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Nominees for President-Elect and Board

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President-Elect Nominee

Julie Gedro, MBA, PHR, EdD
Professor of Business, Management and Economics
SUNY Empire State College

I have been involved with the Academy of Human Resource Development since its Conference in the Americas at Waikiki in 2002. My background includes a B.A. in Economics and English (College of William and Mary), an M.B.A. in Information Systems (Kennesaw State University), and an Ed.D. in Adult Education and HRD (University of Georgia). Since my first involvement, I have had the honor of being invited or elected to serve in a variety of leadership roles. I served as Associate Proceedings Editor for the 2012 Conference in Denver, Program Chair for the 2013 Conference in Arlington, and Program Chair for the 2014 Conference in Houston. I was then was elected to the AHRD Board of Directors. I was asked to chair an ad hoc Committee on Conference Technology, and our efforts resulted in the successful identification and contract with Cadmium. I have had the privilege of publishing in all four AHRD-sponsored journals.

My vision for the Academy is that we champion excellent HRD research by incubating new ideas and their systematic examination, while also honoring our history and recognizing the crucial scaffolding that our past provides. I would value this leadership role, to help guide AHRD to become a bridge-builder across organizations, research paradigms, scholarship, practice and societies. I envision an organization that raises its profile and increases its attractiveness as a locus for those whose focus is HRD. Our future is compelling because the world benefits from how we help people, groups and systems understand and respond to challenges.

AHRD Board of Directors Nominees (3 open positions)

Marilyn Y. Byrd

Biographical Information
I am Assistant Professor of Human Relations, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK.
I earned a PhD in Human Resource Development from Texas A & M University, College Station, Texas, and MBA from Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, Texas. I serve as an associate editor for Advances in Developing Human Resources and serve on editorial boards for Human Resource Development Review and Human Resource Development Quarterly. My primary research interests are organizational social justice, leadership theorizing, and spirituality in the workforce. My most recent publication is a co-authored book, Managing Human Resource Development Programs, Palgrave MacMillan, 2015.

The Academy of Human Resource Development has been my professional home since 2006. In 2012, I was elected chairperson of the Workforce Diversity and Inclusion (formerly Cultural Diversity) SIG. Under my leadership the SIG assumed its current name having recognized the need to more effectively represent the workforce context. In 2013, I served as chairperson for the nominating committee. I have served as track chair editor for the Critical, Social Justice, and Diversity Perspectives since 2014. In 2015, I served as co-chair for the Town Hall Forum planning committee.

Personal Statement and Vision
I am a seeking a position on the Board of Directors of AHRD because I view it as an opportunity to: 1) continue service and support at a more strategic level; 2) contribute to exploring new frontiers; 3) create community; and 4) make an indelible mark in the profession and practice of human resource development.

Yonjoo Cho

Indiana University

I am an associate professor of Instructional Systems Technology focusing in HRD at Indiana University. I worked in business, non-profit, and academic sectors in South Korea for more than 10 years. My research interests reflect my diverse work experience including action learning, HRD education, the interdisciplinary nature of HRD, and women in leadership. My research has been recognized at the 2014 AHRD and UFHRD conferences with the Richard A. Swanson Research Excellence Award and the Best International Paper Award. I serve on the editorial boards of HRDQ, HRDR and EJTD, as well as the review panel of the British Journal of Educational Technology. I am a board member of the Korea Action Learning Association and Korean Association for Educational Technology. As the Korea SIG chair, I am leading the book series project on Asian Women in Leadership with Palgrave Macmillan.

My vision for the Academy is fourfold. One is to strengthen its vision of “leading HRD through research” based on my research on the interdisciplinary nature of neighboring fields including instructional technology. The second is to direct the Academy’s attention to teaching and learning in the field by bringing in my expertise in HRD education. The third is to expand the Academy’s international research collaboration based on my research on Korea and Asia. The last is to continue the Academy’s “commitment to diversity” in its membership. As a female scholar originally from Korea, I will be a strong advocate for differing voices in the Academy.

