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About the Digest


From the Board

By Seung Won Yoon

Membership until the Present and in the Future

“Time flies” is such an accurate description! This is my last year of the 3 year term on the board. Writing this article made me reflect about my past two years – what I did for my charge on the board for membership and what the board did together. It also made me think about the past 15 years of my AHRD membership - participation and involvement into various activities and roles. I believe many of you have similar experiences or are considering getting involved. There are so many ways to share your time and talent such as writing a manuscript for conference audience, proposal reviewing, hosting a session, reviewing for AHRD journals, serving on SIG leadership, joining journal editorial boards, working as a track chair, and many more.

I sincerely invite your involvement into some of these activities or share your service interests with SIG leaders, journal editors, or anyone on the board. Involvement is the one and only key that I have found as an answer to all membership questions.

New experience always brings feelings of fear and excitement together. I now see that with each new activity and involvement always gave me both. My involvement frequently came from my colleagues’ invitation in the midst of finishing one activity (not after finishing it), And each time I regretted at least momentarily why I did not say ‘no’. However, to my surprise, it was each and all of those new experiences that pushed me to grow personally and filled me with deep gratitude. It was also those friends from whom I could learn and occasionally offer help that helped me experience the true value of a professional community.

To make a long story short, my journey as a board leader of membership has been extremely rewarding. I can proudly share that in every monthly board meeting in the past two years, the board-related discussion centered on asking what does it mean to our members and how does the new idea benefit them – regarding conference planning, global strategies, new partnerships, blogging, journals, awards, and membership fees/benefits. Borrowing our president’s words, I can say that everyone on the board now has a clear sense of how we need and want to approach membership.

In Jacksonville Florida, the newly formed Membership Committee (consisting of leaders from PEN, SIGs, global strategy, conference CEO, and member-at-large) will meet to discuss and create an action plan based on the Membership Strategy document the board has created. The board also has a Membership position document as a guidepost. These documents and the formation of the Membership Committee were results of teamwork and volunteers engagement.

After the conference, the Membership Committee will also hold a virtual meeting twice a year. More than anything else, I feel great because from now on the membership strategy will be managed by collective intelligence and committed leaders. If you are overloaded with responsibilities, I won’t ask to add another responsibility to your plate. However, if your priority for now and upcoming years is in professional development, I invite your participation and involvement into our truly amazing AHRD community where like-minded friends can be easily found.

I look forward to seeing all of you in Jacksonville soon,
Seung Won Yoon

2016 AHRD International Research Conference in the Americas

News about the 2016 AHRD International Research Conference in the Americas Jacksonville, Florida boat cruise for AHRD conference attendees.

Join us in Jacksonville, Florida for the 2016 Conference in the Americas!

The AHRD Conference begins in just a few short weeks! We hope you are ready to convene in sunny and warm Jacksonville, FL February 18-20 (with pre-conference activities February 17-18). Check out Conference Central for all the details of the conference that is February 18-20 (with pre-conference activities February 17-18) in sunny and warm Jacksonville, FL.

Save money on the conference registration if you register by January 15! Register now.

We hope you agree it’s shaping up to be a conference you won’t want to miss. Here are just a few of the reasons to look forward to this upcoming conference:

  • There will be 209 refereed submissions and 55 non-refereed submissions presented in 78 stimulating sessions! This includes 20 submissions from members of the HRD Asian community that were able to be a part of our conference after the cancellation of the AHRD Asian conference this past Fall. The proceedings will be published about mid-month. This is the culmination of literally thousands of hours work by authors, reviewers, track chairs and the proceedings editors. Access to the proceedings will be available through the AHRD website.

The complete conference schedule is now posted along with the presenter guidelines. The conference team worked very carefully to craft each symposium to optimize thematic connections and the opportunity for stimulating scholarly conversation in each session. Submissions were grouped by matching keywords, reviewing abstracts and reviewer feedback, and in a multi-tiered process that involved the Track Chair Editor and the entire Program Team. Authors, please note that because of this thoughtful construction of the symposiums, authors/presenters will not be permitted to change their scheduled times. The conference team asks that all authors/presenters respect the final schedule.

