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From the Board

By Wendy Ruona, AHRD President

I am excited to be writing this note in the Digest as AHRD’s President — officially commencing my two-year term at the end of the 2016 International Research Conference in the Americas in Jacksonville, FL. I am honored to take up this role and humbled to follow the 12 presidents who have served before me and set the bar high as they worked tirelessly with dozens of board members and volunteer leaders to make AHRD our shared professional home. I am also deeply grateful to too many AHRD colleagues to mention here who have helped to ready me for this role and whom I will continue to count on for your support.

My primary job as AHRD’s Incoming President the past two years was coordinating all aspects of the Conference in the Americas. A huge “thank you” to the 2016 Conference Program Team — Jason Moats, Program Chair; Angela Titi-Amayah, Proceedings Editor; and Robert Yawson, Associate Proceedings Editor — for your excellent leadership! We (along with Diane Chapman in role as 2015 Program Chair) have worked very hard during the past two years to enhance the conference experience in many large and small ways — and we are grateful to dozens of people who serve as Track Chair Editors, reviewers, and conference volunteers who are key in bringing the conference strategy to fruition. We’re thrilled to hear from many conference participants that they are feeling marked shifts in quality, coherence, and community at the conference! And, we look forward to building on that energy as the new conference teams already being preparations for the 2017 conference in San Antonio*.

In the coming months, the AHRD Board will continue to work on strategic initiatives launched by Ron Jacobs (President 2014-2016). Thank you to Dr. Jacobs for all of his many contributions during the past two years as AHRD’s President! And we are grateful that he will continue to be deeply involved in the Board as Past President, especially related to our burgeoning global strategy.

The Board will also work collaboratively to develop future directions and projects. Two key words sum up my overarching perspective of and deepest wishes for AHRD — rigor and relationship. These are two core values that I hope will guide us in thinking about the future of AHRD. As we move forward with strategic planning, we’ll also be asking to what extent AHRD is:

  • The leading place to share and access rigorous and relevant HRD research?
  • Developing initiatives, innovations, and strategic alliances that support and further HRD research?
  • Supporting you to be the best Scholar, Scholar-Practitioner, and/or HRD Educator you can be?
  • A lively and stimulating place and community to be a part of?

What other questions should we ask? What other “quality criteria” do you think the Board should use to drive strategy and assess whether AHRD is optimally achieving our vision of "Leading Human Resource Development through Research”? If there’s something you want us to think about or do, please contact me or any of the Board Members and shape AHRD to be the organization you most want it to be. And, of course, ready yourself to volunteer as you’re willing/able — AHRD is only as strong as its active members and we need you! I look forward to serving AHRD and its members during the next two years and can’t wait to see what we can create together!

From the Desk of the Past-President

By Ron Jacobs, AHRD Past-President

This brief article comes to you as I enter my new role as past-president of AHRD. As I expressed my feelings at the conference banquet, I was truly honored to serve as president and now, I am just as honored and pleased to serve as the past president. I extend my best wishes and full support to our new president, Wendy Ruona. Every president sets his/her own priorities and agenda, and I know that Wendy has already focused on issues of importance to the membership.

In my new role, there continues to be much work to be done on behalf of AHRD and the discipline of HRD. My primary portfolio — if you will — will be to focus on advancing our international outreach efforts. That includes giving continued attention to our annual conference in Asia, planning new conference opportunities such as in Ethiopia, and further developing the notion of regional chapters. I’m looking forward to working with current Board members and some past Board members who have done much thinking on these issues. In these various efforts, the Global Initiative Strategy that was crafted by the last Board will guide our actions.

Many people have kindly thanked me for my service as president. I am filled with gratitude for their thoughtfulness. In turn, I want to thank everyone again for the opportunity to serve my primary professional home. Wherever, I go I will continue to promote AHRD and tell them our amazing story. The vitality and productiveness that comes from our relatively small — but socially critical — scholarly community is truly astounding.

Thank you again for your support and continued commitment to AHRD.

