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Description of Track: Manuscripts focused on leadership development, competencies, theories, and strategies are appropriate for this track. This track welcomes theoretical and empirical papers that provide insights into the academic and practitioner understanding of leadership.

GailTrack Chair Editor: Gail F. Latta, Ph.D

Gail F. Latta, Ph.D. has served as chair of the Leadership SIG since 2012. She is currently Program Director of the PhD Program in Organizational Learning and Leadership at Gannon University and Director of Leadership Studies. Dr. Latta teaching doctoral seminars on Advanced Leadership Theory, Psychosocial Dimensions of Leadership and Leading Organizational Culture and Change, and Developing Leadership Capacity in Individuals, Organizations and Communities. Dr. Latta’s Model of Organizational Change in Cultural Context provides a perspective on leading change that addresses the impact of organizational culture on both the content and process of change implementation. Her perspective on Leadership Development is informed by a Developmental Objectives-Outcomes Framework developed to help HRD professionals select an appropriate model for each developmental intervention. Dr. Latta is a regular presenter at the Academy of Management and its regional and international affiliates as well as the AHRD. She has provided internal and external coaching in leadership development, diagnosing organizational culture and leading change. Research and theoretical papers authored by Dr. Latta have appeared in the Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, Advances in Human Resource Development, and the Journal of Organizational Change Management (forthcoming)

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