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Qual Inquiry SIG-About

About Qualitative Inquiry SIG

The Qualitative Inquiry Special Interest Group (QISIG) was founded to foster increased interest in qualitative methodologies and methods employed in the study and representation of Human Resource Development scholarship and practice. We are committed to increasing knowledge in this area through dialogue, research and education of Academy members and the larger HRD community.

The purpose of the Qualitative Inquiry Special Interest Group is to provide a forum for members of AHRD to engage in information exchange and discuss ideas and issues important to qualitative researchers, consumers of qualitative research, and AHRD members. As a SIG we endeavor to accomplish several objectives:

Our Objectives:

  1. Provide a forum for networking, exchange of ideas and mentoring of emerging researchers.

  2. Support and foster learning and cooperation among QSIG members and the Academy.

  3. Promote the highest standards of trustworthiness and credibility in qualitative inquiry.

  4. Encourage increased publication of high-quality qualitative research in the Academy supported journals.

  5. Sponsor forums to support engagement, dialogue, and collaborative research in the area of qualitative research.

  6. Sponsor conference events related to qualitative research issues.

  7. Sponsor conference activities (e.g., food-thought sessions, innovative sessions, pre-conference events) on qualitative inquiry issues.

View the QISIG Charter here (coming soon)

To be a QISIG member, you must be a member of the Academy of Human Resource Development. You can officially join us by simply updating your AHRD membership profile.

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Contact any of our Steering Committee members for updates on our activities, to ask questions, or to share ideas.

Qualitative Inquiry SIG 2009-2010 Steering Committee

  1. Robin Grenier, Co-Chair

  2. Kori Whitener Fellows, Co-Chair

  3. Neal Chalofsky

  4. Vanessa Doran

  5. Jia Wang

We look forward to having you join us!


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