & Brad Shuck, Co-Chairs

    Second Runner-Up:
    Ramona Teresa Sharpe, Columbia University

    Dissertation Title: Cultural Intelligence and Self-Directed Learning in the Lives of Leaders: An Exploratory Sequential Mixed Methods Research Study

    Dissertation Advisor: Victoria J. Marsick

    First Runner-Up:
    Cyntianna C. Ledesma Ortega, Florida International University

    Dissertation Title: An Exploration of Workplace Interventions for Women with Postpartum Depression Symptoms

    Dissertation Advisor: Thomas G. Reio, Jr.

    Ben LeVan, The University of Texas at Tyler

    Dissertation Title: Examining the Relationships between Performance Appraisal Reactions and Employee Engagement

    Dissertation Advisor: Jerry W. Gilley

Korean SIG Grant from AHRD Foundation
Darlene Russ-Eft, AHRD Foundation President
Heeyoung Han, Korea SIG Chair

    Transition from Military Careers to Civilian Careers: Experiences of Short- and Mid-Term South Korean Veterans
    Jihye Oh, Texas A&M University
    Melika Shirmohammadi, Texas A&M University
    Shinhee Jeong, Texas A&M University

R. Wayne Pace Book of the Year
Joshua C. Collins, Chair

    Leadership Development in Emerging Market Economies
    Alexandre Ardichvili, University of Minnesota
    Khalil M. Dirani, Texas A&M University

Richard A. Swanson Research Excellence Award (HRDQ)
Valerie Anderson and Tom Reio, Co-Chairs

    Towards an Understanding of HRD Lean Strategy Linkages: A Multicase Study of Four U.S. Based Firms, Vol 28(4), 553-592.
    Meera Alagaraja, University of Louisville
    Toby Marshall Egan, University of Maryland
    Richard W. Woodman, Texas A&M University

Elwood F. Holton III Research Excellence Award (HRDR)
Yonjoo Cho and Mina Beigi, Co-Chairs

    Pragmatism and Human Resource Development: Practical Foundations for Research, Theory, and Practice, Published in Volume 16, Issue 1, 2017, pp. 60-84
    Russell Korte, The George Washington University
    Zachary A. Mercurio, Colorado State University

HRDR 2017 Best Reviewers of the Year
Yonjoo Cho and Mina Beigi, Co-Chairs

    Maria Cseh, The George Washington University
    Bob Hamlin, University of Wolverhampton Business School
    Gary McLean, McLean Global Consulting

Monica M. Lee Research Excellence Award (HRDI)
Carole Elliott, Chair

    Supporting Staff through Stressful Organizational Change, HRDI, Vol. 20 (4)
    Roy K. Smollan, The AUT Business School Auckland University of Technology

ADHR Best Issue Award
Marilyn Byrd, Chair

    Leveraging Research to Advance Undergraduate HRD Education, May 2017 Volume 19, Issue 2
    Guest Editors
    Tomika W. Greer, University of Houston
    Joshua C. Collins, University of Minnesota–Twin Cities

Special Recognition to Journal Editor, 2017

    Awarded to Julia Storberg-Walker, HRDR

Early Career Scholar Award
Jia Wang, Chair

    Joshua C. Collins, University of Minnesota—Twin Cities

Laura Bierema Excellence in Critical HRD Award
Joshua C. Collins, Chair

    Julia Storberg-Walker, The George Washington University

Outstanding HRD Scholar Award
AAhad Osman-Gani, Chair

    Thomas G. Reio, Jr., Florida International University

HRD Scholar Hall of Fame 2018 Award
Wendy Ruona, Chair

    Victoria J. Marsick, Teachers College, Columbia University

News for Members

AHRD Board Changes

The AHRD Board expresses deep appreciation for the contributions of four board members who have completed their terms as of February 2018: Ron Jacobs (Past President), Ross Azevedo, Robin Grenier, and Jessica Li.

Ron Jacobs Ron Jacobs
University of Illinios
Robin Grenier Robin Grenier
University of Conneticut
Ross Azevedi Ross Azevedo
University of Minnesota
Jessica Li Jessica Li
University of Illinois

The AHRD Board welcomes four new Board members who began serving their terms in February 2018: Laura Bierema (President-Elect), Tomika Greer, Brad Shuck, and Robert Yawson.