Ron Jacobs
Past President

Call for Nominations

AHRD succeeds because of the hard work and dedication of its members. Members serve in a variety of volunteer roles from our board to committee assignments to heading up our conference team. We hope that you will value your membership enough to contribute your time and expertise. There are always opportunities to serve.

Track Chair, AHRD Conference 2017

The Academy of Human Resource Development (AHRD) solicits applications or nominations for the position of Track Chair of the annual AHRD Conference. There are nine Track Chair positions to be filled. The AHRD Conference Planning Team and the AHRD Board have elevated the Track Chair to a strategic leadership role as a means to provide a more rewarding conference experience for attendees. The Conference Track Chairs will play a critical role to achieve this goal.

The AHRD Conference Track Chair serves a key leadership role by ensuring that the content and the design of the refereed and non-refereed sessions are supportive of the particular Track. Track Chairs must: 1) manage the process of reviewing, selecting, and organizing scholarly papers; 2) initiate, organize, and when possible facilitate invited symposia or panel discussions; and 3) actively encourage and provide feedback to individuals submitting proposals for sessions. The Track Chair interacts with the Conference Program Chair, the Conference Planning Team, and related SIG leaders to ensure the highest quality learning experience for conference attendees.

Track Chairs are responsible for assembling and managing a team to support their efforts, including the possible designation of one or more Associate Track Chairs. Track Chairs should be recognized as productive researchers in their own right and have project management, leadership, and communication skills. This is a nine-month renewable position, effective July 2016 through the conclusion of the AHRD Conference. Former Track Chairs, SIG leaders, and leading scholars/practitioners are strongly encouraged to apply. The Tracks for the 2017 AHRD Conference are as follows:

2017 AHRD Conference Tracks

  1. Workplace Learning
  2. Organization Development & Change
  3. International; Global & Cross Cultural Issues
  4. Leadership & Career Development
  5. Critical, Social Justice, Diversity Perspectives in HRD
  6. HRD Performance & Strategy
  7. Technology, E-Learning & Virtual HRD
  8. Assessment & Evaluation
  9. Research Methodology
  10. Non-refereed Submissions

Applications or nominations, in the form of a CV and a cover letter specifying the interested track, should be sent to the AHRD Office at by March 31.

The Conference Team will review and recommend a slate of Track Chairs for Board Approval. Questions about the expectations of the Track Chair may be directed to the current Proceedings Editor at or Program Chair at

Associate Proceedings Editor, 2017 AHRD International Research Conference in the Americas

The associate proceedings editor is a critical leadership and volunteer position within the Academy of Human Resource Development. This position requires a three-year commitment that includes advancement to a position of increased responsibility in each successive year. The effective term for this position is March 2016 through March 2019. The first year of the term is spent as the Associate Proceedings Editor for the 2017 Conference Proceedings of the AHRD International Annual Conference in the Americas. The second year is spent as Proceedings Editor for the 2018 Conference Proceedings. The third year is spent as the Program Chair for the 2019 Conference.

The associate proceedings editor will have the primary responsibility of managing the peer review process and is the primary contact with the conference track chairs during the review process. This is a critical position within the conference team and will require up to 15 hours of work per week, especially in the period August 2016 through January 2017. The position requires strong writing and editing skills, because the finished product has to pass through many steps before it reaches the conference proceedings. The conference team manages the development process of the conference proceedings, including managing manuscripts, scheduling individual conference sessions, coordinating with the conference planning team and ensuring the timely and accurate creation of the International Research Conference Proceedings. The associate proceedings editor plays a big part in the management of the review process by coordinating with the ten track chair editors.

The requirements for this position are:

  • Have published in a proceedings for an AHRD affiliated conference (i.e. the AHRD conference in the Americas, the UFHRD conference in Europe, or the AHRD conference in Asia).
  • Have been a reviewer or Track Chair for an AHRD affiliated conference.
  • Have experience in project management
  • Hold AHRD membership and maintain membership for the duration of the position.
  • Academic or educational institution affiliation preferred but not required.

