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2011 AHRD Nominees

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AHRD Nominees 2012

For the 2011 AHRD Ballot

President-Elect Nominee

Ronald L. Jacobs

Ron Jacobs is professor of human resource development and director of international programs, College of Education, the University of Illinois, after 27 years at the Ohio State University.  As a founding member, Ron has served on the AHRD Board on three occasions and was vice-president for research.  Ron served as editor of HRDQ from 1997-2001, and now serves again on the HRDQ editorial board.  Currently, Ron serves as president of the AHRD Foundation.  Ron has presented at every AHRD International and AHRD Asian Chapter conference.  He has published in all four AHRD journals and was recognized by AHRD for his lifetime scholarly contributions in 1995.  Ron has prepared over 300 HRD professionals and over 20 of his PhD graduates teach in major universities, nationally and internationally. 

Most agree with the original AHRD vision: to lead the HRD field through research.  But as the Academy has grown, the interpretation of this statement seems noticeably less well understood.  As president elect, my anticipated contribution would be to help lead efforts to better define what is HRD research in the first place, different from organization behavior and human resource management.  AHRD attracts scholars from different traditions and perspectives, which is healthy.  However, the value of HRD research itself comes not from how similar it appears to others.  Rather it comes from our scholarly perspectives to impact learning and performance in the workplace.   I am hopeful to provide leadership on this and other critical questions in my AHRD role.

Board of Directors Nominees

Dr. Shani D. Carter

Dr. Shani D. Carter’s vision is for the Academy to continue its focus on developing new knowledge through using rigorous research methodologies, and to continue research in multidisciplinary and multi-national arenas.  The Academy should actively share the new knowledge with members of other disciplines via active recruiting, publicity, and jointly-sponsored conferences and publications. The Academy could form partnerships with profit-centered corporations to examine these issues.

The Academy also should focus on growth, and to this end, should explore methods to retain members.  Methods to grow the Academy can include increasing opportunities for members to participate in projects and hold leadership positions. Methods also can include promoting inclusiveness and collegiality in member interactions.

Dr. Carter has been a member of AHRD since 1998.  She has continuously served the Academy by: chairing conference sessions; reviewing conference papers; reviewing for HRDQ and HRDR; chairing the Richard A. Swanson Research Excellence Award committee and the Cutting Edge committee; and serving on numerous committees (i.e., Malcolm Knowles Dissertation committee; Diversity committee; AHRD Excellence in Scholarly Practice Award committee; and the Scholar Learning & Development SIG).  She has been awarded the Cutting Edge Award and the Swanson Award.  She also has presented papers at nearly every conference since 1999, and has published articles HRDQ.
She is Professor and former Department Chair in the Department of Management and Marketing in the School of Management at Rhode Island College. Her research focuses on training methods, factors of cognitive ability, vocational training and certification, affect, motivation, and training evaluation.

Salvatore Falletta, Ed.D.

Dr. Salvatore Falletta has over 20 years experience in HRD.  He is an Associate Professor and Director of the HRD program at Drexel University and serves as a Vice President for Learning Transfer Solutions Global. Prior to Drexel and Learning Transfer Solutions Global, Sal was Vice President and Chief HR Officer for a Fortune 1000 company based in the Silicon Valley, California and has held management positions in HRD at several best-in-class companies, including Nortel Networks, Alltel, Intel Corporation, SAP AG, and Sun Microsystems. While at Intel, Sal managed the global employee survey program, performed organizational behavior research studies, and facilitated corporate HR strategy efforts. He also led the training evaluation function at Nortel Networks.  Sal is an accomplished speaker, researcher, and author. He frequently presents at conferences and seminars, and has authored or co-authored books, book chapters, and articles. Sal holds a doctoral degree with a specialization in HRD from North Carolina State University.  

