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AHRD Journal Changes

The AHRD office sent several emails to members in November and December noting that members need to select and pay for print journals if they want to receive them in 2013. We have not had to send the list to any publishers yet so we want to make sure you have one more chance to sign up for print journals.

Please follow the directions below based on your renewal date.

IMPORTANT NOTE: AHRD membership dues have decreased with this change and will be reflected when you renew.

Please login to the AHRD website to determine your renewal date and then make your journal selections using one of the options below, depending on your renewal date:

  • If your renewal date is between October 2012 and March 2013 and you wish to receive printed journals, you must renew and purchase your journals by January 15, 2013. Please indicate which journals you would like to receive in print during the renewal process, HERE.

  • If you have recently renewed (between October 1, 2012 and November 26, 2012) and you choose to receive printed journals, please indicate which journals you would like to receive in print HERE. Your invoice will be emailed to you, and will be based on the number of journals you request in print between January 2013 and your renewal date.

  • If your renewal date is between April 1 and September 2013, and you choose to receive printed journals, please go HERE. This will allow you to make your selection and request an invoice for print journals beginning January 2013 through your renewal date (April-September, 2013). Your invoice will be emailed to you, and will be based on the number of journals you request in print between January 2013 and your renewal date.

No printed journals will be sent until full payment is received by January 15.

Each year going forward, as a part of member renewal, you will be able to choose the print journals that you would like to receive for the year. This option will only be available at member renewal.


If you have any issues accessing the journals online:

  • Clear out the cache on your computer – if you have accessed the journals before, you might have stored data that is interfering. You can also try to "force reload” the page – that is Cntrl + F5.

  • Make sure that you keep the AHRD web page open, and stay logged in. If you do not, the journal pages will not recognize you and you will not be given access.

Dear AHRD Members:

This letter describes important changes concerning the four AHRD journals and membership fees that will be instituted in January 2013. The following presents the trends influencing the decision, the resulting AHRD Board responses, information on journal access and costs for the print version, and the implications on membership dues.

Trends Influencing the Decision

You may recall that the AHRD Journal Taskforce identified critical issues related to the four AHRD journals.  The results of their study can be summarized as follows:

  • There are shifting preferences on how members want to receive the journals
  • Global members want improved access to the journals
  • Current journal costs continue to increase and may be untenable in the long term

AHRD Board Responses

In light of these results, the AHRD Board has responded in the following ways:

  • In August, 2012, each member received online access to all current and past issues of the Academy journals through the AHRD website (  During this five month transition period, all members have received both regular quarterly print copies in the mail as well as on-line access so that they could decide which format works best for them.
  • By December 1, each member will be asked to decide which option is preferable: (a) online for all journals, (b) online and paper for all journals, or (c) online for all journals and paper for selected journals.
  • Beginning on January 1, 2013, online distribution of all four journals will become the standard benefit as part of your AHRD membership package.  Online access of the journals will be accessed through the AHRD website ( This change does not mean that our journals are becoming e-journals—the journals remain unchanged in their format, and they will be published in hard copy and online.  It is only the distribution method for the journals that is changing for our members.
  • For members print versions can be purchased at a member-only rate, which would be much lower than the rate that would be charged to non-members.

Journal Access and Costs

The following table shows the annual costs for non-members and members who wish to purchase the print versions of the journals:


Annual Publisher Cost for Non Members
- 2012


Print Costs for AHRD Members 2013

Publisher Cost for AHRD Members
- 2013

Annual Postage for Shipping

Bank & Processing

TOTAL ANNUAL Charge for Print Versions for AHRD Members




$0.00 (N.America)
$8.00 (Elsewhere)


$33.00 (N. America)
$41.00 (Elsewhere)



















  • In November, members will receive instructions on how to subscribe for a print version of any of the journals.  A member can choose to purchase any combination of the journals in print form – none, one, two, three, or all four.  As shown above, the journal and postage costs vary.  The decision to order the print versions must be made by December 15.  If a member does not make a selection, the assumption will be that the person does not want any of the journals in print form.  Since this is an annual subscription, members will make this decision on an annual basis.  After December 15, members can add the print copies with their 2014 membership renewal.

Implications on Membership Dues

We anticipate that this change will benefit AHRD financially, although the extent of the benefit will remain unclear for a few months.  We forecast that journal expenses fall $20,699.  At the same time, income from royalties on the journals will fall $6,721.  This means that AHRD may realize a net revenue gain of $13,978, or $26 per member.  The Board has decided to be cautious about projecting the amount of the benefit, ensuring that any unforeseen costs are taken into account.  Therefore, the Board has decided to reduce the membership fees as shown below effective January 1. The Board will revisit the financial impact during 2013 and will report back to membership on the full impact.

Membership Category

Current Member Fee


2013 Membership Fee















We again want to thank the members of the AHRD Journal Taskforce, who worked diligently to gather and analyze member preferences over a two-year period and provided recommendations to the AHRD Board.  Committee members were Laura Bierema, Michael Leimbach, David McGuire, and Victoria Marsick.  This change was carefully considered, and has taken the diligent work of many, including those in the AHRD office and the publishers.  We believe the changes will address some of the issues raised by the work of the Journal Taskforce and are consistent with mission of the AHRD. We are also hopeful based on feedback that we have received during this transition period that AHRD members will continue to enjoy the benefit of this on-line access.

For those who would like to examine the financial calculations and further details on the rationale, please examine this document.

If you have any further questions or concerns about the change, please feel free to contact me or any Board member.

Darlene Russ-Eft
Past President and
Senior VP, Research, Education, & Development

Academy of Human Resource Development

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