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Theory and Foundations of HRD

Theory and Foundations of HRD

Description of Track: Securing the foundations of HRD through developing a solid theoretical basis is one of the key tasks facing HRD researchers. Our underpinning assumptions and perspectives on the field will shape both the approaches we take and the research we conduct. The challenge posed to researchers therefore is threefold: to help firmly establish the empirical basis of the field; to advance new perspectives on HRD and to set the future direction of the field.

Papers are welcomed in the following areas (but are not limited to this list):

  • Theory-building and HRD

  • Theories of HRD

  • Perspectives on HRD

  • Research Approaches to HRD

  • Multi-disciplinary approaches to HRD

  • Ethics & HRD

  • Ontology and Epistemology issues

  • HRD Theory-Practice linkages

  • Stakeholder analysis

David McGuireTrack Chair Editor: Dr. David McGuire

Dr. David McGuire is a lecturer in human resource development (HRD) at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, Scotland. David has worked at universities in Ireland (University of Limerick), UK (Edinburgh Napier University) and US (Oakland University, where he was a Fulbright Scholar). He serves on the editorial boards of Human Resource Development Quarterly, Advances in Developing Human Resources and the Journal of European Industrial Training. In 2007, David was nominated as AHRD Early Career Scholar. David’s research interests lie in Foundations of HRD, Critical HRD and Managing Diversity.

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