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From the Board

ason Moats, AHRD Board Member

By Jason Moats, AHRD Board Member


I am writing this in early May before my surgery. While this note may seem intensely personal, I want to share some reflections as I prepare for my surgery. In my last From The Board note, I mentioned the importance of rigor and relationships. Over the last couple of years, this has become a mantra for me, especially when I think of my roles within AHRD. This mantra was inspired by a few great conversations that Wendy Ruona and I had in St. Louis and it continues to resonate with me as I consider the value of our organization. As I reflect on our mission: leading Human Resource Development through research, I have come to understand that both the rigor that we produce through our scholarship and practice and the relationships that we build and maintain are keys to our sustainment as an organization.

The output of our rigor culminates in the articles and research that are produced by our scholars and scholar-practitioners. These artifacts serve as records of the work that we (the collective we) do. We must do more to promote this output! While our journals are one major output, we have a second avenue — our wonderful collaboration with ATD. I encourage each of you to participate in this effort. Another avenue is our webcasts, which many of our Special Interest Groups convene to share information. Your participation in these are also welcome and desired.

While it is a huge challenge to actively participate in a volunteer organization such as ours, it is essential that you do this. I firmly believe that we are at a defining moment for AHRD. The world is changing around us. The value of what we produce as HRD scholars and scholar-practitioners is being understood differently. What I think is happening, although I have no data to prove it at this time, is that HRD is subtly, steadily permeating so many different fields and disciplines, that HRD is no longer seen as unique and freestanding, but ubiquitous. This in no way diminishes HRD, but I do think it changes how HRD is understood. Therefore, to lead HRD through research, we must be proponents and advocates for what we do. This is where relationships are essential.

The relationships that we have built and maintain are the means for propagating our rigor. Our relationships are very powerful. They provide us with channels to speak freely and passionately. They provide inroads to places.

As many of you already know, I was diagnosed with lung cancer in January of this year. Since then, I have endured three rounds of chemotherapy and (hopefully) as you read this note, I am recuperating from major surgery that includes the removal of my left lung. I have been extraordinarily blessed to have tremendous support from my friends, family and colleagues, including many of our AHRD members. One of the most invigorating points in my cancer journey occurred at this year’s conference in San Antonio. I was refreshed from all of the well wishes and hugs I received from our colleagues and from seeing all of the wonderful displays of scholarship; however, nothing touched me more than to see my friends Gary and Lynn McLean tearing up the dance floor. You see, the Academy, and our events, both in-person and virtual, are special times for strengthening our relationships.

AHRD is where I choose to make my professional home. I, like you, have many choices to park my professional self. However, the Academy provides something special and unique that I find missing from other organizations: a safe place to openly develop, discuss, and debate concepts and theories that feed scholarship and practice on many important and essential issues for our time. We are not an organization of static thought. Our lanes are often ill-defined, which results in a freedom of sorts.

As I close this, it is my hope that each of you will get involved and help spread the word of our rigor, actively participate in developing outputs, and cherish the special things that AHRD provides to you. I also hope that you will leverage your relationships to friends and colleagues outside AHRD and bring them in. Advertise our rigor and leverage your relationships to continue growing our great organization.

Blessings and thank you!


P.S. My surgery went well and I am home recuperating, getting stronger every day. I cannot thank my colleagues on the board of directors enough for the outpouring of love and encouragement throughout this ordeal. I also thank all of you who have sent cards and notes. You have no idea how powerful these things are. They truly reinforce how right my decision was to join AHRD more than 11 years ago. I am truly blessed by each of you.

News for Members

AHRD Conference in the Americas 2018

Call for Conference Submissions Opens on July 1

Learn More About 2018 Submissions

The Academy is celebrating its 25th annual conference in 2018 in Richmond, Virginia from Wednesday, February 14 to Saturday, February 17.

