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By Kim McDonald, AHRD Board Member

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

My colleagues and I are experiencing a divorce . . . not a divorce from our spouses or partners, but rather our university is in the midst of a divorce.

I work at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne, commonly referred to as IPFW. Over 50 years ago, two Big Ten universities came together to create a joint campus. Both institutions had a presence in Fort Wayne long before this unique structure was developed. While I don’t know all the intentions of the joining, one reason they came together was to avoid duplication of effort.

As an employee of IPFW for 30 years, I thought this shared system worked well. Approximately half of our students graduated with Purdue degrees; the rest with IU degrees. But apparently some powerful stakeholders decided the experiment wasn’t working; so effective July 2018, the official split will occur. Most of us will become employees of Purdue Fort Wayne. Those students, faculty and staff associated with our health care programs — medical imaging, nursing and dental education — will become part of the Indiana University Fort Wayne community. Like some divorced families, we will remain in the same town, but operate in different spheres.

The need for this change has never been clearly articulated to the faculty and staff of IPFW. Like many divorces, the children (IPFW employees) were not informed of the reasons why. And like many children experiencing divorce, the change has been and continues to be painful.

Those of us affected have felt frustration, anger, sadness, betrayal, confusion and loss of identity resulting in increased levels of stress, incivility and apprehension. Like so many organizational change endeavors, mistakes have been made. Communication frequently has been unclear, haphazard and less than timely. Leadership has not been demonstrated and present at all stages in the process. Strategies and plans for handling the change often appeared to be ambiguous or nonexistent.

Throughout this change, I have developed an even greater appreciation for the value of having HRD professionals at the table. Tapping into the HRD expertise and experience on and off campus could have helped in understanding and responding to individuals’ reactions, engaging employees throughout the process, coaching administrators and faculty leaders who were (and are) instrumental in navigating this change, and developing all stakeholders’ capacity to learn from this experience. Perhaps most importantly, an HRD orientation would have kept the human element at the forefront. The IPFW community is working through this change, but my sense is that it might have been less painful and more effective had there been more HRD involvement.

The marriage now appears to be over — the separation will occur and the legal documents will be finalized. My hope now is that the offspring will be treated well and will thrive in the coming years. There is a role for HRD in the aftermath of change, so perhaps it is not too late to influence the future.

News for Members

Special Call: Small and Medium Enterprises and Their Impact on Economic Growth

Human Resource Development International invites submissions for a special issue on small and medium enterprises and their impact on economic growth. We are keen to address the lack of empirical evidence of HRD in SMEs and so this Special Issue of HRDI welcomes papers in this area, including research studies and workplace case studies (qualitative as well as quantitative), as well as theoretical or conceptual papers and literature reviews. All contributions must relate in some way to HRD in SMEs.

Following is a non-exhaustive list of suggestions for more specific themes. Contributions on any of these are welcome, as well as on any other issues that relate to the Special Issue title and which fall within the overall remit of HRDI. Possible topics include (but are not limited to):

  • the influence of owner-managers and/or resource constraints on HRD in SMEs,
  • the effects of organisational size on learning (perhaps comparing SMEs with larger organisations or examining HRD in SMEs of different sizes) and
  • the different methods/media used in learning in SMEs.

It is hoped that this Special Issue will contribute to the scant research into learning in SMEs. Consequently, it should be of interest to scholars in the HRD field, as well as having relevance to those involved in practice and/or policy in the small business community. Please note that, due to differing definitions of SMEs worldwide, studies of organisations with up to 500 employees (North American definition) will be considered.

More details about the Special Issue can be found here.

Call for AHRD Board Member Nominations: Due November 1, 2017

AHRD is only as strong as its Board. To remain a successful, vibrant Academy, it is essential that we have a diverse Board whose members bring the energy, passion and vision needed to lead AHRD over the coming years. Each year, new Board opportunities emerge to provide members with the chance to serve at this high level within the organization, and the chance to guide, lead and inspire their peers throughout AHRD.

This year, AHRD members will nominate and elect three Board members and a President Elect; we need your help to find the best candidates for these important positions.

President Elect Nominations

Any current or former Board member is eligible to be nominated to serve as President-Elect, with the assumption that that person will later serve as President and Past President. Self-nominations are accepted. AHRD has a strong commitment to diversity in its general membership and to the diversity of the membership of those serving in leadership roles. Those considering having their names placed in nomination should recognize the time commitment required for the leadership positions. The President-Elect oversees the annual conference. The President runs the Board meetings and ensures that the Board and Office work are accomplished. The Past-President typically undertakes international initiatives and works with the international conferences. The President-Elect serves for two years (2018-2019); the President serves for two years (2019-2020), and the Past President serves for two years (2020-2021). The person is expected to participate in all leadership conference calls, attend all the Board meetings during the annual conferences in 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 and one additional Board meeting during each year of the-term of office – typically held in the Fall. All presidential officers are expected to cover their own expenses for attendance at scheduled Board meetings.

