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From the Board

By Marilyn Y. Byrd, Board Member

Why I Do What I Do

The end of the semester can be a daunting time with the prospect of grading stacks of essays, entering final grades, handling student complaints, catching up on email, serving on student committees, meeting publication deadlines, and countless administrative housekeeping duties that stand in the way of officially declaring a summer break. It is moments like these that might provoke the thought, Why do I do what I do?

That thought is what brings me to reflecting on why I chose academia. Academia is an intellectually exciting workplace where the creative, authentic self can sculpt and carve a unique space and intellectual presence. At the same time academia is a workplace that can be emotionally and physically exhausting and draining to creativity and intellectual engagement. I use academia as an example because that is the workplace where I practice my profession. Regardless of the profession, vocation, or occupation, at some time or another we can all use re-charging and re-energizing to be our best creative and authentic selves.

In reality, the workplace is wrought with stressors and demands that can inhibit creative expression and in fact overall well-being. I recall when I first read Libby Tisdell’s book, Exploring Spirituality and Culture in Adult and Higher Education. I was deeply moved by the thought that the adult educational journey could evoke a spiritual engagement and that educators could actually facilitate that process. That thought led me to reflecting on how HRD scholars have participated in conversations like those that have taken place in adult education. Placing spiritual engagement in the context of the workplace, I considered how those in roles of management or leadership can serve others [well] if they are experiencing emotional drain and are in need of a spiritual uplift themselves. I was elated to discover that Tara Fenwick and Elizabeth Lange had written an article, “Spirituality in the Workplace: The New Frontier for HRD.” I love the way that HRD is forging new frontiers that opens up space for new conversations to take place. But the Fenwick/Lange article was in 1998, over 15 years ago!

My current work in progress, “Emancipatory Spirituality in the Workplace: A Philosophical & Social Justice Perspective,” will continue the conversation of spirituality in the workplace that Fenwick and Lange initiated years ago. “Emancipatory Spiritualty” will be published later this year and will contain a collection of articles from noted HRD and education scholars. My aspiration is that this work will broaden the ontological, axiological, and epistemological perspectives of spirituality in the workplace but will also highlight HRD research and practical application needs.

Returning to my musings on end of semester academic exhaustion, I am reminded why I do what I do. Yes, there are times when academia is just another workplace that threatens to drain me of my spiritual energy. But engaging my inner peace helps me to ward off the energy zappers that threatens my creative, authentic self. So I engage my inner spirit as the following words resonate in my mind:

Our deepest calling is to grow into our own authentic self-hood....
As we do so, we will not only find the joy that every human being seeks –
we will also find our path of authentic service in the world.

Parker J. Palmer
~Let Your Voice Speak: Listening for the Voice of Vocation

News for Members

AHRD Conference in the Americas 2017 Call For Submissions


The Conference Team has already begun preparations for the 2017 AHRD International Research Conference in the Americas. Unfortunately, we must announce that Angela Titi-Amayah has resigned as the Conference Program Chair. On behalf of the Board of Directors and the conference team, I want to express our sincere gratitude for the amazing two years Angela has spent on the team.

Jason Moats (TEEX) has graciously agreed to return one more year to the role of Program Chair (after two previous years on the Conference Team). He joins the team of Robert Yawson (Quinnipiac University), Proceedings Editor and SunYoung Park (LSU), newly appointed Associate Proceedings Editor. Track Chair Editors (TCEs) will be announced soon. I am delighted to work with this excellent team.

We are also delighted to announce that the Call for Submissions for the 2017 Conference is now available on Conference Central. There have been a few very important changes to the submission types for the conference. These changes represent our responses to feedback that we have received from our members. We hope that you are excited about these enhancements to the Conference! Here they are:

  • Refereed Full Manuscripts: Submitting authors will have the option to have their full manuscript published in the proceedings, or have an abstract (only) of their manuscript published. This way, authors who anticipate submitting to journals with strict guidelines around APA standard 6.02, will be in compliance with those guidelines.
  • The category of “Abstracts” has been removed. Rather than having a category of “Abstracts,” authors can now submit either a full manuscript, or a poster that represents their work.
  • The addition of a new category of submissions—posters. We are excited to have this new category, which is intended to give authors a chance to interact with their AHRD colleagues, dialog about their work, and receive feedback and input on their work.

Submissions will be accepted starting July 1, 2017 and ALL submissions (refereed and non-refereed) are due no later than September 6, 2016. Please continue to check conference central and the digest often for conference news and updates.

Thank you!
Julie Gedro, President-Elect
Conference Chair

Updates on the 2016 AHRD International Research Conference in Asia and MENA

Ifrane, Morocco November 2-4, 2016

We invite you to submit papers to the 2016 AHRD International Research Conference in Asia and MENA, which will be held in Ifrane, Morocco, between November 2 and 4. Here are some conference updates:

1. A Facebook page about the conference is created.
If you are a Facebook user, please like our Facebook page. You will also be able to receive future conference updates.

2. The conference paper submission portal is open.
You can start submitting your paper(s) now (deadline: August 1, 2016). Before submission, please review the submission instructions carefully.