AHRD’s vision is to lead the HRD profession through research. However, I think it incumbent upon us to do more in terms of addressing the proverbial gap between research and practice.  As a former chief HR officer, my vision for the AHRD is to further strengthen our ties between the HRD scholar and practitioner community by advocating for and engaging in applied research (e.g., partnership research; evidenced-based research initiatives) with private and public organizations. I’ll also advocate for the development and publication of a new HRD Bridge Journal and actively participate in the Scholar-Practitioner SIG.

Robin S. Grenier, PhD

Robin S. Grenier, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Adult Learning in the Department of Educational Leadership at the University of Connecticut. Robin has been an AHRD member since 2005 and has served as Election Committee Chair, PEN representative, co-chair for the Qualitative Inquiry SIG, and reviewer for HRDR and HRDQ.  She brings to the Academy her experiences as a public school teacher, consultant, and program manager.

Personal Statement: As I see the Academy of Human Resource Development transform the thinking and practice of its members in dynamic and innovative ways, I am excited to be part of this organization. That excitement stems from my belief that the Academy has the capacity to expand and serve its membership through scholarship, service, and practice. AHRD is my professional home and I would be honored to serve on its board. In doing so, I would first like to see AHRD strengthen its relationships with universities, corporations, and non-profits through programs, media, and resources that link Academy member expertise with those interested in HRD.  Through the building of relationships AHRD will be able expand its journal readership, conference attendance, and create new opportunities and contexts for scholarly practice. Second, I would like to foster a movement of new thinking about research, writing, representation, and methods that will challenge existing form of scholarship. As a board member I would encourage creative and novel work of Academy members through the application of new media, flexible forums for presenting research, and inclusive spaces. 

Catherine Lombardozzi

AHRD’s mission commits us to advancing the practice of HRD through research. I believe that to advance the field, we must find additional ways to educate and influence practitioners in their day-to-day work. In an era of rapid change and web technology, we have an ongoing opportunity to get closer to practice – to work in real time to strengthen practice as it is being invented. I would be excited to work with the AHRD board to develop our outreach to the practitioner community to spark robust interactions and collaborations so that our theory and research demonstrably improves the practice of HRD in the field.

Here is the background I would offer: I have been a learning and development professional for nearly 30 years, and am currently a leader in the corporate university at Vanguard, an organization that has been recognized for its leading-edge practices and commitment to L&D. Since earning my doctorate in human and organizational learning (George Washington University, 2004), I take great joy in teaching graduate classes in adult learning and instructional design for Penn State Great Valley, George Washington University, and other programs. I am personally committed to promoting scholarly practice in my day-to-day work and in preparing practitioners in our field. Within the Academy, I have been a leader in the Scholar-Practitioner Committee/SIG, and I have designed several workshops and conference sessions on scholarly practice. I write the Learning Journal blog at You can read more about my background at

Wendy E.A. Ruona, Ph.D.

AHRD has been a critical force fostering the scholarly foundation of HRD. Yet, as we approach the 20-year celebration of AHRD’s founding, we must look to how we can sustain and build future success for a profession facing precarious times. This economy is especially challenging for professional associations like AHRD and for a profession facing significant challenges. I believe that AHRD must clearly define its value to our stakeholders and build a business model and strategy that brings that value to life for its members and the profession. For me, AHRD’s value proposition centers on innovations that facilitate (1) the development and dissemination of research, theory-building, and scholarship and (2) the support and development of researchers and scholars (in academia and practice); individually and as a community. My commitment to our profession and AHRD runs deep. I would be honored to serve again and contribute to shaping the next decade of AHRD.

Wendy E. A. Ruona, Associate Professor of Human Resource & Organization Development (HROD) at the University of Georgia, has been working in the field for 15+ years. Most of that time, she has been an active leader in AHRD. Notable contributions include serving as the Editor-in-Chief of Advances in Developing Human Resources (2004-2007) and as Editorial Board Member and/or Reviewer for all of the journals sponsored by AHRD. She has also served on AHRD’s Board of Directors for seven of the past 11 years and was the Founder and Chair of AHRD’s Program Excellence Network.

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