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2010 AHRD Nominees

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AHRD Nominees 2011

Board of Directors Nominees

Valerie Anderson, PhD, M.Ed, Chartered MCIPD, FHEA

My background: I am a Principal Lecturer at Portsmouth University, UK where I teach and lead HRD and research methods courses at Masters and Doctoral levels. Before my research and teaching roles I worked in public and private organizations. I am committed to advancing theory and practice through sharing latest developments in an accessible way. In addition to my book, Research Methods in HRM I have contributed to scholarly journals including HRDI (Research Excellence in HRD Award, 2009), JEIT, HRMJ, JWB,  IJAD;  IJEI; JSBED, Strategic HR Review and authored practitioner-focused research reports and publications published by UK Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

My research interests include: the strategic value of learning, the role of line managers in HRD, the professional development of part-time and new-career scholars, and HRD teaching. In addition to AHRD I am active in UFHRD, contributing to the learning and teaching, and research sub-groups. I am a Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy (HEA).

My vision for AHRD: Challenges resulting from economic restructuring in developed countries throughout the world will mark AHRD’s 20th anniversary in 2013. However, these bring opportunities to explore new research approaches and smaller-scale practitioner orientated inquiry developing ‘local theory’ at organizational and community-levels. I want to encourage, promote and disseminate these research insights from researchers, practitioners, students and teachers throughout the global AHRD membership to deliver fresh understanding of HRD issues. It would be a privilege to serve on relevant AHRD committees to advance this vision.

Dr Carole J Elliott

I am a Senior Lecturer in OB and HRM at Hull University Business School.  I received my BA in Modern Languages from the University of Western Australia, and my MSc in HRD and PhD from Lancaster University.  Since I attended my first AHRD conference in 1998, I am proud to have served the HRD community in a number of different capacities:  as the first Managing Editor of HRDI; as an author in Routledge’s HRD series edited by Monica Lee; as a member of the University Forum for HRD; as a leader of HRD programmes; as a member of the Critical HRD SIG, and as a reviewer for the Academy’s journals. 

At the 2003 conference I organised, with Sharon Turnbull, the first ‘Critical Thinking in HRD’ symposium, which led to ‘Critical Thinking in Human Resource Development’ (2005), published by Routledge.  I remain convinced about AHRD’s capacity to lead and nurture critically reflexive practice and theory-building.  My vision for AHRD is as an initiator and facilitator of leadership for ecological sustainability and social justice. I strongly believe that the HRD community has a crucial role to play in encouraging and implementing the development of more ethical, ecologically and socially sustainable business practices.  If I am fortunate enough to be chosen to serve on the AHRD Board I would commit myself to working with practitioner and academic colleagues on initiatives that seek to encourage the re-visioning of organisational practices and boundaries, which work towards the development of new models of organising and organisation.  

Salvatore Falletta, Ed.D.

Dr. Salvatore Falletta has over 20 years experience in HRD, HPT, and human capital management. He is an Associate Professor and the Director of HRD program at Drexel University and is founder of Leadersphere, Inc.  Prior to Drexel and Leadersphere, Sal was Vice President and Chief HR Officer for a Fortune 1000 company based in the Silicon Valley, California and has held management positions in HRD at several best-in-class companies, including Nortel Networks, Alltel, Intel Corporation, SAP AG, and Sun Microsystems. While at Intel, Sal managed the global employee survey program, performed leadership and organizational behavior research studies, and facilitated corporate HR strategy efforts. He also led the training evaluation function at Nortel Networks. Sal is an accomplished speaker, researcher, and author. He frequently presents at conferences and seminars, and has authored or co-authored books, book chapters, and articles. Sal holds a doctoral degree with a specialization in training and HRD from North Carolina State University.  

AHRD’s vision is to lead human resource development through research.  However, I think it incumbent upon us to do more in terms of addressing the proverbial gap between research and practice.  As a former chief HR officer, my vision for the AHRD is to further strengthen our ties between the HRD scholar and practitioner community by advocating for and engaging in applied research (e.g., partner research; evidenced-based research initiatives) with private and public organizations. I’ll also advocate for the development and publication of a new HRD Bridge Journal and actively participate in the Scholar-Practitioner.

Holly M. Hutchins, Ph.D.

I am an associate professor of human resource development at the University of Houston and completed my Ph.D. at the University of North Texas. My primary research focus is training transfer, with secondary areas that explore HRD’s role in crisis management and e-Learning design. I have published in the AHRD’s flagship journals as well as other HRD related journals whose foci include workplace learning, performance improvement, and human resource management. I also serve as the UH HRD undergraduate program coordinator, faculty advisor for the UH HRD Student Society, and faculty chair of the UH Commission on Women where I focus on increasing tenure-track faculty development initiatives.  Much of my research is based on my work with industry, and I continue to provide evidence-based practices through my consulting, teaching and scholarship.