Board Member Nominations

Any member of the AHRD, including former Board members, is eligible to be nominated to serve on the Board. Self-nominations are also accepted. AHRD has a strong commitment to diversity in its general membership and to the diversity of the membership of its Board. Those considering having their names placed in nomination should recognize the time commitment required for Board assignments. Board members are elected for a three-year term and are expected to attend the Board meetings during the annual conferences in 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 and one additional Board meeting each year of the three-year term, which are scheduled in the fall and at various locations. Board members are expected to cover their own expenses for attendance at scheduled Board meetings.

Nominations Procedure

Whether you nominate yourself or someone else, all nominees must provide a written statement that includes both the candidate's biographical information and vision for the Academy, including how they would like to contribute in their role as President-Elect and President or as a Board member. You are restricted to a total of 250 words for your statement, which includes both your biographical information and vision. If the statement exceeds this word restriction, material will simply be dropped from the end of the statement to fit the space limitation. Please note that the use of flyers or the AHRD listserv for the promotion of candidates is prohibited.

Please send nominations and nominee statements to Darren Short (Chair, AHRD Nominations & Elections Committee) at The deadline for nominations is 11:59 p.m. Pacific on November 1, 2017. A reply email confirmation will be sent to you indicating that your nomination has been received. If you do not receive this confirmation within 48 hours, please re-send and contact

In November, all AHRD members will receive instructions for completing their ballots. The AHRD election process will be completed by mid-December, and new Board members will be announced in early 2018.

2017 AHRD Faculty Mentoring Program Webinar Announcement for November 1, 1 pm EDT (Open to all AHRD members)

We are excited to share that Dr. Laura Bierema will present a Webinar on November 1 at 1 pm, EDT, on her work related to mentoring and relational learning at work and personal reflections on mentoring colleagues and leaders.

Although provided as a part of the AHRD Faculty Mentoring Program, this Webinar is open to all AHRD members. If you are interested in attending, please look for the Faculty Mentoring Partner Program registration link on the AHRD website page.

Korea SIG Grant Available: International Research on Korea


The Korea SIG’s International Research on Korea Grant promotes AHRD graduate students’ research collaboration on research in Korea. This grant provides up to $500 to the awardees to reimburse them for research and dissemination expenses for one year only, with eligibility to apply for a subsequent year. Eligible expenses might include, but are not limited to, gifts for participants during data collection; software; data analysis assistance, such as transcribers or translators; AHRD membership; registration for any AHRD conference where the outcome of the award is presented; and travel and lodging while at the conference.


  • Graduate students who are members of AHRD are eligible to apply with a research proposal.
  • A team of students, consisting of at least one Korean and one non-Korean, regardless of where they live, may submit one proposal. A faculty member may be part of the team in a mentor role, though he/she is not eligible to use the funds. The rationale for this eligibility criterion is our desire to expand interest in Korean HRD research, while wanting to ensure sensitivity to the Korean culture.
  • Students can find partners on the AHRD Facebook or LinkedIn pages, or contact the Korea SIG chair, Heeyoung Han (, who will distribute your request.
  • Past recipients are eligible to apply in a subsequent year.

Application Process

  • Submit a proposal in electronic format using the Korea SIG Grant Template in Word format (not .pdf).
  • Proposals must not exceed 3 single-spaced pages, in addition to the cover page, including:
    • Problem statement
    • Research purpose and questions
    • A brief review of the literature
    • Research methods
    • Anticipated outcomes and implications for HRD
    • Information dissemination plan (including presentation at one of the AHRD conferences)
    • Research project timeline (not exceeding one year beginning with March following the award announcement at the February AHRD Conference in the Americas).

Submission Deadline

  • Submit a proposal by December1, 2017, by email to the Korea SIG Chair, Dr. Heeyoung Han at
  • The Korea SIG Chair will form a three-person review panel.
  • The final decision will be announced at the 2018 AHRD Conference in the Americas.
  • For additional information, contact Dr. Heeyoung Han at

2018 Conference in the Americas News

Submissions Are in — Next Steps

We are excited to report to AHRD members that we received 295 submissions for the 2018 Conference in the Americas. Thanks to you, we have nearly 220 reviewers to review these submissions. The reviewers and Track Chair Editors are hard at work reviewing the 290+ papers, poster abstracts and proposals that were submitted in September. Thank you all for your work in this critical process!
We expect all decisions to be communicated to authors no later than November 5. We will provide information that instructs authors on how to finalize accepted submissions for camera ready status.
If you have not received your decision by November 6, please contact the Track Chair for your submission:

Once you have received your decision, you should start working on revisions and submitting your camera-ready papers by November 30. There will be no extensions beyond this date due to the extremely tight deadlines we have to make the conference proceedings release dates. Our appreciation and thanks to everyone for the effort towards the 2018 conference.

