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Journals Overview

As discovered by the AHRD Journal Taskforce, many of you indicated that you wanted online access to the AHRD journals. All members will be given a choice: You may choose to receive only the online access as part of your membership package. Alternatively, you may elect to receive both the online access and hard copies for an additional nominal fee upon renewal. Please note that the online access to the journals does not mean that our journals are becoming e-journals. They will continue unchanged and will be published in hard copy and online.

Questions About Accessing the Journal-Specific Website 

Once you choose a journal to view (below) please contact the journals’ publishers directly, should you have questions about accessing them or other website-related items.

If you experience issues viewing the journals, please contact those companies directly. does not maintain the websites for any journals, only the list of journals available to AHRD members.

  • Advances in Developing Human Resources (ADHR), published by SAGE Publications
  • Human Resource Development International (HRDI), published by Taylor & Francis
  • Human Resource Development Quarterly (HRDQ), published by Jossey-Bass, A Wiley Brand
  • Human Resource Development Review (HRDR), published by SAGE Publications

Technical Note

ADHR and HRDR online journal access requires you to link to them from an http address, rather than an https address. However, if you have just signed into to the AHRD website, it leaves you at an https address. You must have Javascript enabled for this to work, and it may be a second after the page fully loads before the redirect occurs. Please ensure that you do not see a lock on your address bar before clicking on the Sagepub link. If you do see a lock and it doesn’t redirect for you after a second, it may be the browser you are using. Try using a different browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox.

Access Online Journals Below

Overview of Journals

(this is just an overview of the Journals. Use the links above to view the Journals online.)

PLEASE NOTE: these are descriptions of the Journals and their background. As a Member you have access to all of these electronically. Use the links above to view the journals. Use the links below to see an overview of the Journals.

If you click on the link below you will go to the publishers site for background on the journal. You will not be able to login to the journals here.

Advances in Developing Human Resources

ADHR is published four times per year beginning in 2008. Its single issues explore and examine discrete topics, with an emphasis on Research to Practice.

Human Resource Development International

HRDI is published five times per year beginning in 2008. It promotes all aspects of practice and research that explore issues of individual, group, and organizational learning and performance.

Human Resource Development Quarterly

HRDQ, published four times per year, was the first scholarly journal focused directly on the evolving field of Human Resource Development. It provides a central focus for research on human resource development issues as well as the means for disseminating such research.

Human Resource Development Review

HRDR, published four times per year, is a theory journal, publishing articles that make theoretical contributions to theory development, foundations of
HRD, theory building methods, and integrative reviews of the literature.

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