The preferred skills for this position are:

  • General computer knowledge: document editing software, like Microsoft Word
  • Exceptional project management skills
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills
  • Creative, flexible, a good listener
  • Be able to multi-task and to work with a close deadline


  • Assist in determining the relevance and appropriateness of submissions for the conference proceedings
  • Assist the Proceedings Editor in carrying the overall responsibility for the published content
  • Work in collaborations with the Track Chair Editors and authors
  • Work with proofreaders in order to insure a correct text
  • Copy / edit contents of the works done by authors
  • Work closely with the Proceedings Editor to ensure an effective design of the proceedings
  • providing editorial help for specific sections or articles
  • participating in meetings and other events
  • Developing and facilitating training of track chair editors and others

2016 AHRD International Research Conference in the Americas

2016 Academy Awards

Cutting Edge Awards – Jason Moats, Chair

award winner

award winners

award winners

  • Abused at Home, Disengaged at Work: Conceptualizing the Relationship of the Traumatized Worker and the Imminent Role of Human Resource Development Scholar-Practitioners by Carroll M. Graham, Barbara A. Eversole, Cindy L. Crowder, Szu-Fang Chuang, Indiana State University

  • Examining Organizational Citizenship Behavior in the Context of Human Resource Development: An Integrative Review of the Literature by Kevin Rose, University of Louisville

  • Family Roles and Distress: A Gender Comparison Among Korean Employees by Sehoon Kim, University of Wisconsin-Platteville, Hyounju Kang, Texas A&M University and Boreum Ju, University of Illinois

  • Making Sense of Paradox Using Bourdieu’s Concepts of Disposition, Habitus, and Field by Edie Williams, The George Washington University

  • “Man, Have I Got a Story for You”: Facilitated Autoethnography as a Potential Methodology in HRD Research by Robin S. Grenier, University of Connecticut, Joshua C. Collins, University of Minnesota

  • A Measurement Invariance Analysis of the Dimensions of the Learning Organization Questionnaire (DLOQ) Across Two Different Cultures by Kyoungshin Kim, Karen Watkins, Zhenqiu Lu, The University of Georgia

  • Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction Among Career Changers in Korea: The Influence of Leaders’ Vision of Talent and Organizational Culture by Eun-Jee Kim, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and Sunyoung Park, Louisiana State University

  • To Revere or to Irrevere — That is Not the Question by Michael Kroth, University of Idaho

  • The Search for Meaning at Work: A Critical Analysis of the Dominant and Subordinate Theoretical Assumptions by Zachary Mercurio, Colorado State University

  • What Is Talent Development? An Integrative Review of Literature by Amir Hedayati Mehdiabadi & Jessica Li, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Esworthy Malcolm S. Knowles Dissertation of the Year – Sewon Kim, Chair

  • Winner
    Yujin Kim, Ph.D., University of Connecticut
    Dissertation Title: Development and Validation of the Employee Expertise Development Scale (EEDS)
    Dissertation advisor: Robin S. Grenier, Ph.D.

  • First Runner-Up
    Vicki A. Brown, Ph.D., The George Washington University
    Dissertation Title: Silenced Voices that Cry in the Night: The Transformative Experience of Spouses of Wounded Warriors — Is it Transformative Learning?
    Dissertation advisor: Ellen Scully-Russ, Ph.D.

  • Second Runner-Up
    Joseph M. Follman, Ph.D., The George Washington University
    Dissertation Title: Co-managed Volunteer Programs at U.S. National Parks: A Multi-Case Study of Volunteer Partnerships
    Dissertation advisor: Maria Cseh, Ph.D.

