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2009 AHRD Nominees

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AHRD Nominees 2010

Board of Directors Nominees

Mesut Akdere

My name is Mesut Akdere. I am an assistant professor of Human Resource Development at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I received my Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota. I have been a member of the AHRD since 2000, and have served in various committees at different capacities including International SIG Chair, Track Chair Editor for International, Global & Cross-Cultural Issues, Conference Reviewer and Associate Program Chair.

I envision a direction for the AHRD in which the Academy plays an active role in bridging research and practice through promoting and providing research opportunities and professional networks. Furthermore, in a global world, the Academy has more work to do in reaching out to other parts of the world and forming new networks of organizations and alliances. I believe that the Academy has an important responsibility through its global conferences and scholarly journals to be the venue to attract and disseminate the most rigorous and state-of-the-art studies in the field.

As a Board member, I would like to contribute to the Academy by providing support to increase research and grant opportunities; establish an inclusive forum for students and young scholars to engage in dialogue about the current status and future direction of the field; promote diversity initiatives to increase the membership from all walks of life; and collaborate with other professional organizations representing the fields related to HRD practice and research. I am fully committed to the Academy’s vision. I believe that a globally-based diverse institution is the future direction for the AHRD.

Elisabeth Bennett

Elisabeth ("Liz”) E. Bennett, PhD, is the Director of the Education Office in Academic Affairs at Baystate Medical Center and Assistant Professor with Tufts University. Her role in medical education stands at the nexus of higher education and workforce development. Liz has been a member of AHRD since 2004 and a regular contributor to AHRD, including scholarship toward Virtual HRD. She has held industry positions in life insurance, manufacturing, and continuing education.

Personal Statement
Diversity of thought is essential to a vibrant AHRD. As a board member, I can offer diversity of experience from present and past roles. My current work is fully practitioner and fully academic, which provides the opportunity to engage in integrated research and practice. Medical Education, like other industries, is a relatively untapped market for AHRD. The future of AHRD is opening up new markets and avenues of thought. Additionally, HRD must continue to strive for harmony between the art and science of our work. My vision for AHRD has three elements. First, AHRD must remain faithful to the outstanding tradition of scholarship, which sets the association apart. Second, we must continue the work that is underway to build space for scholarly practitioners who offer valuable experience and perspectives. Third, AHRD should explore ways to draw members from untapped markets. Ultimately AHRD is a strong organization because of the many committed and passionate professionals in HRD whom I would consider it an honor to serve.

Shani Carter

Shani D. Carter’s vision is for the Academy to continue its focus on developing new knowledge through using rigorous research methodologies, and to continue research in multidisciplinary and multi-national arenas. The Academy should actively share the new knowledge with members of other disciplines via active recruiting, publicity, and jointly-sponsored conferences and publications.

In multidisciplinary research, Academy members should unite disparate literatures, such as economics, education, accounting, management, psychology, and anthropology via cross-disciplinary committees to create new HRD knowledge. In transnational research, Academy members should examine methods to improve transnational employment outcomes, since technological advances have increased transnational employment. The Academy should form partnerships with profit-centered corporations to examine these issues.

Dr. Carter has been a member of AHRD since 1998. She has continuously served the Academy by: chairing conference sessions; reviewing conference papers; reviewing for HRDQ and HRDR; chairing the Richard A. Swanson Research Excellence Award committee and the Cutting Edge committee; and serving on numerous committees (i.e., Malcolm Knowles Dissertation committee; Diversity committee; AHRD Excellence in Scholarly Practice Award committee; and the Scholar Learning & Development SIG). She has been awarded the Cutting Edge Award and the Swanson Award. She also has presented papers at nearly every conference since 1999, and has published articles HRDQ.

She is an Associate Professor and Department Chair in the Department of Management and Marketing in the School of Management at Rhode Island College. Her research focuses on training methods, factors of cognitive ability, vocational training and certification, affect, motivation, and training evaluation.