Joshua C. Collins

Joshua C. Collins, Ed.D., is an Assistant Professor of HRD at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Joshua says of his vision for the Academy of HRD: “I hope to enhance the vitality and relevance of the Academy and the field of HRD in three ways. First, by creating pathways for deeper interdisciplinary work that communicates the messages of AHRD and the field to a wider range of scholars, practitioners and students. Second, by finding ways to increase diversity and inclusion within the Academy while fashioning meaningful outlets for traditionally absent populations and voices to be seen and heard. And third, by providing technologically-savvy, forward-thinking opportunities for narrowing the gap between research and practice in HRD.” Joshua currently serves as Chair of the Critical and Social Justice Perspectives SIG, Chair of the committee for the Laura Bierema Excellence in Critical HRD Award, and as a committee member for the R. Wayne Pace HRD Book of the Year Award. In addition, he is an editorial board member for HRD Review and Assistant Editor of Perspectives in HRD for New Horizons in Adult Education and HRD. He has attended the AHRD Conference in the Americas since 2011 and reviewed manuscripts for several tracks. His work has appeared in the Academy journals, including HRD Review, HRD International, and Advances in Developing Human Resources, as well as many other HRD-related journals such as Adult Education Quarterly, Adult Learning, and New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education.

Cindy Crowder

Cindy Crowder, Chair and Associate Professor, Department of Human Resource Development & Performance Technologies, Indiana State University, earned a Ph.D. from the University of Tennessee. She holds PHR Certification from the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI). Prior to academia, she worked ten years in the hospitality industry in event planning, employee development, training, and staffing.

As a scholar-practitioner, Cindy effectively closes the loop between teaching, research and practice. Among her consulting projects are employee training and development, task analysis and job re-designs, and creation and implementation of 360⁰ evaluations. Her publications focus on work-life integration, employee discrimination, and career development. She currently serves as Co-PI for a Department of Education grant examining professional development of educators. Cindy teaches International and Cross-Cultural Training, Work-Life Integration, Career Development, and Evaluation. Her dedication to student and faculty success at Indiana State was recently recognized with the Difference Maker Award in 2015.

Cindy demonstrates commitment to professional service as a reviewer for numerous research publications and as an active member of AHRD since 2004. She served as Site Chair for the 2007 AHRD Conference of the Americas--Indianapolis, on the Program Excellence Network (PEN), the Malcom Knowles Dissertation of Year Award Committee, and reviewer.

Cindy’s vision is that AHRD functions in the present but prepares for the future by becoming a destination of choice for faculty. If elected, Cindy will work to build a faculty development community that targets early- and mid-career faculty through advancement of great research while promoting best teaching practices.

Khalil M. Dirani

I am submitting my statement of nomination to serve a second term on the AHRD Board. It is my great pleasure to serve the academy as co-leader for global strategy. I do so with passionate conviction for the discipline of HRD, and all AHRD members.

My vision for AHRD is to grow a HRD global community through promoting, supporting, and developing scholarly research and informed practice.

During my first term I helped develop a global conference strategy with mutual benefits for the academy and the global community and where each AHRD conference would serve as a seed for growth in the form of membership and structure, and would lead to new forms of connections and engagement with, and between, international HRD scholars and scholar practitioners.

In my second term, if I am elected, it will be continued time to engage in the implementation process of the global strategy hoping that would (a) propel AHRD growth as a leader and facilitator of HRD research, and (b) build structures and processes that will nurture and develop the membership global community.

Currently, I work as Associate Professor and program chair for HRD at Texas A&M University. I serve on three editorial advisory boards as a member and a reviewer. My research has been published in HRD and HRD-related publications. I presented at national and international meetings, including a keynote speech at the GSoM-HRM conference in St. Petersburg, Russia. Currently, I am co-editing two books on leadership and talent development in emerging markets.

Rajashi Ghosh

I am an associate professor of HRD at Drexel University, and current AHRD Board Member. My research focuses primarily on mentoring and workplace incivility. I have published in the AHRD’s flagship journals as well as other HRD related journals and have received several prestigious awards from the AHRD, AOM, and AERA.

I have been active in AHRD through serving in various leadership roles for 7 years. In my current three-year term as a Board member I have served as Co-Leader of Global Strategy & Planning. During my tenure, we have instituted a Global strategy policy that guides the AHRD in promoting, supporting, and developing scholarly research and informed practice of HRD across the globe.

If elected to serve a second term, my vision will be to continue to operationalize AHRD’s global strategy statement by recommending structures and processes that foster international community growth. It is more critical than ever to firmly anchor our global initiatives to AHRD’s global strategy and vision. In addition to supporting regional conferences in various parts of the world, I look forward to helping to build global HRD research and practice capacity by empowering and investing in our regional partners in a way that helps the AHRD grow international membership and presence.

I believe that serving the AHRD as a board member for the second term will allow me to continue the work I’ve helped to begin and firmly establish AHRD’s legacy in strategically identifying and growing communities of HRD scholars and practitioners in different regions of the world.