Early Career Scholar – Julia Storberg-Walker, Chair

  • Rajashi Ghosh, Drexel University

  • Brad Shuck, University of Louisville

R. Wayne Pace Book of the Year Award – Brad Shuck, Chair

  • Realising Critical HRD: Stories of Reflecting, Voicing, and Enacting Critical Practice by
    Jamie L. Callahan, Drexel University, Jim Stewart, Coventry University, Clare Rigg,University of Liverpool, Sally Sambrook, Bangor University, Kiran Trehan, Birmingham University

Richard A. Swanson Research Excellence Award – Kim Nimon, Chair

  • Employees’ Perceived Use of Leader Power and Implications for Affect and Work Intentions (26:4, p. 359-384) by Drea Zigarmi, The Ken Blanchard Companies, Taylor Peyton Roberts, The Ken Blanchard Companies, and W. Alan Randolph, University of Baltimore

Elwood F. Holton III Research Excellence Award – Julie Gedro and Jia Wang, Co-Chairs

  • Skunked: An Integrative Review Exploring the Consequences of the Dysfunctional Leader and Implications for Those Employees Who Work for Them. (HRDR 2015 Volume 14, Issue 1, pp. 64-90)
    Kevin Rose, Brad Shuck, Devon Twyford, and Matt Bergman, all from the University of Louisville

HRDR 2015 Best Reviewer of the Year – Julie Gedro and Jia Wang

  • Rajashi Ghosh, Drexel University

Monica M. Lee Research Excellence Award – Carole Elliott, Chair

  • Connection, Value, and Growth: How Employees with Different National Identities Experience a Geocentric Organizational Culture of a Global Corporation. (HRDI, Vol. 18, No. 1: 39-57)
    Maria S. Plakhotnik, National Research University Higher School of Economics, Russia;
    Tonette S. Rocco, Florida International University; Joshua C. Collins, University of Minnesota, Hilary Landorf, Florida International University

ADHR Outstanding Issue Award – Marilyn Byrd, Chair

  • Green HRD: The Greening of Society and the Implications for Human Resource Development Theory and Practice. Editors: Ellen Scully-Russ and Maria Cseh, George Washington University, November 2015, 17(4)

Outstanding HRD Scholar Award – AAhad Osman-Gani, Chair

Alexandre Ardichvilli

  • Alexandre Ardichvili, University of Minnesota

AHRD Excellence in Scholarly Practice Award – Carol Packard, Chair

  • Harnessing a Learning Culture: Creating Strategic Alignment in Learning through a Strategic Imagining Process, by Ann Herd, University of Louisville; Rod Githens, University of the Pacific; Brad Shuck, University of Louisville; Al Cornish, Norton Healthcare

AHRD Service Award – Darren Short, Chair

  • Gene Roth, Northern Illinois University

Laura Bierema Excellence in Critical HRD Award – Joshua C. Collins, Chair

  • Tonette S. Rocco, Florida International University


New AHRD Board Members

AHRD wishes to thank Khalil Dirani, Rajashi Ghosh, and Seung Won Yoon for their service to the board, as well as Julie Gedro who will step down from her Board role to service as President-Elect. At the conclusion of the 2016 Conference, the AHRD new board members began their terms. We wish to welcome the following members to the board:

  • Marilyn Y. Byrd, University of Oklahoma
    Marilyn Byrd is an Assistant Professor of Human Relations at the University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma. She earned a Ph.D. in Human Resource Development from Texas A & M University, College Station, Texas and is a former administrator for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice in Huntsville, Texas. Marilyn is co-chairperson of the Workforce Diversity & Inclusion Special Interest Group and has served as track chair for the Critical Social Justice and Diversity track for the 2015 and 2016 AHRD Conference in the Americas. She is also an associate editor for Advances in Developing Human Resources. Among Marilyn’s publications are two textbooks: Diversity in the Workforce: Current Issues and Emerging Trends (Byrd & Scott, 2014) and Managing Human Resource Development Programs (Hughes & Byrd, 2015). Her research interests include organizational social justice, theorizing Black American women's leadership, spirituality in the workplace, and organizational ethics.

