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2012 AHRD Conference - Emerging Research Course Information

Emerging Research Course

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8 am – 8 pm on Wednesday (February 29) and 8 am – 1 pm on Thursday (March 1)

This course, designed for students, will examine the role of research in HRD, emerging themes in HRD research, criteria for evaluating research in HRD, critique of past and future conference presentations, the role of professionalism and professional organizations in HRD. This course is offered in association with the annual conference of the Academy of HRD.
Participants will have the opportunity to engage with students and faculty across HRD academic programs. They will also describe the role of theory and research in HRD and understand various research paradigms. There will be an opportunity to meet HRD scholars who will share their professional journeys.

The program will describe standards for good HRD research, outline the criteria for evaluating HRD research, and describe the review and publication process for HRD research.

Download the syllbus here!

The class time required for this course is from early morning on Wednesday, February 29 thru late Saturday, March 3, 2012. Students are expected to attend all class meetings and attend the full conference—due to the experiential learning that occurs, there are no exceptions to this attendance requirement. Students must also arrange their own transportation and arrive in Denver by the evening of Tuesday, February 28. For other important pre-conference logistics, please contact the course instructor at your institution.  

Course Registration—If you are currently enrolled in an academic program that supports your participation in the Emerging Research course, contact the instructor. If you are currently not a member of an institution that is supporting the AHRD Emerging Research Course, you may either 1) contact a faculty member at your institution to determine if he or she would support your involvement in the course as part of a directed study or research-related project for academic credit OR contact one of the participating institutions to enroll in the course. If you need assistance with these issues, contact the AHRD Emerging Research Course coordinator, Dr. Laura Bierema, at the University of Georgia:

Conference & Course Registration—as part of class participation you must do two things: 1) register for the full conference; and 2) register for the Emerging Research course. Go to the Conference Central to register.
Managing Expenses—Former student participants have identified sharing a room with another student(s) to be an important cost savings strategy. Contact your instructor or colleague/peers to determine if this is possible. Starting to immediately investigate air travel options is also important as prices may rise as the travel dates approach. A modest continental breakfast and snacks are typically available as part of the conference and hors d'ouevres are commonly available during Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. As noted in the hotel information, a variety of affordable restaurants and food courts are within brief walking distance.

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