  • Pre-Conferences: February 13-15, 2018 (Tuesday–Thursday)
  • Conference: February 15-17, 2018 (Thursday–Saturday)

The 25th AHRD annual conference will include leading scholars and senior-level practitioners reporting their cutting-edge research and theorizing. The program will be comprised of blind, peer-reviewed submissions that offer a diverse range of topics, perspectives, and research paradigms. In addition, the conference will include several types of non-refereed sessions that provide excellent opportunities for bringing together conference participants to engage in generative learning through both formal and informal interactions about topics of mutual interest. AHRD is an inclusive organization and invites all those who are interested in the field, no matter where they are on their scholarly journey.

Submission Tracks
The Academy of Human Resource Development welcomes submissions from all academic fields and disciplines that focus on workplace and organizational learning, performance, change, and related issues and challenges.

Conference tracks for this year are:

  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Critical, Social Justice, and Diversity Perspectives in HRD
  • HRD Performance and Strategy
  • International, Global & Cross Cultural Issues
  • Leadership and Career Development
  • Non-Refereed
  • Organization Development and Change
  • Research Methods and Foundations in HRD
  • Technology, E-Learning & Virtual HRD
  • Workplace Learning

Important Notes, Dates, and Deadlines

September 3, 2017

Final (NO EXTENSIONS) submission deadline for manuscripts

October 14, 2017

Decision notifications to authors

November 30, 2017

Camera-ready submissions due

December 18, 2017

Call for Session Chair volunteers

February 14-17, 2018

Conference Dates (with pre-conference activities February 13-14, 2018)

Pre-Conference: Call for Presenters

Work is underway to organize a pre-conference in Richmond VA (Feb 14 and 15) that brings together HRD scholar-practitioners, applied researchers, and others interested in connecting HRD practice and research from across the worlds of higher education, corporations, government, non-profit and consultants. The intent is to attract those professionals who were present during the early days of AHRD’s work linking HRD research and practice, and to provide an environment that also welcomes those professionals who are newer to the field. This is not a traditional pre-conference. Through an interactive design, we are focusing on what we’ve learned, how we can apply it to today’s HRD challenges, and how it helps us looking forward. Our goal being for all of us to feel involved and engaged, and to leave with our minds full of ideas on how to address the challenges we all face in the constantly changing world of HRD.

We’ve reached the point where we’re now looking for people to propose topics they can present on. Full details are in our Call for Presenters at: Please reflect on how you can contribute, and submit your proposal by July 31. Alternatively, if you’re just interested to stay in touch with news about the event, please email and we’ll keep you updated on developments with an occasional email.

On behalf of all of the organizers (Tom Shindell, Catherine Lombardozzi, Phil Graham, John Bing, Martin Kormanik and myself), THANK YOU for considering this and for showing an interest in our event.

Darren Short

AHRD Continuing Work with ATD to Provide Blog Summaries from AHRD Journals

By Darren Short

Over the last two years, AHRD and ATD have been collaborating on a venture to increase visibility into AHRD-sponsored journals. This has taken the form of blog postings on the ATD Science of Learning blog. Each blog post focused on a recent journal article, with the blog content being a 750-word description of the core lessons for HRD practice. Each time a blog post has been published, the publishers have kindly made the journal article free to access for a month after the blog posting first appears. So far, we’ve published 8 blog posts, with each being viewed by 700+ people. As a result, the blog posts are drawing attention to HRD research, and also increasing the likelihood that HRD research is then applied in practice.

Here are links to three examples so you can see what form these take:
· How to Explore Experts' Mental Models
· How Internal and External Learning Networks Support Performance Improvement
· How Organizational Attitudes Can Predict Training Performance

We are interested to hear from members who would like to write a blog post based on a recent AHRD journal article. Just reach out to me at and I’ll share details on how this works. It would be great to see more of these blog posts, and to shine even more light onto great HRD research and its potential for impacting HRD practice.

AHRD Foundation News

AHRD Foundation logo

The Academy of Human Resource Development Foundation serves Academy of Human Resource Development scholars, providing travel and grant support to advance the Academy’s mission of leading the profession through research. Through your gifts, HRD faculty and students are able to improve the scope and quality of their research.