  • Yonjoo Cho, Indiana University
    Yonjoo Cho is an associate professor of Instructional Systems Technology focusing on HRD at Indiana University. She has worked in business, non-profit, and academic sectors in South Korea for more than 10 years. Yonjoo’s research interests reflect her diverse work experience including action learning in organizations, HRD education, the interdisciplinary nature of HRD, and women in leadership. Her research has been recognized at the 2014 AHRD and UFHRD conferences with the Richard A. Swanson Research Excellence Award and the Best International Paper Award. Yonjoo serves on the editorial boards of HRDQ, HRDR, and EJTD. She is a board member of the Korea Action Learning Association and Korean Association for Educational Technology. Currently, she is leading the book series project on Current Perspectives on Asian Women in Leadership with Palgrave Macmillan. Yonjoo’s vision for the Academy is fourfold. One is to strengthen its vision of “leading HRD through research” based on her research on the interdisciplinary nature of neighboring HR fields such as HRD and instructional technology. The second is to direct the Academy’s attention to teaching and learning in the field by bringing in her expertise in HRD education. The third is to expand the Academy’s international research collaboration based on her research on Korea and Asia. The last is to continue the Academy’s “commitment to diversity” in its membership. To this end, Yonjoo will be a strong advocate for differing voices in the Academy.

  • Jason Moats, Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service
    Jason Moats is Program Director at Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service and an Adjunct Professor for Adelphi University. He completed a Master of Science at Texas A&M University in 2007 and a Bachelor of Science in Workforce Education and Development with a specialization in Education, Training and Development from Southern Illinois University - Carbondale. He completed his Ph.D. in Human Resource Development at Texas A&M University in December 2013. Jason is also the author of Agroterrorism: A Guide for Emergency Responders and explores organization development, crisis management, and technology integration into training.

  • Thomas Reio, Florida International University
    Thomas Reio is currently Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and Professor of Adult Education and Human Resource Development at FIU. Tom is currently co-editor of the journal New Horizons in Adult Education and Human Resource Development and previously served as editor of Human Resource Development Review. He serves on the editorial boards of Contemporary Educational Psychology, Educational Psychology Review, Human Resource Development Review, International Journal of Self-Directed Learning, Journal of Experimental Education, and the Journal of Genetic Psychology, among others. Tom teaches graduate classes in adult education and human resource development, educational psychology, and research methods. His research concerns taking a sociocultural view of curiosity and risk taking motivation and their links to learning and development across the lifespan, socialization practices (e.g., mentoring), and workplace incivility.

New HRDR Associate Editor Announced

The Editorial Board of HRDR, with the support of Sage, is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Toby Egan as Associate Editor. Dr. Egan will serve the remaining term of Dr. Julie Gedro, who will officially resign on March 18 to assume new duties for the Academy of Human Resource Development.

A Message from the Outgoing Program Chair


I wanted to take a few moments to express my sincere thanks for everyone’s excellent work during my tenure as the Conference Proceedings Editor (2014-2015) and Program Chair (2015-2016). The conference is one of the most important things that the Academy does and everyone involved has provided an important contribution. Thanks to the great teamwork, perseverance and dedication, we were able to implement positive changes and take on the many challenges that we encountered. Both professionally and personally, I want to thank the extraordinary team of Track Chair Editors, and especially my friends and colleagues on this journey, Wendy Ruona, Angela Titi-Amayah and Robert Yawson.

Jason Moats

News about 2017 in San Antonio

We’ve had a few inquiries about the safety of San Antonio as the site for AHRD’s 2017 International Research Conference in the Americas in light of Texas’ recent decision to allow properly licensed individuals to carry a holstered handgun in public spaces. While it is too late for AHRD to change conference sites, we take your concerns very seriously. We have received an official statement from the San Antonio Convention & Visitors Bureau on this matter and it is now available on the 2017 Conference Central site. We are also working with the Wyndham San Antonio Riverwalk to do all we can to ensure the conference site is safe and conducive for the conference. If you have further input, questions, or concerns related to this matter, please contact the AHRD office (



COPE logo

2015 Swanson Award Winner

The Richard A. Swanson Research Excellence Award has been awarded since 1995 for the outstanding article from the current annual volume (4 issues) of Human Resource Development Quarterly.

