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Quantitative Research Methods SIG Membership

Quantitative Research Methods SIG Membership

Individuals may become members of the Quantitative Research Methods SIG through the AHRD web site. Individuals do not have to be members of AHRD in order to be SIG members.

Guidelines for election of Steering Committee

Qualifications and terms of office:

  • Steering Committee members must be members of AHRD.
  • Steering Committee members are elected for a term of two years (the Steering Committee will ensure that at least three Steering Committee slots will come up for election every year).  Terms begin in April.
  • Steering Committee members are elected to the Steering Committee, not necessarily to any particular role on the Steering Committee. The Committee will divide the roles among themselves by consensus.
  • Steering Committee members are limited to two consecutive terms, but may be re-nominated and re-elected after sitting out one election.


  • The Steering Committee will assign one of its members to manage the election each year (likely one of the at-large members).  The election manager will coordinate with the AHRD office to manage election details.  In general, the election manager will collect self-nominations for the steering committee from January through one week after the annual conference.  He or she will issue a ballot (containing nominee statements) within three weeks after the annual conference.  Elections will be open for two weeks and winners will be announced to the SIG within two weeks on the SIG web site SIG members must be members of AHRD in order to vote in SIG Steering Committee elections.
  • Details subject to change in consultation with the AHRD office.  Changes to this suggested process must be approved by the steering committee.

Provisions for resignation or removal of non-performing member of Steering Committee:

  • Steering Committee members are asked to give two months notice of intent to leave the Steering Committee.  A departing member should serve his or her assigned role for the first month and actively hand-off responsibilities to his or her replacement in the second month.
  • If a member of the Steering Committee is not fulfilling his or her duties, any member of the Committee may call for a vote of removal. The non-performing member must be given at least two months notice of the pending vote. (In that time, he or she may choose to resign, or may choose to begin performing satisfactorily so that the call for removal is withdrawn or voted down.)
  • If Steering Committee members resign or are removed between elections, they can be replaced by majority vote of the other members of the Steering Committee.  The replacement will come up for election at the next election cycle.

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