3. The following are the members of the Conference Scientific Committee.

  • Jason Heffner, Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane: Scientific Committee Chair
  • Hyung Joon Yoon, Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane: Scientific Committee Co-Chair
  • Cindy Crowder, Indiana State University: Track Chair for Leadership Development, Career Development, and Diversity Issues
  • Karim Moustaghfir, Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane: Track Chair for Learning, Training, Organization Development, Technology, and Performance Improvement
  • Taejun Cho, Incheon National University: Track Chair for International, National, and Virtual HRD
  • Daeyeon Cho, Korea University: Track Chair for Scholar-Practitioner
  • Julia Storberg-Walker & Mari Campuzano, George Washington University: Co-Track Chairs for HRD Theory, Measurement, and Research Methods

4. We are looking for reviewers for this conference.
If you are interested in serving as a reviewer, please go to and fill out the form. We will ask you to review two papers at most and the review process will take place August through September.
If you have any questions about the conference, please feel free to email at or check us out at our Facebook Page.

Thank you so much for your attention, and we look forward to welcoming you to Morocco.

Organizing Committee
The 2016 AHRD International Research Conference in Asia and MENA

Call for Contributions

Issue 2 of the International Journal of Human Resource Development Practice, Policy and Research will be published in October and the deadline for copy to be considered for Issue 2 is 30 June. The editors welcome enquiries from anyone interested in submitting to the journal - please refer to the Call.

Visit the journal¹s web site where papers from the inaugural issue can be viewed/downloaded.

Dr Rick Holden

Journal News



Join us at the UFHRD Conference in Manchester, UK, June 8-10!
The HRDQ Editorial Team is participating in three events at the UFHRD Conference:

  • Meet the AHRD Editors and How to Review Session, Wednesday, June 8, 10:30 am-12:30 pm.
  • Plagiarism and Publication Ethics Session, Thursday, June 9, 11:30-12:30 pm.
  • HRDQ Editorial Board Meeting, Friday, June 10, noon-1:00 pm.

The Spring, 2016 Issue of HRDQ (Volume 27, Issue 1) is online, with open access to all articles in this issue.

EARLY VIEW: Three articles have been added to the HRDQ Early View since April 1:

  • Never too early: Learning transfer system factors affecting motivation to transfer before and after training programs (Massenberg, Schulte & Kauffeld).
  • Social competence in small firms—Fostering workplace learning and performance (Lens, Verhees & Verstegen).
  • Job stressors and organizational citizenship behaviors: The roles of organizational commitment and social interaction (Pooja, De Clercq & Belausteguigoitia).

View the HRDQ Early View now.

CONNECT WITH US ONLINE to learn more about Early View articles, Throw-Back-Thursday articles, and more!

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Our June 2016 will feature the following work by our HRD scholars:

Integrative Literature Reviews

Interventions for Women With Postpartum Depression Symptoms: An Integrative Literature Review for Human Resource Development
Cyntianna C. Ledesma Ortega and Thomas G. Reio, Jr.

Performance Measurement and Performance Indicators: A Literature Review and a Proposed Model for Practical Adoption
Sequoia Star, Darlene Russ-Eft, Marc T. Braverman, and Roger Levine

Theory and Conceptual Articles

Complexity and Organizational Communication: A Quest for Common Ground
Petro Poutanen, Kalle Siira, and Pekka Aula

Deconstructing the Privilege and Power of Employee Engagement: Issues of Inequality for Management and Human Resource Development
Brad Shuck, Joshua C. Collins, Tonette S. Rocco, and Raquel Diaz

Instructor’s Corner

An Evidence-Based Review of Creative Problem Solving Tools: A Practitioner’s Resource
David Vernon, Ian Hocking, and Tresoi C. Tyler

HRDR is proud to sponsor the Doctoral Colloquium at UFHRD in Manchester! We will be featuring colloquium facilitators throughout the month in our social media outlets, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter (details below). For more information about UFHRD 2016 and to register for the colloquium, visit UFHRD 2016 Info.

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A celebration of the 20th anniversary of Human Resource Development International
2017 will mark the 20th anniversary of Human Resource Development International. To celebrate this occasion the current editorial team have decided to dedicate a special issue of the journal to invited contributions. This will be published in November 2017. We invite contributors to write short pieces (no more than 4,000 words) on the broad theme of ‘the past, present and future challenges of international Human Resource Development’.

Because the articles will not be standard peer-reviewed pieces, our hope is that contributors will feel free to engage in ideas about our field that are thought provoking, challenging and to act as the foundation for future research conversations.

If you would like to contribute an article to this special issue, please send an 800-1,000 word outline, by 27th May 2016, to Carole Elliott, editor-in chief, at: The outline will then be reviewed by the editors, and you will be informed of our decision by 17th June 2016.

Good News

The AHRD redesign has launched! Check out the new website, that is fully mobile responsive, and send us feedback. Email

Final Thoughts

By Robin Grenier, Digest Editor

17th International Conference on HRD Research and Practice across Europe will be held in Manchester, UK in just a couple of weeks. Best wishes to all the Academy members presenting in Manchester and all the conference attendees.

UFHRD Manchester image 2016

Job Postings

job posting subscribe icon Receive an automatic email as soon as a new job is posted! Subscribe to AHRD Job Postings now!

Assistant/Associate Professor in HRD

  • Ifrane, Morocco

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS) of Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane (AUI) invites applications from qualified, enthusiastic candidates for one position in Human Resource Development (HRD) as of Fall 2016.

The HRD program is a unique educational experience in Morocco that aims to develop global leaders who can solve complex problems and improve learning and performance at the individual, organizational, and societal levels. The HRD program functions as a driver of societal and national development in Morocco. Read More

Cost of posting:

Members - $25.00
Non-members - $100.00
PEN Members - FREE

Posting information :

Job ads are posted for 90 days and are available to all members and non-members visiting the AHRD website. If you have any questions, please contact us at


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