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Quantitative Research Methods SIG Roles & Responsibilities

Quantitative Research Methods SIG Roles & Responsibilities

SIG Steering Committee:

  • Chairperson – Kim Nimon
  • Co-chairperson – James Bartlett
  • Conference Event Planner - Wendy Bodwell; The Conference Event Planner is responsible for facilitating the QRM SIG's submission of the following materials to the AHRD Annual Conference of Americas: (1) Innovative session; (2) Food n Thought; (3) Paper sumposium; as well as facilitating SIG members' contributions to the AHRD Digest.
  • Online Communication and Technology Manager – Tobin Lopes; This role promotes ongoing participation and communication through the Quantitative Research Methods SIG pages on the AHRD web site (ListSery, discussion boards, etc.). The manager will also interface to the AHRD office to develop an online portal where SIG members could post questions and answers to quantitative research method issues. Additionally, information distributed to SIG members will be archived on the website to develop and organizational asset.
  • Publications Managers - Brad Shuck and Thomas Reio; This role shepherds Quantitative Research Methods Advances issues; recruits editors and contributors, liaisons with editors and publishers.
  • Webinar Manager–Bogdan Yamkovenk; The Webinar Manager facilitates webinars on various topics related to quantitative research methods.
  • Member Engagement Manager – Gertrude Hewapathirana; This role will facilitate monthly communication to SIG members including distribution of research tips and abstracts of best practices articles and work with the Online Communications and Technology Manager to add those tips and abstracts on the SIG website for the benefit of the entire academy.
  • Election Manager – Mariya Gavrilova Aguilar: The Election Manager does the following:
    • Prepares a nomination notice that specifies the process for submitting nominations, the positions to be filled, and the job description/duties for each position
    • Solicits self-nominations, written statements, and brief biographical information from SIG members
    • Checks the eligibility of nominators against the SIG membership list
    • Creates and distributes voting links through an online survey tool and holds election in accordance with deadlines; tallies votes
    • Announces election results to SIG members
    • Works to ensure an unbiased and fair election

SIG Members:

All SIG members are responsible for taking an active role in fostering the principles of scholarly-practice, and participating in working groups to accomplish committee tasks.

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