Ron Jacobs Laura Bierema
University of Georgia
Ron Jacobs Brad Shuck
University of Louisville
Tomika Greer Tomika Greer
University of Houston
Tomika Greer Robert Yawson
Quinnipiac University
Newly Elected AHRD Board Members Terms Beginning February 2018

Call for Associate Proceedings Editor for 2019 AHRD Conference in the Americas

The Associate Proceedings Editor is a critical leadership and volunteer position within the Academy of Human Resource Development. This position requires a three-year commitment that includes advancement to a position of increased responsibility in each successive year. The effective term for this position is March 2018 through March 2021. The first year of the term is spent as the Associate Proceedings Editor for the 2019 Conference Proceedings of the AHRD Conference in the Americas. The second year is spent as Proceedings Editor for the 2020 Conference Proceedings. The third year is spent as the Program Chair for the 2021 Conference.

The Associate Proceedings Editor will have the primary responsibility of managing the peer review process and is the primary contact with the conference track chairs during the review process. This is a critical position within the conference team and will require up to 15 hours of work per week, especially in the timeframe from August 2018 through January 2019. The position requires strong writing and editing skills, because the finished product has to pass through many steps before it reaches the conference proceedings. The conference team manages the development process of the conference proceedings, including managing manuscripts, scheduling individual conference sessions, coordinating with the conference planning team and ensuring the timely and accurate creation of the International Research Conference Proceedings. The Associate Proceedings Editor plays a significant role in the management of the review process by coordinating with the ten track chair editors.

The requirements for this position are:

  • Have published in a proceedings for an AHRD affiliated conference (i.e. the AHRD Conference in the Americas, the UFHRD Conference in Europe, or the AHRD Conference in Asia).
  • Have been a reviewer or Track Chair for an AHRD affiliated conference.
  • Have experience in project management.
  • Hold AHRD membership and maintain membership for the duration of the position.
  • Academic or educational institution affiliation preferred but not required.

The preferred skills for this position are:

  • General computer knowledge: document editing software, like Microsoft Word.
  • Exceptional project management skills.
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Creative, flexible, a good listener.
  • Be able to multi-task and to work with a close deadline.


  • Assist in determining the relevance and appropriateness of submissions for the conference proceedings.
  • Assist the proceedings editor in carrying the overall responsibility for the published content.
  • Work in collaboration with the track chairs and authors.
  • Work with proofreaders in order to ensure a correct text.
  • Copy-edit contents of the works done by authors.
  • Work closely with the proceedings editor to ensure an effective design of the proceedings.
  • Provide editorial help for specific sections or articles.
  • Participate in meetings and other events.
  • Develop and facilitate training of track chairs and others.

Applications or nominations, in the form of a CV and a cover letter specifying interest and qualifications as related to the role, should be sent to the AHRD Office at by March 31, 2018.

The Conference Team will review and recommend a suitable candidate for AHRD Board approval. Questions about the expectations of the Associate Proceedings Editor may be directed to Dr. Sarah Minnis, Proceedings Editor, at or Dr. Sunyoung Park, Program Chair, at

Call for Track Chairs for 2019 AHRD Conference in the Americas

The Academy of Human Resource Development (AHRD) solicits applications or nominations for Track Chair positions for our 2019 Conference in the Americas. There are ten Track Chair positions. The Conference Track Chairs play a strategic leadership role in providing a rewarding conference experience for attendees. AHRD Conference Track Chairs serve key leadership roles by ensuring that the content and the design of the refereed and non-refereed sessions are supportive of their respective tracks.

Track Chairs perform the following key functions: 1) Manage the process of reviewing, selecting, and organizing scholarly papers; 2) Initiate, organize, and when possible facilitate invited symposia or panel discussions; and 3) Actively encourage and provide feedback to individuals submitting proposals for sessions. Track Chairs collaborate with the Conference Program Chair, the Conference Planning Team, and related SIG leaders to ensure the highest quality experience for conference attendees.

Track Chairs are responsible for assembling and managing a team to support their efforts, including the possible designation of one or more Associate Track Chairs. Track Chairs should be recognized as productive researchers in their own right and have project management, leadership, and communication skills. This is a nine-month renewable position, effective June 2018 through the conclusion of the 2019 AHRD Conference in the Americas. Former Track Chairs, SIG leaders, and leading scholars/practitioners are strongly encouraged to apply.

The Tracks for the 2019 AHRD Conference in the Americas are as follows:

  1. Workplace Learning
  2. Organization Development & Change
  3. International, Global & Cross Cultural Issues
  4. Leadership & Career Development
  5. Critical, Social Justice, & Diversity Perspectives in HRD
  6. HRD Performance & Strategy
  7. Technology, E-Learning, & Virtual HRD
  8. Assessment & Evaluation
  9. Research Methodology
  10. Non-refereed Submissions

Applications or nominations, in the form of a CV and a cover letter specifying the interested track, should be sent to the AHRD Office at by April 7, 2018.

