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2015 Award Winners

Cutting Edge Awards – Jason Moats, Chair

  • Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction Among Career Changers in Korea: The Influence of Leaders’ Vision of Talent and Organizational Culture
    Eun-Jee Kim, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)
    Sunyoung Park, Louisiana State University
  • Family Roles and Distress: A Gender Comparison Among Korean Employees
    Sehoon Kim, University of Wisconsin-Platteville
    Hyounju Kang, Texas A&M University
    Boreum Ju, University of Illinois
  • Making Sense of Paradox Using Bourdieu’s Concepts of Disposition, Habitus, and Field
    Edie Williams The George Washington University
  • Abused at Home, Disengaged at Work: Conceptualizing the Relationship of the Traumatized Worker and the Imminent Role of Human Resource Development Scholar-Practitioners
    Carroll M. Graham, Indiana State University
    Barbara A. Eversole, Indiana State University
    Cindy L. Crowder, Indiana State University
    Szu-Fang Chuang, Indiana State University
  • “Man, have I got a story for you”: Facilitated Autoethnography as a Potential Methodology in HRD Research
    Robin Grenier, University of Connecticut
    Joshua C. Collins, University of Minnesota
  • To Revere or to Irrevere - That is Not the Question
    Michael Kroth, University of Idaho
  • The Search for Meaning at Work: A Critical Analysis of the Dominant and Subordinate Theoretical Assumptions
    Zachary Mercurio, Colorado State University
  • Examining Organizational Citizenship Behavior in the Context of Human Resource Development: An Integrative Review of the Literature
    Kevin Rose, University of Louisville
  • What is Talent Development? An Integrative Review of Literature
    Amir Hedayati Mehdiabadi, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    Jessica Li, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • A Measurement Invariance Analysis of the Dimensions of the Learning Organization Questionnaire (DLOQ) across Two Different Cultures
    Kyoungshin Kim, The University of Georgia
    Karen Watkins, The University of Georgia
    Zhenqiu Lu, The University of Georgia

Esworthy Malcolm S. Knowles Dissertation of the Year – Sewon Kim, Chair

  • Development and Validation of the Employee Expertise Development Scale (EEDS)
    Yujin Kim, University of Connecticut

Early Career Scholar – Julia Storberg-Walker, Chair

  • Rajashi Ghosh, Drexel University
  • Brad Shuck, University of Louisville

R. Wayne Pace Book of the Year Award

  • Realising Critical HRD: Stories of Reflecting, Voicing, and Enacting Critical Practice
    Jamie L. Callahan
    Jim Stewart
    Clare Rigg
    Sally Sambrook
    Kiran Trehan

Richard A. Swanson Research Excellence Award – Kim Nimon, Chair

  • "Employees’ Perceived Use of Leader Power and Implications for Affect and Work Intentions" (26:4, p. 359-384).
    Drea Zigarmi
    Taylor Peyton Roberts
    W. Alan Randolph

Elwood F. Holton III Research Excellence Award – Julie Gedro and Jia Wang

  • "Skunked: An Integrative Review Exploring the Consequences of the Dysfunctional Leader and Implications for Those Employees Who Work For Them." (article published in HRDR 2015 Volume 14, Issue 1, pp. 64-90:)
    Kevin Rose, the University of Louisville
    Brad Shuck, the University of Louisville
    Devon Twyford, the University of Louisville
    Matt Bergman, the University of Louisville

HRDR 2015 Best Reviewer of the Year – Julie Gedro and Jia Wang

  • Rajashi Ghosh, Drexel University

Monica M. Lee Research Excellence Award – Carole Elliot, Chair

  • Connection, value, and growth: how employees with different national identities experience a geocentric organizational culture of a global corporation (HRDI, Vol. 18, No. 1: 39-57)
    Maria S. Plakhotnik, National Research University Higher School of Economics, Russia
    Tonette S. Rocco, Florida International University
    Joshua C. Collins, University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
    Hilary Landorf, Florida International University

ADHR Outstanding Issue Award – Marilyn Byrd, Chair

  • Green HRD: The Greening of Society and the Implications for Human Resource Development Theory and Practice (November 2015; 17(4))
    Editors: Ellen Scully-Russ
    Maria Cseh

Outstanding HRD Scholar Award – AAhad Osman-Gani, Chair

  • Alexandre Ardichvili, University of Minnesota

AHRD Excellence in Scholarly Practice Award, Chair Carol Packard

  • “Harnessing a Learning Culture: Creating Strategic Alignment in Learning through a Strategic Imagining Process"
    Ann Herd, University of Louisville
    Rod Githens, University of the Pacific
    Brad Shuck, University of Louisville
    Al Cornish, Norton Healthcare

AHRD Service Award, Chair Darren Short

  • Gene Roth, Northern Illinois University

Laura Bierema Excellence in Critical HRD Award, Joshua C. Collins, Chair

  • Tonette S. Rocco, Florida International University

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