The 2016 Presenter guidelines are now posted at conference central. If you’ll be presenting a submission, please make sure to check-out these guidelines for all the key information you need to make your presentation great and aligned with conference expectations.

Conference Keynote

The keynote address on Friday morning, HR Analytics: Why, What, How & So What, spotlights Laurie Bassi, renowned author, economist, and researcher, focusing on the emerging trends, challenges, and issues our profession faces as HR/HRD analytics become rooted in organizations.

Town Forum

The Town Forum on Thursday afternoon features presenters and hosts Susan Madsen and Julia Storberg-Walker along with an invited panel of distinguished scholars launching the conference with Theorizing, Knowledge, and Community: Exploring the Hidden Connections, a session to inspire the HRD community to engage in meaningful, collaborative, and interdisciplinary research and theorizing that will make a difference in the world.

Pre-Conference Workshops

Two tremendous pre-conference workshop opportunities for those of you looking for in-depth, focused learning prior to the conference start. These include Nurturing Emotionally Intelligent Organizations through Action Learning with Dr. Edie Williams and Dr. Dave Rude and Focus Group Design, Facilitation, and Integration with Quantitative Research with Dr. Ann Gilley and Jessica Brown, MBA. Both of these are each ½ day workshops, so you can sign up for both of them if you’d like! Remember…there is an early-bird discount for signing-up for these by January 15, too!

Graduate Student Research Colloquium

The Graduate Student Research Colloquium will be held prior to the conference (Feb 17-18). We continue to enhance the design of this class aimed at deepening skills and knowledge of doctoral and advanced master’s students focused intensively on research (dissertation or thesis) and/or preparing for careers in research/academia.

Professional Development Workshop

An exciting new Professional Development Workshop (PDW) is available during the conference, Scholar Practitioner 101: Bridging Theory & Practice and Fostering Scholarly Practice within the Academy. This is a tremendous opportunity for practitioners and Master's-level students to connect with each other and focus on the ideas and skills needed as a foundation for scholarly practice. Check out the Conference Schedule for the time/location of this new PDW.

Conference Highlights

  • PEN meeting for program chairs of academic programs in HRD
  • Opening Reception (Thursday evening) at the hotel followed by an optional (at your cost of just $55/person) Jacksonville Boat Cruise. Come enjoy the sights of downtown Jacksonville on a two hour cruise. We are hoping we’ll fill up a yacht of our own for this special event!
  • Friday evening members will have the option of joining a group for a tour of acclaimed breweries in Jacksonville. If a quieter dinner is more your style, we’ll have sign-ups available for group dinners at some of Jacksonville’s best restaurants.
  • The 2016 conference will have its own mobile app. The app will allow you to see when sessions are and receive special alerts before and during the conference. More information will be available later this month. A special thank you to Human Resource Development Review (HRDR) for their sponsorship of the mobile app!

  • HRD Review, Mobile App Sponsor

  • Presidential Dinner featuring entertainment and celebrating the AHRD community and the many accomplishments of its members. A special thank you to the University of Southern Mississippi – Department of Human Capital Development for their sponsorship of the Presidential Dinner!
    southern miss guilf coast

If all that is not enough to entice you to the conference next month...did we mention that the average temperature in Jacksonville around our conference time is 65-70 degrees?

Call for Session Hosts

Please note we are still recruiting session hosts for the refereed sessions. The session host training will be done virtually this year. Please visit the session host section of the AHRD website for more information.

Finally, two things to watch out for in the coming weeks:

  • The proceedings will be published around mid-month. This is the culmination of literally thousands of hours work by authors, reviewers, track chairs and the proceedings editors. Access to the proceedings will be available to members and conference participants via the AHRD website.
  • The conference program book will be ready in early-February. Please continue to visit the 2016 conference central for more information.

Silent Auction

Support the AHRD Foundation with a Silent Auction item! The Silent Auction will be open throughout the conference and will close on Saturday evening, February 20. If you are interested in donating an item for the silent auction, please simply bring the item, including the estimated value of the item, to the conference registration desk when you check-in.

Not coming to the AHRD conference? You may still donate if you send the item to the AHRD office, 1000 Westgate Drive, #252, St. Paul, MN 55114 by February 1st.

