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Conference FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

2010 AHRD International Research Conference in the Americas

I am interested in the developmental opportunity to become a peer reviewer for papers submitted for the next conference; how do I go about doing that?

Over the next couple of months we will be recruiting for volunteer reviewers through emails and website updates. Basically, once the recruiting starts you will contact the Track Chair Editor(s) for the Track(s) that you want to review for. They will add you to their list. If you also submit a manuscript to the same track, the TCEs will make sure that you do not receive your own manuscript to review.

I have a question regarding paper submission. In the past conference (Arlington) I heard someone saying that a paper presented in the US HRD conference could be presented in the European HRD conference (exactly the same paper). I always thought that this was not possible. Could you provide clarification on this matter please?

You are correct—it is not possible to publish the same paper twice. There may be some confusion about publishing ‘twice’ in the Academy because the Academy sponsored journals will publish papers from conference proceedings. We consulted with Dr. Gary McLean to confirm this, and here is his slightly abbreviated reply: "Years ago the AHRD Board of Directors stipulated that any of the AHRD journals would accept any conference papers (whether AHRD or not) for publication. Further, participants were encouraged to submit to other journals IF those journals understand that it has previously been published in a conference proceeding. Many AHRD participants do not want to publish their full paper (only abstract) because other professional associations, including the AOM and APA, treat a conference proceeding paper as previously published. So those participants want only their abstract published by AHRD conferences. That does not preclude the submission of a full paper – only its publication by AHRD.” For the 2009 conference, abstracts were first included as an option to members in order to provide these members with a publication outlet that would still allow them to publish in a non-AHRD sponsored journal. (Thank you, Dr. McLean!)

In the past, I submitted a manuscript with my name on it.  Should I include my name again this year?  

Yes. However, your name should only be on the first page, along with your institutional affiliation. This personal identifying information will be deleted prior to sending your manuscript out for blind review.  Please note: your name should not appear anywhere in the body (including reference list) of the manuscript. If you cite your previous work, follow APA guidelines (such as ‘Author name removed’) to mask your identity within the paper. It is important to delete any personal identifying information within the body of the paper in order to maximize the contribution of the ‘blind review’ process.

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