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About the HRD Theory Special Interest Group

About the HRD Theory Special Interest Group

Scope of HRD Theory SIG Activities

The HRD Theory SIG works to:

  1. Contribute to the scholarship, research, and practice of HRD.
  2. Increase the interest, visibility, inquiry, and understanding of theory in HRD.
  3. Develop leaders from multiple theoretical and philosophical backgrounds.
  4. Provide a collegial and supportive atmosphere to discuss, debate, and disseminate knowledge about theory and scholarship in HRD.

Key HRD Theory SIG Tasks

The key tasks of the HRD Theory SIG are to:

  1. Coordinate at least one activity to coincide with the AHRD International Research Conference in the Americas
  2. Establish and maintain a SIG listserv to foster networking, discussion, and learning for the SIG members
  3. Establish and maintain a SIG website within the AHRD website to promote SIG visibility and awareness

HRD Theory SIG Roles & Responsibilities

All HRD Theory SIG members are responsible for:

  1. Creating opportunities for information sharing and open discussion of SIG issues
  2. Participating in SIG meetings
  3. Participating in working groups to accomplish SIG activities
  4. Recruiting new SIG members
  5. Sharing information through various channels
  6. Taking an active leadership role in enhancing the debate regarding scholarship and theory.

The HRD Theory SIG Steering Committee is responsible for:

  1. Ensuring that SIG members are active members of AHRD
  2. Overseeing the development and delivery of the SIG activity at the annual research conference
  3. Coordinating the facilitation of the SIG listserv
  4. As needed, facilitating the design, development and delivery of a SIG sponsored preconference at the annual research conference
  5. Facilitating the SIG Chair elections every other year
  6. Removing or replacing a SIG Chair due to resignation or incompetence

The HRD Theory SIG Co-Chairs are responsible for:

  1. Serving as the primary point of contact for the SIG, representing the SIG to AHRD, its Board, and general membership
  2. Completing a twice-yearly written report of SIG activities and conveying it to the AHRD Board Liaison
  3. Designing processes for selection of the SIG Steering Committee
  4. Facilitating the sharing of tasks among SIG members for the listserv, the annual meeting, and a preconference (as needed)

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