Visiting Scholars

We are excited to extend an invitation to all international visiting faculty members currently in the United States to attend the 2016 Academy of Human Resource Development (AHRD) Conference in the Americas, February 18-20 in Jacksonville, Florida.

Fostering cross-cultural research and practice partnerships is central to the AHRD’s global strategic vision. We believe that the attendance of international visiting scholars will provide opportunities for building cross-cultural collaborations and thus, enhance the value of the 2016 AHRD conference.

So, if you are interested to take advantage of this exciting opportunity to connect with the AHRD members and engage in conversations about global HRD research and practice, please email Rajashi Ghosh ( and Khalil Dirani ( to get a Letter of Invitation.

Thank You, Sponsors!

Mobile App Sponsor

HRD Review, Mobile App Sponsor

Presidential Dinner Sponsor

southern miss guilf coast


AHRD Joins the International Federation of Training and Development Organizations (IFTDO)

By Ron Jacobs, AHRD President

I am pleased to announce that AHRD has become a member of the International Federation of Training and Development Organizations (IFTDO). It is possible that some are not aware of IFTDO, so I invite you to search it’s website for more information: IFTDO is unique among HRD-related organizations, as it is an organization of organizations, not composed of individual members. And the member organizations have a decidedly global reach, which is consistent with the Board’s strategic perspective for AHRD. But what are the tangible benefits for AHRD members? Here are some points to consider:

First, membership provides AHRD members with access to the IFTDO member-only section, which includes their informative newsletter and other information about global happenings related to HRD. This provides an unique window into HRD activities with which many of us are not familiar. For our members, please use the following log-in information: Guest ID: ahrdguest PW: ahrd-guest. We will also be posting the IFTDO newsletters in the members-only section of the AHRD website.

Second, membership provides new opportunities for sharing research and engaging in partnerships through the IFTDO annual conference. I attended and spoke at the 44th Annual Conference in Kuala Lumpur in August 2015. The 45th annual conference will be held in Bahrain, March 21-23, 2016 I can assure you that IFTDO as an organization and its conference is fully aligned with our goals of valuing research as a means to advance the HRD discipline.

Third, membership aligns us with our other valued partner, namely the University Forum for Human Resource Development with whom we co-sponsor the Human Resource Development International and we help support their annual conference. I should mention that both well-known practitioner-oriented professional organizations, ATD and ISPI, are also members of IFTDO.

Fourth, membership provides a platform for innovative partnerships between AHRD and IFTDO, that could not be done alone. One prime example is the active planning now being done to have an HRD conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in December 2016. The conference would be the first conference of its kind in Africa, helping to support scholars on the continent interested in workforce and human resource development issues. Many national ministries of labor and education will be involved. I will be traveling to Ethiopia in March to help support the coordinating committee with its plans. Without IFTDO as a partner, we would not be able to carry out such a challenging, but critically important outreach effort. More information about the conference will be forth coming soon. Please contact me if you are interested in becoming part of this planning process.

Some members will recall that becoming a member of IFTDO was discussed several years ago, but without a resolution or any action taken at that time. At this time, the Board believes that the continued strength of AHRD comes from opening new avenues of cooperation and partnerships, even though we acknowledge that there are some small risks involved.

I look forward to future discussions about our decision to join IFTDO and how this investment might benefit our members.

AHRD Mentoring

We are excited to continue the formal mentoring program we launched last year to address the career/professional development needs of HRD faculty across different career levels (i.e., junior, mid-career, senior). So, if you are interested to take advantage of this exciting professional development opportunity and join our 2016 AHRD Mentoring Partner cohort, please visit our webpage for further details about this mentoring program.
Interested faculty should submit the Participant Input form (available on the webpage noted above) by Jan 15, 2016.

A peek into experience in the AHRD Mentoring partner program

I signed up for the mentoring project because I wanted to learn something new. However, what I ended up learning was a lot more meaningful than what I signed up for. I think because the beginning of the process was very carefully orchestrated, it felt very safe to get very real very quickly. I did not expect to get energized and inspired, but that's what happened. And we weren't perfect! We did the best we could do given our very busy lives. Overall, this mentoring project holds a special place in my heart and it carries over into other aspects of my life involving relating to and learning from others, including students, other faculty, and administrators.

