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HRD Theory Special Interest Group Membership Information

HRD Theory Special Interest Group Member Information

General Information on Membership

  • All members of AHRD are eligible to become members of the HRD Theory SIG.
  • Members are expected to participate in the activities of the SIG (annual conference, listserv, website updating).

Provisions for electing the SIG Chair or Co-Chairs

  • The HRD Theory SIG Chair or Co-Chair position is two years.
  • Only Steering Committee Members, or previous Steering Committee Members, are eligible to run for Chair.
  • Chairs or Co-Chairs are elected by a simple majority of SIG members. (Note: the incumbent Co-Chairs will retain their position until the 2011 AHRD conference, thereby serving a two-year rotation)
  • The election for the SIG Chair or Co-Chair is held at the annual conference.
  • The SIG Steering Committee is responsible to facilitate the election, which includes announcing the election, gathering nominations, distributing nomination statements, conducting the election at the annual conference, and tallying the results.
  • In case of a tie, the Steering Committee will facilitate a run-off election of the top candidates.
  • SIG Chairs or Co-Chairs can be removed by the Steering Committee for lack of performance or fraud. However, prior to removing a sitting Chair, the Steering Committee must: 1) verify the alleged incompetence or fraud; 2) facilitate a conversation with the Chair to determine culpability; 3) seek alternative resolutions prior to removal from office (as appropriate); and 4) document all allegations, conversations, and proposals.
  • The Steering Committee is required to seek AHRD Board of Director’s input prior to removing a sitting Chair.

Provisions for appointing SIG Steering Committee Members

  • The Steering Committee is comprised of three (3) HRD Theory SIG members.
  • Steering Committee Members serve two years. Steering Committee members may run for Chair immediately after their two years of service or during their service, but cannot be considered for Steering Committee membership until one year has passed.
  • Steering Committee Members are appointed in alternate years by the SIG Chair.
  • If a Steering Committee Member assumes the role of Chair, she/he will appoint a replacement to the Steering Committee.
  • Steering Committee Members are appointed by the SIG Chair or Co-Chairs.
  • The SIG Chair can remove a sitting Steering Committee member for lack of performance or other grievous offense.  The performance issue or offense and any attempts at mediation to resolve the situation must be documented.
  • The Chair is required to seek AHRD Board of Director’s guidance before initiating the removal of any sitting Steering Committee member.

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