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About Critical HRD and Social Justice Perspectives SIG

About the Critical HRD and Social Justice Perspectives SIG

The Critical and Social Justice SIG works to:

1. Address asymmetrical power relations and how they influence HRD and life in organizations and society including (but not limited to):

    • Gender and sexism
    • Race and racism
    • Class and classism/caste and caste system
    • Sexuality/gender identity and heterosexism
    • Physical Ability
    • Religion and Spirituality
    • Nationality
    • Ethnicity
    • Position within organization hierarchy
    • Age
    • Language
    • Social responsibility and justice in international settings or social responsibility and justice across cultures
    • Other marginalized groups

2. Support and promote research and practice that creates structural change within organizations and societies and challenges power relations for the purpose of promoting pluralism, empowerment, and equity in societies.

3. Promote ethical research and practice in HRD.

4. Promote research on ethics as understood and practiced in international settings.

5. Create a forum for the sharing of resources and ideas for teaching critical HRD and integrating this perspective into academic programs.

6. Support service learning that promotes social justice and social responsibility.

Key SIG Tasks

  1. Sponsor publications related to Critical HRD and Social Justice Perspectives (e.g., oversight of the critical track for referee of manuscripts, Advances issues, special issues in other HRD journals, creating collections of essays, edited books, etc.).
  2. Sponsor faculty development to foster more critical learning, teaching, and research (e.g. pre-conferences, webinars, podcasts, innovative sessions, sharing of best practices, etc.).
  3. Sponsor conference events related to Critical HRD and Social Justice Perspectives (e.g., oversight of the critical track paper refereeing, track conference scheduling, opportunities for track members to meet).
  4. Populate the Critical HRD and Social Justice Perspectives Track with reviewers and authors.
  5. Sponsor food-n-thought sessions
  6. Sponsor innovative sessions, pre-conferences, and other conference activities.
  7. Create a mechanism for the sharing of relevant critical theory and social justice articles and resources.
  8. Establish and maintain a SIG website within the AHRD website to promote SIG visibility and awareness.

SIG Roles & Responsibilities

All Critical and Social Justice SIG members are responsible for:

  1. Creating opportunities for information sharing and open discussion of Critical and Social Justice issues.
  2. Participating in Critical and Social Justice SIG meetings.
  3. Participating in working groups to accomplish Critical and Social Justice SIG activities.
  4. Recruiting new Critical and Social Justice SIG members.
  5. Communicating Critical and Social Justice events, publications, networking and educational opportunities to interested parties.
  6. Taking an active leadership role in identifying opportunities to advocate for marginalized and under-represented stakeholders within the AHRD.

The Critical and Social Justice SIG Chair is responsible for:

  1. Serving as the primary point of contact for the SIG, representing the SIG to AHRD, its Board, and general membership.
  2. Completing a twice-yearly written report of SIG activities and conveying it to the AHRD  Board Liaison.
  3. Communicating events and publishing opportunities to SIG members.
  4. Facilitating discussions on LinkedIn and through Email listserv.
  5. Chairing the annual meeting at the AHRD Conference in the Americas.
  6. Encouraging members to participate, and to propose and develop SIG activities.
  7. Work with the AHRD administrative office to ensure that the listserv is up to date.
  8. Role model inclusive and civil behavior.  

Open to any AHRD member

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