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Assessment, Measurement & Evaluation

Assessment, Measurement & Evaluation

Description of Track: It should be no surprise that there has been steady attention to assessment, measurement, and evaluation in HRD. These are highly strategic elements of the HRD process. Understanding and quantifying impact is essential for the credibility of HRD interventions and an increasing necessity for organizations required to assess investment options for their continuous improvement.

Yet, many gaps remain in our understanding and implementation of assessment, measurement, and evaluation of HRD interventions. Ongoing debates have argued the merits and limitations of various theories and models, while the political nature of outcome measurements and the relationship with organizational decision-making have emerged in the Academy’s dialogue.

This track welcomes theoretical, empirical, and case study papers that provide insights into the academic and practitioner understanding of assessment, measurement, and evaluation. Topic areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Program evaluation

  • Performance and learning assessment

  • Development instruments

  • Quantitative or qualitative studies

  • Accountability studies

  • Developing evaluation models

  • Alternative methods

David BoulayTrack Chair Editor: Dr. David Boulay

David A. Boulay is a Deputy Director for the Industrial Extension at North Carolina State University. Dr. Boulay’s research interests include competence, high performance work practices and their relationship with organizational change, and HRD in small and medium sized enterprises.

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