Julia Storberg-Walker

I am an Assistant Professor in the Organizational Leadership and Learning Program at the University of Louisville. I've been part of the AHRD mentoring pilot program. This has proven to be an excellent opportunity to help me engage more fully with AHRD. The true win, however, is that I've become close to my mentor, Dr. Seung Won Yoon. Seung and I have spoken almost every month since our mentoring dyad began. Our shared interest in leadership has allowed us to initiate a project on entrepreneurial leadership. Seung has been generous in connecting me with others and is helping me become a more grounded scholar. I look forward to our on-going collaboration and our friendship.

Denise Cumberland



Jon Werner Kim Nimon and Valerie Anderson

The new editorial team for HRDQ has now commenced work and we are committed to build on the legacy of our outgoing Editor, Andrea Ellinger, to build impact of the journal in the HRD field.

The Editorial Team of Human Resource Development Quarterly invites you to join us in Jacksonville, FL.

Please join us between 18-20 February at the AHRD conference at:

  • HRDQ Professional Development Workshop - Publication Ethics and the Academy of Human Resource Development - facilitated by Prof Susan Madsen, Orin R. Woodbury Professor of Leadership & Ethics. Date and time to be confirmed.
  • HRDQ Editorial Board meeting – Friday 19 February at 7am – invitations have been sent and we appreciate your response as soon as possible
  • AHRD ‘Meet the Editors’ session – date and time to be confirmed

ATD Blog Post - We are thrilled at the publication of a blog post, Surprise: New Employees Want Formal Training, based on an HRDQ article by Russell Korte, Samantha Brunhaver, and Sheri Sheppard.

Peer Reviewed Papers - We are also pleased to share with you links to forthcoming content available on Early View:

Education as a Response to NHRD Gaps in Developing Economies: A Case Study of l'Ecole de Choix/The School of Choice (Haiti), as Critical National Human Resource Development Julie Gedro and Laura Pincus Hartman

To Reveal or Conceal? Managers' Disclosures of Private Information During Emotional Intelligence Training, Kathryn Thory

Diversity Training Programme Outcomes: A Systematic Review, Hussain Alhejji, Thomas Garavan, Ronan Carbery, Fergal O'Brien and David McGuire

Personality Traits and Career Satisfaction in Training and Development Occupations: Toward a Distinctive T&D Personality Profile, Eric D. Sundstrom, John W. Lounsbury, Lucy W. Gibson and Jason L. Huang

Other content:
Media Review of: The Routledge Companion to Human Resource Development, Reviewed by John Dewar Wilson

Media Review of: Handbook of Human Resource Development, Reviewed by Sunyoung Park


Human Resource Development Review (HRDR) Virtual Special Issue: "Theorizing 21st Century HRD: Emerging Issues and Debates"

We invite the HRD community to read the first of three virtual issues for the year!
HRDR and Sage Publications are pleased to offer free access to the seminal articles in this virtual issue through April 2016.

This virtual special issue of HRDR focuses on key issues relating to theorizing and conceptualizing HRD. Manuscripts were selected for the issue based on their contribution to the diversity of thought and praxis, and range from a critique of competency modeling to using a formal language approach for comparative HRD. These contemporary issues highlight the wide range of interests within the HRD scholarly community, and signal that innovative thinking is alive and well in our discipline.

Usually virtual special issues highlight relatively current articles; however, we included a selection of older works that continue to resonate with the intellectual foment that is in the discipline of HRD. These include pieces by John Walton, Ed Holton & Greg Wang, C. Mabey, Meera Alagaraga and Larry Dooley, among others. The ideas represented in these seminal works continue to contribute to the growth and development of our discipline, and participants at the upcoming AHRD and UFHRD conferences could continue to discuss and debate these ideas while attending these gatherings.

These articles will remain available until mid-April 2016. We hope you find this compilation helpful to your continued research on HRD.

