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AHRD Membership Changes - Dec 2009

Changes we are making to AHRD membership benefits and levels effective December 1

As you know, AHRD members already receive a lot from their membership, including four journals, members-only website access, reduced conference rates, and the monthly Digest. Over the last year, we have added a number of new services, including Special Interest Groups, live and recorded webcasts, and a directory of services. These have all been made available without increasing membership dues, and we are now at the point where AHRD members get more for their membership dues than ever before. We are now preparing to make further important changes to membership benefits and levels, as described in the following paragraphs.

Online Journals

Over the next few months, we will be switching to providing all four of our journals in an online format rather than providing print versions. This will be phased in, starting with ADHR and HRDR, followed during 2010 by HRDQ and then by HRDI. This helps in our move to go "green” as well as helps our members by opening up online access to back issues of our journals. Those members who prefer hard-copy texts will still be able to purchase them through AHRD at a significantly reduced rate.

The full details of the move to online access, including our current understanding of the timing of the phased implementation, will be shared with you soon. At this stage, we want to give you advance warning of the change and also stress that there will be no dues increases.

Student Membership

We are lowering student membership dues to $125 so that those eligible students who are least able to pay have access to lower membership rates. In terms of eligibility, we have begun the process of reinforcing guidelines approved by the AHRD Board in 2007 for assessing eligibility of student membership. Student membership rates will only be available to those who demonstrate that they sufficiently meet the criteria established by the AHRD Board. Those criteria are:

  1. A letter from a Department Head, Dean, or Administrator, Graduate Chair or equivalent that includes three pieces of information: (a) Confirmation that the individual is a full-time student as defined by their academic institution; (b) Description of "full-time status” at that institution (e.g. "enrollment in X hours is considered full-time status at this University”); (c) Expected date of graduation.

  2. A letter from the student containing either: (a) Confirmation that they are a Graduate Assistant or equivalent, with details of the number of hours a week they are expected to work; or (b) A claim of financial hardship together with any information they are willing to provide to support that claim.

These changes will be effective for all new student members as of December 1, and will be phased in for existing student members when they next renew membership. We will soon write to student members with full details of the changes and how they are affected.

SIG-only Membership

We are introducing a new SIG-only level of membership. Members who join at this level will pay $50; they will have access to up to two SIGs and will also receive the AHRD Digest, but no other member benefits. Up to now, SIGs were open to members and non-members of AHRD. With the introduction of this SIG-only level of membership, SIGs will be restricted to members of AHRD. We will write to SIG Chairs with with full implementation details soon.

International Trial Membership

AHRD will no longer offer new International Trial Memberships under the current format. A number of changes in the International Trial Membership status are presently under consideration by the AHRD Board. Additional information will be forthcoming concerning these changes as decisions are made. Current international members who are still within their one-year trial will retain their status until the time for their membership renewal, at which point, they will need to select one of the other membership levels.

Additional news will follow on all of these changes. In the meantime, you can direct any urgent questions to the AHRD Office at

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