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Quantitative Research Methods SIG Resources

Quantitative Research Methods SIG Resources

The Quantitative Research Methods SIG is currently compiling a list of best practice resources. Please email Kim Nimon an APA 6 citation of a publication you find useful with a brief abstract. See the following as an example:

Nimon, K., Henson, R. & Gates, M. S. (2010). Revisiting interpretation of canonical correlation analysis: A tutorial and demonstration of canonical commonality analysis, Multivariate Behavioral Research, 45 702-724.

In the real-world scenario of human resource development research, researchers may care about multiple outcomes that have multiple causes. In such a scenario, canonical correlation is an appropriate alternative to conducing a myriad of multiple regression analyses using the same predictor set. Not only does it mitigate the ensuing Type I error that can result, canonical correlation may detect relationships that would might not be otherwise be found by examining each outcome variable separately. This article explains how to interpret the results of canonical correlation and provides software in R and SPSS to help researchers easily interpret canonical effects.

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