Check out Conference Central for more information and we look forward to seeing you in Richmond!

The AHRD Conference in the Americas Sponsorship Opportunities

Promote Your Organization at the 2018 AHRD Conference in the Americas!

AHRD International Research Conference in the Americas

February 13-17, 2018 | Richmond, Virginia USA

Conference Central

Location & Lodging

Conference Committee

AHRD is a global organization made up of, governed by, and created for the Human Resource Development (HRD) scholarly community of academics and reflective practitioners. The Academy was formed to encourage systematic study of human resource development theories, processes and practices; to disseminate information about HRD; to encourage the application of HRD research findings; and to provide opportunities for social interaction among individuals with scholarly and professional interests in HRD from multiple disciplines and from across the globe.

Sign up Online

Sponsorships Available

Download the Sponsor/Exhibitor Prospectus (PDF) »

President’s Reception - $1,000 (1 available)

  • Logo and link to your site on the conference page of the AHRD website
  • Listing in program agenda next to sponsored reception and logo prominently displayed on sponsor page in conference program book
  • Signage at the President’s Reception and conference
  • Exhibit table
  • One full conference registration ($350 value)

Opening Reception Sponsor - $1,000 (1 available)

  • Logo and link to your site on the conference page of the AHRD website
  • Listing in program agenda next to sponsored reception and logo prominently displayed on sponsor page in conference program book
  • Signage at Opening Reception and conference
  • One full conference registration ($350 value)
  • Two complimentary tickets for your staff to attend the Opening Reception
  • Exhibit table

Mobile App Sponsor - $1,000 (3 available)

  • Sponsorship of the conference mobile app (including logo recognition in pre-conference marketing)
  • Logo in the conference mobile app
  • One full conference registration ($350 value)
  • Logo and link to your site on the conference page of the AHRD website
  • Signage at the conference
  • Exhibit table

Entertainment Sponsor - $750 (1 available)

  • Logo and link to your site on the conference page of the AHRD website
  • Listing in program agenda next to sponsored entertainment and logo prominently displayed on sponsor page in conference program book
  • Signage at the President’s Dinner and conference
  • Exhibit table
  • Two complimentary tickets for your staff to attend the President’s Dinner

Exhibit Table Space Details - $300/$175

Cost: $300 and Electricity $50
Cost: $175 for University/College/Institutions and Electricity $50.

About the 2018 Conference

This is the Academy’s 25th Annual International Research Conference in the Americas! Participants include national and international HRD thought leaders and HRD practitioners, graduate students, and university faculty. The organizations represented include national and international universities, nonprofits, governments, and corporations from around the world. Registration for the 2018 International Research Conference in the Americas will open soon.

Marriott Richmond
500 East Broad Street
Richmond, VA 23219 USA

  • Phone: 1+(804) 643-3400 or 1+(800) 228-9290
  • Hotel Website:
  • Guest Room Rate: $159 plus tax
  • Book Online:
  • Room Block Deadline: January 13, 2018, or until the room block is exhausted, whichever comes first. AHRD has a block of rooms reserved for the nights of Tuesday, February 13, 2018 – Sunday, February 18.

Please share this information with your Dean or University Administrator, or organizational contacts that may want to sponsor or exhibit!

Questions? Please contact Kathie Pugaczewski or 1+(651)265-7859
Payment must accompany form to guarantee sponsorship.

Cancellation Policy: All Sponsor/Exhibitor cancellations by January 26, 2018 will be refunded, less a $100 handling fee. Cancellations received after January 26, 2018 will not receive a refund.

PCI Compliance: Please do not send credit card information via email. Per standard by the Payment Card Industry, AHRD has met the requirements of the Payment Card Industry-Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS).

Audio/Video Policy: Registration and attendance at, or participation at association events constitutes an agreement by the registrant to association’s use and distribution of the registrant or attendee’s image or voice in photographs, videotapes, electronic reproductions and audiotapes of such events and activities.

Thank You President’s Dinner Sponsor

AHRD Foundation News

AHRD Foundation: Supporting the HRD Scholarly Community

I’ve been a member of AHRD since 1997. It’s an organization close to my heart, and is my professional family. I feel like I benefit so much from its conferences, SIGs, journals and webinars. The people who I’ve met through AHRD have become my peers, colleagues and friends. In return, I like to think that I have contributed to AHRD through my energy, ideas and financial support.

Over time, I’ve come to realize that more is needed to support our HRD scholarly community, and that support comes in the form of the AHRD Foundation. The Foundation, as a 501(c)3, is perfectly placed to support HRD scholars through research grants, financial support for award winners, and more. Of course, that can only happen if I, and others like me, donate to the Foundation. The more we donate, the more the Foundation can support HRD scholars around the world.