Julia Storberg-Walker
Editor, Human Resource Development Review

Table of Contents

Exploring the Social Foundations of Human Resource Development: A Theoretical Framework for Research and Practice
R. Korte, March 2012

A Critical Review of the Science and Practice of Competency Modeling
G. Stevens, August 2012

Systems Theory and Thinking as a Foundational Theory in Human Resource Development--A Myth or Reality?
R. Yawson, March 2013

"How" Narratology Narrows the Organizational Theory--Practice Gap
B. Glibkowski, L. McGinnis, J. Gillespie and A. Schommer, June 2014

Theorizing Comparative Human Resource Development: A Formal Language Approach
G. Wang and J. Sun, September 2012

Origins and Historical Influences on Human Resource Development: A Global Perspective
M. Alagaraja and L.M. Dooley, March 2003

Reframing Human Resource Development
C. Mabey, December 2003

Postmodernism and HRD Theory: Current Status and Prospects
H. Han, P. Kuchinke and D.A. Boulay, March 2009

Neoclassical and Institutional Economics as Foundations for Human Resource Development Theory
E.F. Holton III and G. Wang, March 2005

How shall a Thing be called? An Argumentation on the Efficacy of the Term HRD
J.S. Walton, September 2003


  • HRD Service-Learning at WCU
    AHRD member, Marie-Line Germain, Associate Professor of human resources and leadership, is heading a service-learning initiative at Western Carolina University. She is working with students to provide human resources consultation ― free of charge ― to non-profits, local governments and small businesses. Since 2011, graduate students in the program have provided pro bono consulting on 75 projects for 32 nonprofit organizations and small businesses in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. Clients have included Habitat for Humanity in Asheville, Autism Tennessee in Knoxville, Safe Harbor in Greenville, SC. Now, thanks to a recent University of North Carolina General Administration grant, students in the WCU Master of Science degree in Human Resources will serve as HR consultants in a 10-week timeframe as part of their coursework. The nearly $23,000 in funding will be used to create additional partnerships and expand opportunities on a broader scale. A total of 15 new consulting projects are planned to start this year in North Carolina and Tennessee.
  • New HRD Program at University of the Pacific
    University of the Pacific is launching an HRD-related master’s program and doctoral specialization in Organizational Learning and Effectiveness. This will be one of the few HRD programs on the West Coast and the only program in California affiliated with AHRD’s Program Excellence Network. The program, to launch in August 2016, will be a hybrid online and face-to-face design. Pacific, the oldest university in California, recently transformed its residential Sacramento law school campus into a comprehensive graduate campus, which will include a comprehensive set of education programs from Benerd School of Education. That effort is being lead by AHRD member Rod Githens, Assistant Dean for Sacramento Programs. The Organizational Learning and Effectiveness program has a specific focus on fostering innovative learning cultures with a heavy emphasis on hands-on, real world application. More information is available on the school’s website.


By Robin Grenier, Digest Editor

For those of you joining us in Jacksonville and for those who won’t be making the trip this year we encourage you to take advantage of social media to keep up with all the conference events. Attendees can use #AHRD2016 for your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts so others can see and read about what’s happening.


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Assistant/Associate Professor, Tenure Track

Western Michigan University
Duties for this position include a combination of teaching, research, advising, and service each semester; faculty workload assignments are related to department needs. The ideal candidate must qualify immediately for Graduate Faculty status, and will advise and mentor master’s students in the areas of Organizational Performance and/or Learning Technology (the emphasis after two current programs within the department merge). Teaching online and/or off-campus are required. Modeling involvement with professional associations is also expected. Read More

Assistant Professor - HRD/I-O Psychology

Towson University
Faculty assigned an instructional workload of six (6) course units (i.e., six 3-credit courses) per academic year for the first year. Beginning the second year the workload reverts back to the standard instructional workload of seven to eight (7-8) course units. Teach some combination of graduate courses in Leadership, Organizational Change, Conflict Management and/or Team-Building as well as some combination of undergraduate courses in Industrial Psychology, Statistics and/or Research Methods. Opportunity for summer teaching available. Possess and demonstrate a strong commitment to teaching, research, and service. Read More

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Non-members - $100.00
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Job ads are posted for 90 days and are available to all members and non-members visiting the AHRD website. If you have any questions, please contact us at


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