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2012 Call for Nominations

AHRD Call for Nominations Extended due to Sandy's Impact!

The Academy of Human Resource Development (AHRD) Board of Directors, guided by the leadership of the President, enacts the vision and directs the activities of the Academy. This year, the AHRD members will nominate and elect three new Board members. We need your help to find the best candidates for these important positions – people who will lead our ever-growing and ever-changing Academy with vitality and vision.

Due to the impact of hurricane Sandy, the deadline for nominations has been extended.

Board Member Nominations:

Any member of the AHRD, including former Board members, is eligible to be nominated to serve on the Board. Self-nominations are also accepted. AHRD has a strong commitment to diversity in its general membership and to the diversity of the membership of its Board.

Those considering having their names placed in nomination should consider their time commitment for Board assignments. Each member of the Board is given at least two assignments, which include serving on a Board committee and as Board liaison to an Academy committee. Board members are elected for a three-year term, with members elected this year serving February 2013-February 2016. Board members are expected to participate in two face-to-face Board meetings each year of the three-year term, with each meeting lasting 10-12 hours over one-and-a-half days. One meeting is held during the AHRD International Conference in the Americas and the second meeting is generally scheduled in the fall at a centralized location in the United States. Board members cover their own expenses for attendance at the face-to-face Board meetings.

Nomination Procedure:

Nominations will close on Tuesday, 13 November 2012.

All nominations must adhere to following election guidelines:

Whether nominating yourself or someone else, all nominations must provide a written statement that includes the nominee's biographical information, vision for the Academy, and ways the nominee will contribute as a Board member. Each nomination statement is restricted to a total of 250 words, including the biographical information, vision, and contribution as Board member. Any statement exceeding 250 words will have the excess words dropped from the end of the statement. These final statements of the slate of nominees will be communicated to the AHRD membership.

Send a nomination by 11:59 PM (EST) on 13 November 2012 to Martin B. Kormanik, Chair, AHRD Election & Nominating Committee, via e-mail ( A reply e-mail confirmation will be sent to you indicating that your nomination has been received. If you do not receive this confirmation within 48 hours, please re-send and/or contact Martin at 703-683-8600.

The use of flyers, direct e-mail, and/or the AHRD listserv for the promotion of candidates is prohibited.

Voting Procedure:

In early November, all AHRD members will receive an e-mail with voting instructions to use the AHRD website to complete their ballots. The AHRD Election & Nominating Committee will calculate the voting results using the Hare System of Proportional Representation. The procedure will be completed and the results communicated to AHRD members by December 10, 2012. The new Board members will be introduced to the Academy at the AHRD International Research Conference in the Americas, February 13-17, 2013.

The Election Committee looks forward to receiving your nominations.

AHRD Election & Nominating Committee
Martin Kormanik
Marilyn Byrd
Sam Stern

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