The Conference Team will review and recommend a slate of Track Chairs for AHRD Board approval.

Questions about the expectations of the Track Chair may be directed to the Dr. Sarah Minnis, Proceedings Editor, at or Dr. Sunyoung Park, Program Chair, at

Tip of the Month from the Qualitative SIG

Submitted by Denise Cumberland, University of Louisville

Time zones are an easy “oops” to make when scheduling interviews. In your email confirmation to your interviewee, use only their time zone and clearly note the time zone (e.g. I am looking forward to our call on June 12th at 9:00 am EDT). Also, create a spreadsheet where you include both your own time zone and time zone for your interviewees.

Calling for Qualitative Tips: The Qualitative SIG would like you to submit any tip you have for other researchers conducting qualitative research. Please send your tips to by the first of the month and one tip will be selected and sent to AHRD Digest recognizing your contribution. Your tip may appear in a later month — so please share to help others gain from your experience.

Journal News


Richard A. Swanson Research Excellence Award for 2017

Congratulations to the Winner of the Richard A. Swanson Research Excellence Award, 2017: Meera Alagaraja, Toby Egan & Richard Woodman. Towards an Understanding of HRD Lean Strategy Linkages: A Multicase Study of Four U.S. Based Firms – Vol 28(4), 553–592.

Click here for the full announcement, including the other four finalists.

HRDQ at AHRD Conference in the Americas in Richmond, VA

Thank you to all who attended our session on Research Rigor: Insights on Conducting and Reporting Quality Empirical Research in HRDQ at the AHRD Conference in the Americas! Editorials on this topic can be found on the Wiley Online Library, i.e., Valerie Anderson (qualitative research; Summer, 2017), Kim Nimon (quantitative research; Fall, 2017), and Tom Reio and Jon Werner (mixed methods research; Winter, 2017). See the link in the next item.

New Format and Design for HRDQ beginning with Volume 29, Issue 1

Check out the new journal design for HRDQ. All articles in Volume 29 (2018) and moving forward will appear in the new format.

The latest issue of HRDQ, Spring 2018 (Volume 29, Issue 1) is available at:

New on Early View:

Travor C. Brown and Gary P. Latham (2018), Maintaining relevance and rigor: How we bridge the practitioner-scholar divide within human resource development.

For all articles on Early View, go to:

Call for new HRDQ Reviewers

HRDQ would welcome new reviewers, especially from AHRD members and those who recently attended the AHRD Conference in Richmond, VA. Expertise with quantitative, qualitative, or mixed method research designs are all welcome. Click here for more information.

Last Call for New Editor/Co-Editors for HRDQ

Human Resource Development Quarterly (HRDQ), a Wiley publication sponsored by The Academy of Human Resource Development (AHRD), invites applications for the position of Editor. Co-editorship applications are also welcome. The official term of appointment is three years beginning on January 1, 2019, although applicants should expect that soft training and transition into the role will commence in the three months prior to January 1, 2019.

The submission deadline is March 31, 2018. The decision will be announced in May 2018. For further information, please contact the current Co-Editors: Dr. Valerie Anderson,; Dr. Kim Nimon,; Dr. Jon Werner,

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HRDR Awards Recap

At this year’s AHRD conference that was held in Richmond, VA (February 15-17), the HRDR editorial team presented two prestigious awards. The first, Elwood F. Holton III Research Excellence Award was presented to Dr. Russell Korte (The George Washington University) and Zachary A. Mercurio (Colorado State University) for their following article published in HRDR, Volume 16, Issue 1:

“Pragmatism and Human Resource Development: Practical Foundations for Research, Theory, and Practice”

The following three articles were the finalists for this award:

  • “The Dark and Bright Sides of Personal Use of Technology at Work: A Job Demands-Resources Model”
    Sungdoo Kim, Amanda Christensen
  • “Research–Practice Gap in Applied Fields: An Integrative Literature Review”
    Oleksandr Tkachenko, Huh-Jung Hahn, and Shari L. Peterson
  • “Knowledge Work and Human Resource Development”
    Ronald Jacobs

We encourage you to read these four articles!

In addition, three scholars received the HRDR Reviewer of the Year award. They are:

  • Gary McLean, University of Minnesota
  • Marie Cseh, The George Washington University
  • Robert Hamlin, University of Wolverhampton Business School

We thank these reviewers for their outstanding service to HRDR! Our deep gratitude also goes to all of you who were not recognized officially but have been supportive reviewers for the journal.