We are pleased to announce that Professor AAhad Osman-Gani, who is an AHRD Foundation Board member, will provide special funding to support research. Specifically, he will sponsor one award to be given every year for the best research paper in the area of International HRD and/or Cross-Cultural Management. That paper will be selected from the accepted papers submitted annually to the AHRD Conference in the Americas. The award will be named the "AAhad Osman-Gani Award for Best Paper in International HRD Research," and will be selected using the following criteria:

  1. The paper must be based on empirical research;
  2. The research must be done based on data from more than one country;
  3. At least one reviewer report should mention the high quality of the research.

The Award will be given by the AHRD Foundation, and the awardee will receive a check for US $200. The award will begin at the 2018 Conference and will be provided for the upcoming five years — from 2018 to 2022. Note that Professor Osman-Gani will also provide additional funds to support the work of the Foundation.

Consider supporting the AHRD Foundation with your gift of any amount. You can do so by clicking on “Make a Difference DONATE."

Submission Date EXTENDED to June 30, 2017: 2017 Asia AHRD Conference in India on Nov. 8-10, 2017

Please note that the Submission dates have changed as noted below:

Changed Important Submission Dates:

June 30, 2017 – Extended abstracts (1,200-1,500 words) due for full & WIP
papers (must include Research Methodology description)
July 15, 2017 – Acceptance of Extended Abstracts
August 15, 2017 – Full Paper and Work-in-Process Submissions Due
September 15, 2017 – Revision comments Notifications Sent
October 5, 2017 – Camera-Ready Papers Due
October 15, 2017 – Final Program Published

Information can be found on the Conference Website and the changed dates are listed on the AHRD webpage.

Hoping to see you in India for this conference!

Rajashi (2017 Asia AHRD Conference coordinator)

Journal News


The 2016 Scopus CiteScore for HRDQ!

Scopus has released 2016 CiteScores. The HRDQ CiteScore is 1.94, which is ranked 30th out of 161 journals in the category “Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management.” The CiteScore for 2016 measures the average number of citations from documents published in the three previous years (2013-2015).

UFHRD Conference In Lisbon, JUNE 7-9

libson group

Pictured: Eduardo Tomé, one of the conference organizers; Heather Short, HRDQ Managing Editor; Valerie Anderson, HRDQ Co-editor; and Sally Rumbles, University of Portsmouth.

The 18th International Conference on Human Resource Development Research and Practice across Europe was held in Lisbon, Portugal, from 7-9 June.

  • HRDQ editors led a symposium on Promoting Your Research Via Social Media. It provided a forum to learn about social media strategy.
  • There was also an informal meeting of the HRDQ Editorial Board.


The latest issue of HRDQ appears on June 16.


The following articles have been recently added to HRDQ Early View:

Melrona Natalie Govaerts, Eva Kyndt, Soraya Vreye, and Filip Cochy. A supervisors’ perspective on their role in transfer of training. DOI: 10.1002/hrdq.21286

Mark N. K. Saunders, David E. Gray, and Alexandra Bristow. Beyond the single organization: Inside insights from gaining access for large multiorganization survey HRD research. DOI: 10.1002/hrdq.21285

Find all articles on Early View.

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New HRDR Editorial Team Announced!

We are pleased to announce HRDR’s new editorial team beginning July 2017.

Under the leadership of incoming editor Dr. Jia Wang of Texas A & M University, Dr. Mina Beigi of the Liverpool Business School at Liverpool John Moores University and Dr. Yonjoo Cho of the School of Education at Indiana University will serve as Associate Editors.

Yasmeen Makarem, doctoral student of Human Resource Development at Texas A & M University, will serve as Managing Editor and Social Media Coordinator.

In celebration of HRDR’s 15th anniversary, we will highlight milestones in our publication’s history. Follow us on social media for access to photos, articles, and fun facts!

We encourage our HRD community to share their favorite HRDR milestones, articles, and celebrate this 15th anniversary using #HRDRturns15 on our social media outlets.

