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Scope and Key Tasks of Quantitative Research Methods SIG

Scope of Quantitative Research Methods SIG Activities

To Quantitative Research Methods SIG works to:

  1. Contribute to accomplishing the AHRD mission and vision of "leading the HRD profession through research.”
  2. Strengthen the Academy’s impact on the field of HRD.
  3. Increase the practice of Quantitative Research Methods within the membership of the Academy.
  4. Support networking of those interested in Quantitative Research Methods.
  5. Inform the design and development of quantitative research methods.
  6. Develop knowledge of quantitative research methods for  scholars and practitioners with various levels of expertise.

Key Tasks

The Quantitative Research Methods Special Interest Group’s key tasks are to:

  1. Coordinate at least one activity to coincide with the AHRD International Research Conference in the Americas.
  2. Establish and maintain a SIG listserv to foster networking, discussion, and learning for the SIG members.
  3. Establish and maintain a SIG website and discussion board within the AHRD website to promote SIG visibility and awareness.
  4. Design, coordinate, and promote activities within AHRD that are intended to meet the needs of Quantitative Research Methods in the Academy.
  5. Spearhead and champion publications and conference contributions that focus on Quantitative Research Methods.
  6. Communicate with the board and general membership regarding Quantitative Research Methods, as appropriate.

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