Call for HRDR Reviewers

On a related note, HRDR continues to look for quality reviewers and is committed to mentoring new reviewers. If you are interested in supporting the journal in this capacity, please contact our Managing Editor, Yasmeen Makarem at It takes a village to advance HRDR to the next level; we need and appreciate your generous support!

The HRDR Tip of the Month

Finally, starting this month, the HRDR editorial team will share with you one tip each month to enhance your success with HRDR either as an author or a reviewer.

Making a Good First Impression

What would you do to make a good first impression during a job interview? Would you think carefully about what to wear and what to say to the interviewer(s)? Would you anticipate the questions that might be asked? The same is true with manuscript submission. If you know in advance that your manuscript will go through initial assessments to determine whether it should be sent out for blind review, what would you do to avoid a desk rejection? The bottom line is: your manuscript creates the first impression and reflects who you are as an author. So if you want your work to be taken seriously, do your homework. For example, seemingly minor issues such as formatting can make a difference; make sure your manuscript meets HRDR’s requirements by reviewing the Submission Guidelines (available here) and the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA), 6th edition. A well-prepared manuscript creates a positive first impression and enhances the success rate of your submission.

HRDR straight to your inbox!

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Job Postings


Louisiana State University | Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The School of Leadership and Human Resource Development announces the availability of a full-time Instructor position in Human Resource & Leadership Development to teach undergraduate courses in human resource and leadership development. The candidate will have a commitment to scholarly teaching excellence and service to the profession. The appointment will be effective August, 2018.

Read More

Interdisciplinary Postdoctoral Research Assistant/Associate

Purdue University | West Lafayette, Indiana

The selected postdoctoral researchers will carry out original research with 2 or more faculty members in the college, building interdisciplinary partnerships within and across research impact areas. These positions are expected to begin in Fall 2018, and are planned to be a one-year appointments with the possibility of a one-year extension, subject to annual performance, progress review and funding. These are 12 month appointments, beginning August 2018.

Read More

Job-Secured Track Special Instructor

Oakland University | Rochester, Michigan

Responsibilities: a) Teaching courses in the field of Human Resource Development in the following order of preference: 1) organizational development (including process & performance improvement); 2) training and development; 3) employment systems and standards; 4) career and leadership development. There is also a strong possibility of teaching at the graduate level in the Master of Training and Development and/or Doctor of Education programs. b) Engaging in institutional and professional service, including coordinating the undergraduate HRD program. Those with a terminal degree (Ph.D., Ed.D. or J.D.) in a field relevant to Human Resource Development and with prior teaching experience at the undergraduate and graduate levels are especially encouraged to apply.

Read More

Vice President of Human Resources

Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc. | Seattle, Washington

Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer and overseeing a department of 16, the Vice President of Human Resources (VP of HR) will join The Lighthouse Strategic Leadership team during a period of growth that includes expansion to its new South Carolina location. The VP of HR will work collaboratively across departments to ensure that The Lighthouse has the HR infrastructure, policies and procedures, systems, and people in place to accommodate continued growth.

Read More

Assistant/Associate Professor

Western Carolina University | Cullowhee, NC

This position is an Assistant/Associate Professor, tenure-track position beginning July 1, 2018. Review of applications will begin immediately. Based in the College of Education and Allied Professions, Western Carolina University's M.S. degree program in Human Resources (MSHR) has been developing HR professionals to play leadership roles in organizations of all types for more than 30 years. The program is currently delivered 100% online with over 120 students enrolled.

Read More

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Final Thought

By Tomika Greer, Digest Editor

Tomika Greer

Tomika Greer

This month, I assumed responsibilities as AHRD Digest Editor. I am grateful to my esteemed predecessor, Robin Grenier, who made this look like an easy task. She has graciously offered her time to transition me into this role and I hope that the hand-off will be seamless in the eyes of the readers of this Digest.

In my first month as a newly elected AHRD Board Member, I am reflecting on the 2018 Conference in Richmond as it was a grand celebration of the first 25 years of our Academy. We now have great opportunity to set ourselves up as a successful, thriving organization for the second 25 years. I am excited to have been elected to the Board at this time in the life of AHRD. I am fully convinced that our rich history will sustain us as we adapt to a changing environment. In this second 25 years, AHRD will continue to lead our field through excellence in the scholarship and practice of developing individuals and organizations.

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  • Julie A. Gedro
  • Denise Cumberland

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