My ask of you all is to take a few minutes to consider this, and see whether you can donate a small amount to the Foundation at — a donation of just a few dollars from each of us adds up to substantial support for our community. Many thanks.

Darren Short
Board Member, AHRD Foundation
Former President, AHRD

Journal News



Dr. Sewon Kim has joined the HRDQ Editorial Team as an Associate Editor until January 2019. Dr. Kim has been active within AHRD, and as a reviewer for HRDQ. He teaches in the management area at SUNY Empire State College-Queensbury. Welcome, Sewon!


The latest issue of HRDQ is available here.


The following articles have recently appeared on Early View:

Watkins K. E and Kim K. (2017). Current status and promising directions for research on the learning organization.

Alagaraja, M., Egan, T. M. and Woodman, R. W. (2017). Towards an understanding of HRDDescription: mageLean strategy linkages: A multicase study of four U.S. based firms. https://doi:10.1002/hrdq.21292

Kirchner M. J. (2017). Veteran as leader: The lived experience with U.S. Army leader development.

Reio, T. G. & Werner, J. M. (2017), Publishing mixed methods research: Thoughts and recommendations concerning rigor. https://doi:10.1002/hrdq.21291

For all articles, visit Early View.


The HRDQ editorial team has created three editorials concerning rigor in empirical research:

  • Anderson, V. (2017). Qualitative Research. doi:10.1002/hrdq.21282
  • Nimon, K. (2017). Quantitative Research. doi:10.1002/hrdq.21290
  • Reio, T. G. & Werner, J. M. (2017). Mixed Methods Research. doi:10.1002/hrdq.21291

A summary of the recommendations/checklists from these three editorials is available online.


The 2017 International Research Conference in Asia takes place November 8-10 at the Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad, India. Co-Editor Jon Werner will represent HRDQ at this event, and take part in an AHRD Journal Editors Panel.

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HRD Review magazine cover

HRDR Continues to Celebrate its 15th Anniversary!

As we continue to celebrate HRDR’s 15th anniversary, we extend our invitation to our HRD community once again, to share your favorite photos, articles and fun facts that highlight the journal’s milestones.

Please use #HRDRturns15 on our social media outlets:
Facebook: @HRDRJournal Twitter: @hrdrjournal

Virtual Special Issue Available through October 2017!

“The Evolution of HRD: Embracing Multiple Ways of Thinking and Research”

As we continue to celebrate the journal’s 15th anniversary, I have assembled this special issue. You may notice, while each of the four articles included in this collection took a unique focus and approach, they also share one commonality. They all advocate the need for grounding HRD in holistic thinking and multi-dimensional interpretation with the hope to reach fuller and deeper understanding of HRD.

For example, two articles highlighted the value of multi-dimensional analysis to conceptualize HRD. Using the multiple stakeholders approach, Stewart and Sambrook (2012) found that HRD, as a concept, had varied impact in three distinctive domains in the U.K. Garavan, McGuire and Lee (2015) took a close look at the "development" component of HRD and proposed a multifaceted typology for future research.

The other two articles included in this issue called for holistic perspectives for understanding the historical development of HRD. Taking a global perspective, Alagaraja and Dooley (2003) learned that the field’s growth and development, particularly in earlier years, are credited more to non-Western cultures, rather than the U.S. or Western influences as we commonly believe. Analyzing HRD issues from four frames, Mabey (2003) laid out a new pathway to inform decisions about HRD interventions.

I wholeheartedly agree with these authors. For a young academic and multidisciplinary field such as HRD, embracing multiple paradigms in the global world is a necessity. It is hoped this special issue will heighten your awareness of the way you think as a scholar or practitioner. And, for our HRD community, I hope the provocative thoughts and innovative approaches shared by the authors will stimulate active dialogues and healthy debate.

With these hopes, I invite you to open your mind, set aside some time, and read on!

Jia Wang
Editor, Human Resource Development Review

Articles Included in the Virtual Issue

  • The Historical Development of Human Resource Development in the United Kingdom
    Jim Stewart and Sally Sambrook (2012)
  • Reclaiming the “D” in HRD: A Typology of Development Conceptualizations, Antecedents and Outcomes
    Thomas N. Garavan, David McGuire, and Monica Lee (2015)
  • Origins and Historical Influences on Human Resource Development: A Global Perspective
    Meera Alagaraja and Larry M. Dooley (2003)
  • Reframing Human Resource Development
    Christopher Mabey (2003)

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By Robin Grenier, Digest Editor

This year at the 2018 AHRD Conference in the Americas, we will celebrate our 25th anniversary. To put together a special presentation, we’re asking members to send us their photos from past AHRD conferences. Please email digital or scanned photos to or you can mail photos (be sure to include a return address so we can return your photos) to:

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