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Facebook: @HRDRJournal Twitter: @hrdrjournal

June 2017 Issue Is Now Available

Our most recent issue is now available and features the following work:

Distinctive Characteristics of Small Businesses as Sites for Informal Learning
Alan Coetzer, Henrik Kock, and Andreas Wallo

Cultural-Historical Activity Theory’s Relevance to HRD: A Review and Application
Oleksandr Tkachenko and Alexandre Ardichvili

Approaches for Developing Intercultural Competence: An Extended Learning Model with Implications from Cultural Neuroscience
Wei-Wen Chang

Knowledge Work and Human Resource Development
Ronald L. Jacobs

Author Podcast

podcast logo

This issue’s podcast will highlight Dr. Ronald L. Jacobs’ article, “Knowledge Work and Human Resource Development”. Follow us on social media for our podcast release date later this month.

Second HRDR Virtual Special Issue of 2017

Welcome to the June 2017 Virtual Issue of HRDR, which celebrates its most impactful articles published over the past three years. Five of the articles deal with important issues in the 21st century workplace: mentoring, dysfunctional leaders, commitment, and challenging work. The remaining two articles offer new research methods for HRD, namely autoethnography and critical action research. The new methods offer an innovative way forward for understanding and taking action to improve organizations, communities and societies. We hope you find the articles valuable to your work as HRD scholars and practitioners.

Julia Storberg-Walker

Access our second virtual special issue of the year now!

Virtual Issue Author Blogs

Robin Grenier, Digest Editor

Dr. Grenier

Two articles from our virtual issue will be featured in author blogs!

Check our social media outlets for the release dates of coverage on Dr. Robin Grenier’s 2015 article, “Autoethnography as a Legitimate Approach to HRD Research: A Methodological Conversation at 30,000 Feet” and Drs. Chaudhuri and Ghosh’s 2012 article, “Reverse Mentoring: A Social Exchange Tool for Keeping the Boomers Engaged and Millenials Committed”.

Featured authors share more about their research in writing their impactful articles.


Dr. Chaudhuri

HRDR Reviewers

HRDR is proud to be part of AHRD’s journal family. The success of our journal and its scholarly contributions to the field of HRD depend on our editorial team and board as much as our reviewers’ expertise. Our journal is always looking to expand its reviewer pool. We invite AHRD members who have not yet had the opportunity to serve the Academy in this respect to submit their CVs to our journal to be considered for our reviewer base. We welcome diversity of thought and experience to help strengthen the selection of published work.

Please submit your CV and/or questions directly to

HRDR straight to your inbox!

Learn more about our journal, receive announcements, table of contents, and updates! Sign up for e-alerts from HRDR.


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Join the conversation!

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AHRD Career Center

Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)

The Center for Reproductive Rights | New York, NY

The Center seeks a Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) who will serve as the head of the Human Resources function and serve as a key business partner and peer to the management team in leading and creating initiatives, systems, and best practices to recruit, develop, and train a diverse and high-performing global workforce and to build an organizational culture across all offices that supports effective advancement of our mission and strategic plans. The CHRO will report to the Chief Strategy and Operating Officer and serve on the Center's executive team.

Read More

Cost of posting:

Members - $25.00
Non-Members - $100.00
PEN Members - FREE; complete the job posting form. Do not send PDFs.

Posting information:

  • Job ads are posted for 90 days and are available to all members and non-members visiting the AHRD website.

  • If you have any questions, contact us at

  • PEN Members: Email the office the completed Job Posting Form. Once you have completed the form, we will post the job for you. Do not send PDFs of job postings.

Final Thoughts

By Robin Grenier, Digest Editor

Robin Grenier, Digest Editor

You know, coming up with an original final thought every month isn’t easy — and neither is coming up with original and interesting scholarship to submit to the AHRD Conference call for papers. It takes time, thought, consideration, and sometimes arm twisting (to get collaborators). So, I encourage you to start early. Think now about what you want to develop, write, and share. I also want to urge you to reach out to other AHRD members and non-members and ask them to work with you. Consider contacting a senior scholar you admire, make a connection with a scholar-practitioner to develop work that is relevant and applicable, formulate a “dream team” panel for a non-referred session, or invite students to collaborate with you. I often tell my daughter, “if you don’t ask, you don’t get.” It’s good advice for teenagers, but also for adults. Reach out, make a new connection, or rekindle an old one and submit something great for 2018!


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