Jason Moats

I have been in the field of HRD for more than 20 years and currently serve a Program Director for the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX). I have been an active leader in AHRD for eight years. I have had the privilege to serve as a member of the Scholar-Practitioner SIG steering committee, including 5 years as the SIG Chair (2011-2015); Proceedings Editor for the 2015 AHRD International Research Conference and Conference Program Chair for the 2016 AHRD International Research Conference. I have co-authored articles in Advances in Developing Human Resources and serve on the journal’s editorial board. I am a lecturer for the Bush School and the Chemical Engineering Department at Texas A&M University and adjunct faculty for Adelphi University.
I believe that AHRD is a foundational element for Human Resource Development. As AHRD moves into a third decade of representing the best of scholarship, practice and theory-building in our profession, we must continue to look for and seize opportunities that build lasting and meaningful relationships. Through these relationships, AHRD can:

  • Embrace the unique and shared knowledge and talents that HRD scholars, practitioners, students and faculty bring to our organization and use these to create a valuable and professional home for all members;
  • Continue to set the standard for our profession by defining the rigor that guides our field;
  • Take advantage of the amazing opportunities that lie before us to bridge the gaps in research, practice and theory to advance and promote the field.

Thomas G. Reio, Jr.

Thomas G. Reio, Jr. is Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and Professor of Adult Education and Human Resource Development at Florida International University. Dr. Reio’s main research areas concern curiosity and risk-taking motivation, workplace socialization processes, workplace incivility, mentoring and informal workplace learning. The bulk of his research seeks to understand how learning in its formal and informal forms can be best facilitated through fostering employee motivation, socialization, and mentoring practices. In his role as Editor of Human Resource Development Review, Dr. Reio re-emphasized the need for new research methods and theory-building research for moving the HRD field forward theoretically, empirically and practically.

Dr. Reio has served as Editor of both Human Resource Development Review and New Horizons in Adult Education and Human Resource Development, and is incoming Associate Editor of Human Resource Development Quarterly. He has served a number of leadership roles in the Academy of Human Resource Development, including Chair of the Malcolm S. Knowles Dissertation-of the-Year committee (twice) and Chair of the Richard A. Swanson Research Excellence Award committee. He is pleased also to draw upon over 16 years of experience as a training and development director, organizational consultant, and operations manager.

Dr. Reio would like to contribute as a Board member to the Academy’s vision of “Leading human resource development through research” by advocating leading the field also through theory-building and testing. For rigorous research related to understanding how diversity, culture, and leadership are intertwined with performance in global settings, for instance, sound HRD theory is required.

Darren Short

Seeing my name here may be a surprise. After 9 years on the Board, including two as President, it could be expected that I step back a little. However, I want to serve and dedicate a further three years to this amazing organization. I am therefore taking this opportunity to ask members whether this is also something they want.

I have been an AHRD Member since 1997. As well as being VP of Membership and Chair of the Scholar-Practitioner Committee (now SIG), I am a former member of editorial or advisory boards for HRDI, HRDQ, and ADHR. I have been published in these journals, edited three ADHR issues, and presented over 25 times at AHRD conferences. In have 23 years of HRD experience working in Europe, North America and Asia, and am currently Sr. Director of Learning at GoDaddy seeking to bridge HRD research and practice in support of 4500 employees worldwide.

I am passionate about AHRD. It’s where I go to meet those who share my passion for improving our profession through research, to learn about cutting-edge research, and to learn about applying research-in-practice. No other organization can match AHRD, and I am proud to call AHRD my professional home.

I am seeking re-election to the Board because I believe there is more I can contribute to build a global community of those who share our vision, to sustain and improve our core products and services, and to maintain the AHRD culture as supportive, people-oriented, and community-based.

Seung Won Yoon

Dr. Seung Won Yoon is an Associate Professor of Educational Leadership at Texas A&M University-Commerce. I am a current Board Member, and would like to continue to serve with the same passion and a stronger sense of where we want to go.

My first year on the board I was engaged in enhancing scholarly aspects of the conference in the Americas, working very closely with the conference team and track chairs. My past two years' work have focused on membership—specifically working to better understand and serve members’ needs through detailed analyses and reporting of membership patterns, a new membership campaign in 2014, yearly invitations to lapsed members, facilitating the first-time conference attendee orientation, etc.. In addition, with Board consensus that membership is critically important and requires a strategic collaboration, we have formed a membership committee consisting of leadership from the PEN, SIGs, conference, and global strategies. All of my membership related work has been truly team efforts.

I have been a member of the Academy since 2002 and have served in numerous roles (reviewer of proposals and four AHRD journals, session chair, SIG co-chair, editorial boards of ADHR and HRDQ, international/global track co-chair). After three years on the board, I am strongly focused on membership values and experiences. If elected, during my second term my personal vision is to work with more colleagues to invite others to join the academy and grow together.

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