I have been active in AHRD for the past six years and proudly consider it my professional home. I have presented at both the Americas and the European conferences, chaired symposia, served on multiple committees and on the HRDR Editorial Board.  I am also the Scholar Learning & Development SIG Chair, a group focused on supporting developmental experiences for scholars at all levels.

My vision and work as an AHRD Board member would be to continue creating engagement and developmental opportunities for scholars and practitioners, focus on benchmarking HRD education, and to broaden AHRD cross-disciplinary and international outreach. I am excited about the opportunity to serve AHRD members and continue to make the Academy the professional home of choice!

David M. Kopp, Ph.D., CPLP, SPHR 

Dr. Kopp, Barry University, Faculty Chair, Organizational Learning and Leadership Department, Associate Professor, has led in the Human Resource Development field for a decade, currently appointed as a 2011 AHRD conference chair for the Critical HRD and Social Justice track.  He is the author of various publications on the social history of workplace training. In particular, Dr. Kopp has emphasized the significant roles of cultural, historical, and political contexts in shaping workplace training. Additionally, Dr. Kopp’s research interests include transfer of training in the workplace, social justice, critical theory in HRD, and ethics and corporate social responsibility.

Dr. Kopp’s special focus is on historical training methods and contexts and how they impact HRD’s modern-day practices in organizations. Dr. Kopp is one of only few training and development professionals in Florida to be credentialed as a Certified Performance and Learning Professional (CPLP).  Dr. Kopp joined Barry University in 2002 after earning his Ph.D. in Human Resource Development in 2001. Dr. Kopp regularly receives Barry University’s distinguished APPLE award voted by students for outstanding teaching.  Dr. Kopp has taught and guided into professional world many successful alumni and is devoted to the success of his students.
If elected, Dr. Kopp will be committed to the vision of AHRD and will assist in moving Human Resource Development into a recognized discipline that promotes and disseminates the highest levels of integrity, social justice, social responsibility within the workplace, especially during these unprecedented times of change and instability.

Rachelle Lehner, PhD

Rachelle Lehner, PhD, is the Assistant Dean for Staff Development at Emory University’s School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia. Rachelle has been a member of AHRD since 2003. 

I have approximately 20 years experience in HRD related work at numerous universities, academic medical centers, and a hospital. My passion is helping employees engage in small change initiatives and realize they, as individuals, can make a difference; and how each small change can make a difference.

Within AHRD, I’ve been integral to the Scholar-Practitioner SIG and its predecessor ‘group’.  Additionally, I’ve presented at AHRD and published in AHRD journals, assisted with scholar-practitioner pre-conferences and Town Hall sessions, served as a conference paper reviewer, was a finalist for the Malcolm S. Knowles Dissertation of the Year award, served on the Dissertation of the Year selection committee, and am a reviewer for HRDR.

As a PhD student in 2003 knowing that I wanted to return to practice as a scholar-practitioner after graduation, I wasn’t sure that AHRD was the place for me.  Eight conferences later, I am proud to call AHRD my professional home.  Over the years I have seen a change in attitudes and acceptance of scholar-practitioners and I would be honored to serve on the board to represent not only scholar-practitioners, but everyone in the Academy. My vision for AHRD is that all members feel welcome, invited, appreciated, and valued so that AHRD becomes their professional home and we, as an Academy, have a diversity of voices in our midst.

Michael Leimbach

I am Vice President of Research and Design for Wilson Learning Worldwide. I receive my doctorate from the University of Minnesota and I try to stay active in both scholarly research and practice. I addition to my work at Wilson Learning where I research and design human performance improvement systems, I have published in HRDQ, JICT, IJTD, Developmental Psychology, Journal of Genetic Psychology,  numerous trade publications and multiple time at AHRD conferences. I am currently a member of ADHR Editorial Board, reviewer for HRDQ, member of the AHRD Journal Taskforce, and a Track co-chair for the International Conference.

VISION: AHRD is where I recharge my appreciation for scientific rigor. I value the diversity of ideas and approaches within AHRD and would work to maintain that breadth of experience and the Academy’s commitment to scholarly dialogue. If elected to the Board, I hope to expand the impact of the Academy research-based practice in HRD. We need to encourage practitioners to utilize evidence when choosing practices, and make research more accessible to practitioners.

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