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About the India HRD SIG

About the India HRD SIG

No one doubts the growing importance of India in the world stage. With the increase in population, and rise in opportunities, Ministry of HRD in India requests all agencies to come together and participate in working towards the cause of human development. Subsequently, HRD in India has emerged as an important research topic that can have significant broader implications for understanding of International HRD. The purpose of the SIG on India HRD Research is to enhance opportunities to foster India-specific HRD research.

SIG Scope

  1. Contribute to the body of scholarly work on national and international HRD through publications on India-specific HRD research. 
  2. Develop partnerships with HRD practitioners and Universities offering HRD programs in India.
  3. Promote theory development in HRD through collecting new insights from India-specific HRD research.  

SIG Goals

  1. To lead HRD research in the above defined scope.
  2. To form a network of researchers and practitioners who have interests in India's HRD research and practice.
  3. To advance and contribute to international HRD from India's perspective and its cultural impact.
  4. To collaborate with Indian institutions with an aim to provide scholarly interactions/meetings, and opportunities to teach and offer HRD classes (e.g., exchange programs on HRD between India and other countries).

SIG Objectives

  1. To facilitate and foster HRD research activities in India.
  2. To nurture collaborative research among scholars and practitioners who are interested in India or India related HRD research.
  3. To provide a comfortable environment for Indian scholars (from Indian universities and global universities) to collaborate under the umbrella of AHRD, including participation in the four AHRD conferences.

The India HRD SIG’s key tasks are to:

  1. Coordinate at least one activity to coincide with the AHRD International Research Conference in the Americas
  2. Establish and maintain a SIG listserv to foster networking, discussion, and learning for the SIG members
  3. Establish and maintain connections with Indian Universities offering HRD programs and Indian HRD practitioners and include them in the SIG Listserv.
  4. Establish and maintain a SIG website within the AHRD website to promote SIG visibility and awareness
  5. Spearhead and champion publications and conference contributions that focus on India HRD issues or centers on the broader implications that HRD in India has for International HRD.
  6.  Communicate with the board and general membership regarding India HRD issues, as appropriate.

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