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AHRD Conference Submission Instructions

Submission Instructions

Submit a manuscript.

First time user? If yes, create your user ID and password.

After creating your user ID and password, you will receive an automatically generated email with your password and further submission instructions.

Enter the submission system using your user ID and Password. This is a five step process.

Step 1: Manuscript Information

  • Title of manuscript

  • Upload your paper (in .doc format; be sure there is no personal identifying information in the document)

  • Select the track for the manuscript

  • Check box to confirm that all authors have approved the paper

  • Check box to confirm that you read the Call for Papers and formatted your paper accordingly

Step 2: All Author Information

  • Enter all author information here: name, institution/organization, email address

Step 3: Additional First Author Information

  • Enter the first author address and phone number contact information

Step 4: Additional Manuscript Information

  • Select submission category

  • Select methodology used (qualitative, quantitative, theory, literature review, other)

  • Enter three keywords

Step 5: Final Affirmations

  • Affirm that at least one author will be registered by January 12, 2010

  • Affirm that you will be able to present any time during the conference—Thursday afternoon to Saturday afternoon.

A summary page of your submission will then be presented to you. You can review each item and can hit the ‘back’ arrow to make any changes. You are also given an option to print the summary.

IMPORTANT: at the submission step you will be given a four digit reference number. SAVE THIS NUMBER and use it for all email communication. Conference organizers and Track Chair Editors will ONLY use this number to reference your submission. When sending emails about your submission, ALWAYS put the four-digit number in the ‘subject’ line.

Each time you submit and/or amend a manuscript, you will receive a confirmation email with a .doc file attached. This .doc file is your manuscript with a name such as AHRD2010_0002.doc. The last four digits are your submission number; we suggest storing this document and using it for revisions as necessary.

Final note: you may go in to the system multiple times to change or amend a submission. To do this you will need to know the manuscript’s four-digit reference number. You will be allowed to edit/change all items, so please do not re-submit the same manuscript more than once. If you have questions about submissions, please contact Khalil Dirani at

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