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2013 AHRD Nominees

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Nominees for the 2013 AHRD Board of Directors

Joshua C. Collins

I am honored and ecstatic to accept my colleagues’ nomination for consideration as a member of the AHRD Board of Directors. Presently, I am a Doctoral student in Adult Education and HRD at Florida International University. I am additionally a graduate of Texas A&M University’s program for the Master of Science in Educational HRD. As the term of my potential appointment ranges from 2013-2016, I feel that I may bring a unique, much-needed perspective to my position on the board as a student-scholar for the first half and a recent graduate in the second.

My vision for AHRD is simple, but achieving it will not be easy. Presently, many of us are experiencing unique pressures and challenges. In a tough economy, we have been asked to develop and sustain plans to maximize resources and reduce costs. But, in an increasingly global, diverse, multicultural, and connected world, we have also been asked to rethink the work environment and to develop the people within it. Traditional systems and ways of knowing and experiencing the world are no longer sufficient. Many of us have discovered the importance of rebuilding and restructuring what we "do” from the ground up. This means systematic, critical change in the processes, definitions, research, policies, and practices of HRD. I am fully committed to meeting this challenge head on. My work published in Academy conference proceedings, HRDR, and HRDI, among other scholarly journals, has demonstrated this commitment. I believe in AHRD.

Khalil M. Dirani

I completed my Ph.D. in 2007 at the University of Illinois, and since then I work as an Assistant Professor at the University of Georgia (UGA) where I conduct research and make the results available to the research community through scholarly publications and presentations. In addition, I teach graduate classes for the Adult Education and HRD program at UGA and provide services to the field of HRD in a variety of ways. Since 2001, I have served as a reviewer for the AHRD conference proceedings and participated in different leadership roles. Additionally, over the past three years I served on the Proceedings Editorial Board for the AHRD International Conference in the Americas.

My vision for the Academy is to strengthen the collaborative efforts between HRD scholars and practitioners in order to improve HRD theory and to create chances to enhance HRD practice to meet the demands of the modern day workplace. In order to do so, we need to recruit, retain, and nurture national and international talents and ensure they continue to be involved because they are the future of the Academy. I understand the level of commitment and other related demands that come with this position. But my past experience as proceeding’s program chair, my passion to the field of HRD, and my dedication to the Academy, along with the support of my colleagues, all of which will prove to be of great value and will help me succeed in my Board role.

Rajashi Ghosh

I am a faculty in the HRD program in School of Education at Drexel University. Prior to joining academics, I worked in the corporate sector in areas of employee development and performance management. My work experience inspired me to pursue research on different factors that can reinforce or hinder HRD. Towards that end, I have published several scholarly articles in different peer-reviewed journals including the ones sponsored by the AHRD. I have always been a passionate supporter of AHRD’s mission to systematically study HRD theories, processes and practices and disseminate the learning among an international HRD community. As a dedicated member of AHRD, I have served in different leadership roles as reviewer for the conference and scholarly journals sponsored by AHRD, member of the Quantitative Research SIG, HRDR Editorial Board, member of the Knowles Dissertation of the Year and Holton Research Excellence Award committees, chair of the India HRD SIG, and co-chair of the Workplace Learning Track for the 2013 International Research Conference in the Americas.

My vision for AHRD moving forward is to build its potential for contributing towards developing a stronger workforce and a stronger economy through partnerships with associations dedicated to workforce and community development, to expand its reach to scholars and practitioners in the broader social sciences community for encouraging inter-disciplinary research and potentially increasing membership, and to promote and further develop AHRD’s leadership in building learning communities that continually strive to bridge the gap between HRD research and practice.

Seung Won Yoon

I am an Associate Professor of Instructional Technology/Workplace Learning and Performance at Western Illinois University. Originally from South Korea, I have been a member of AHRD since 2002 and have served the academy in a number of positions, including as a conference proposal reviewer, symposium chair, International/Global track chair, the virtual HRD SIG member, International SIG member, the Malcolm S. Knowles Dissertation of the Year Award committee member, a web master (about a decade ago!), reviewer for HRDQ, HRDR, HRDI, and ADHR, as well as ADHR editorial board member, and I will soon join the editorial board of HRDQ.

My vision for the Academy is to see it continuously grow in membership, global/international insights, and opportunities. Thanks to many committed and passionate scholars and scholarly practitioners, AHRD has established reputable journals, conferences that span global regions, research streams reflecting evolving practices, and promising networks. I strongly believe that those resources and the academy’s international and global talents must be further connected. With my international and IT (instructional/information technology) backgrounds, I will actively promote international/global perspectives and IT within the Academy.

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