The Winner of the 2015 Richard A. Swanson Research Excellence Award is:

Drea Zigarmi, Taylor. P Roberts, and W. Alan Randolph

Drea Zigarmi, Taylor. P Roberts, & W. Alan Randolph (2015). Employees’ Perceived Use of Leader Power and Implications for Affect and Work Intentions. Human Resource Development Quarterly, 26(4), 359-384.

This study’s examination of leader power has clear implications for both scholars and scholar-practitioners alike. Congratulations to the award winners.

Publication Ethics Workshop – COPE


A workshop was held at the February 2016 AHRD conference in Jacksonville, FL, on “Publication Ethics and the AHRD.” This was led by leading scholar Susan Madsen (pictured at left), as well as current and former editors of HRDQ. One outcome of this collaboration is that HRDQ is now listed as a signatory to the Code of Conduct promoted by COPE, the Committee on Publication Ethics.

With Sincerest Gratitude

Ellinger and Lund

The HRDQ Editors are grateful to Andrea Ellinger (Editor) and Mary Lynn Lunn (Managing Editor) for their years of service (and dedication, hard work, and countless hours…) to the journal. Thank you for all your help with the transition to the new Editorial Team as well!

Join Us Online!

Connect with us online to learn more about Early View articles, #TBT/Throw-Back-Thursday articles, and more!


The first issue of volume 15 of Human Resource Development Review (HRDR) will be out this month featuring the following articles:

Theory and Conceptual Articles

On Critical Reflection: A Review of Mezirow’s Theory and its Operationalization
Henriette Lundgren & Rob Poell

Integrative Literature Reviews

Employee Engagement and Career: Proposing Research Agendas Through a Review of Literature
Woocheol Kim, Yunsoo Lee, Kibum Kwon, & Daeyeon Cho
The Persistence of Working Poor Families in a Changing U.S. Job Market: An Integrative Review of the Literature
Richard Torraco
Capacity and Capability Building for National HRD: A Multi-Level Framework
Meera Alagaraja & Rod Githens

Instructor’s Corner

Using HRD to Support Repatriates: A Framework for Creating an Organizational Development Strategy for Repatriation
Tomika Greer

Debate and Dialogue

From Methodology to Imagination: Reflections on Philosophy and Theory Building in Applied Disciplines
Russell Korte

“Think Theory, Think Social, Think HRDR” Social Media Contest Winners Announced

We had many wonderful posts and enjoyed connecting with our HRD community at AHRD 2016!

Congratulations to winner Ozzie Crocco of The George Washington University Human and Organizational Learning Doctoral program! Ozzie will receive a member registration for AHRD 2017, see you in San Antonio! Some of Ozzie’s posts are featured on our Facebook page.

Our first runner-up is Jeremy Hernandez of University of Minnesota’s Organizational Leadership, Policy and Development program! Dr. Hernandez will receive $100 toward a pre-conference registration at #AHRD2017!

Thank you to all participants and AHRD for welcoming us as the first mobile app sponsor!

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You can also join the conversation on Facebook @HRDRjournal and Twitter @hrdrjournal.


Virtual HRD SIG

Congratulations to Charlene Mutamba from NC State University who won a $25 Amazon gift card donated by the Virtual HRD, Technology & Distance Learning SIG for her use of Twitter to promote and archive the #AHRD 2016 conference through social media.


By Robin Grenier, Digest Editor

In his blog, Oliver Crocco offers thoughts on his participation in the 2016 Doctoral Colloquium. We think it is worth reading and sharing with doctoral students. Thanks, Oliver!


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The Director, Talent Development, is a newly created role that will serve as a key partner in leading the identification and development of exceptional talent from many diverse backgrounds. Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer, he or she will deliver a high-touch and amazing experience for potential candidates, staff and alumni throughout GHS’s global offices. Read More

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We seek someone with a deep commitment to facilitating student work in real-world practice. To fulfill that commitment, our courses use a project-based curriculum. Our program provides a strong orientation toward fostering a community of learners within an intimate private university atmosphere. The successful candidate will demonstrate evidence of or potential for research, leadership, and the ability to work collaboratively with students, colleagues, and stakeholders. Read More

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