Salvatore Falletta

Dr. Salvatore Falletta has over 20 years experience in HRD, HPT, and human capital management. He is an Associate Professor and Associate Program Director of HRD at Drexel University and is founder of Leadersphere, Inc. Prior to Drexel and Leadersphere, Sal was Vice President and Chief HR Officer for a Fortune 1000 company based in the Silicon Valley, California and has held management positions in HRD at several best-in-class companies, including Nortel Networks, Alltel, Intel Corporation, SAP AG, and Sun Microsystems. While at Intel, Sal managed the global employee survey program, performed leadership and organizational behavior research studies, and facilitated corporate HR strategy efforts. He also led the training evaluation function at Nortel Networks. Sal is an accomplished speaker, researcher, and author. He frequently presents at conferences and seminars, and has authored or co-authored numerous books, book chapters, and articles. Sal holds a doctoral degree with a specialization in training and HRD from North Carolina State University.

While the AHRD vision is to lead human resource development through research, I think it incumbent upon us to do more in terms of addressing the proverbial gap between research and practice. As a former chief HR officer, my vision for the AHRD is to further strengthen our ties between the HRD scholar and practitioner community. Towards this end, I would advocate for the development and publication of a new HRD Bridge Journal and hope to serve on the Membership and Marketing Committee, HRD Book of the Year Committee, and Scholar-Practitioner SIG.

Julie Gedro

Julie Gedro, MBA, PHR, EdD
Associate Professor of Business, Management and Economics
Empire State College

The Academy of Human Resource Development is my academic home. I have enthusiastically been involved since 2002. Through my involvement with AHRD, I have enjoyed networking, collaborating, and keeping up in our field. I have also developed meaningful friendships. I welcome the opportunity to contribute in a formal and substantive way as a member of the Board of Directors. I look forward to identifying and executing innovative ways of reaching out to new scholars and practitioners in our field, building off of the excellent work of several of my colleagues. I also look forward to helping with our retention efforts. I serve on the Vestry of St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral and am in my second term on the Board of Directors of Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue. These experiences have enabled me to develop my leadership skills as a Board member, and I will bring that expertise to bear on my role within AHRD. I hope to contribute to our organization’s sustainability, effectiveness, and growth.

I am a former fulltime HRD professional in the finance, high-tech and telecommunications sectors in Atlanta, Georgia. I have a B.A. in Economics and English from the College of William and Mary; an M.B.A. in Information Systems from Kennesaw State University, and a Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.) in Adult Education and Human Resource Development from the University of Georgia.

Joyce Thompson Heames

Joyce Thompson Heames,Ph.D., SPHR, is a faculty member in the Department of Management, Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management in the College of Business & Economics at West Virginia University. Her teaching includes human resources, staffing and selection, corporate social responsibility, and training/development at the graduate and undergraduate levels. She is the advisor for the student chapter of SHRM and co-advisor for the graduate student chapter of IRSA.

Joyce’s primary area of research is counterproductive work behavior, specifically workplace bullying. She also explores leadership, management history, and training/development. Her work has been published in the Journal of World Business, Journal of Applied Social Psychology, Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, International Journal of Human Resource Management, Management Decision, and Journal of Business Ethics. She currently serves on the editorial review panel for Human Resource Development Quarterly and The International Journal of Conflict Management. She is also the Assistant Placement Director for the Academy of Management. Prior to receiving her Ph.D., Joyce served in academics as a university administrator and in the private sector as a HR consultant.

AHRD has a short, but rich history, and is on the threshold of becoming a major player in the arena of academic organizations. Important decisions need to be made about the future of the organization and I would enjoy being a part of the exciting developments of the Academy. My background is laced with academic and practitioner experiences, affording me a unique perspective and solid foundation on which to serve the board.

David Kopp

Dr. David M. Kopp, Ph.D., CPLP, SPHR
Title: Chair, Organizational Learning and Leadership Department, Associate Professor
Institution: Barry University

David M. Kopp is an American educator in organizational learning and human resource development. He is the author of various publications on the social history of workplace training and critical HRD. In particular, Dr. Kopp has emphasized the significant roles of cultural, historical, and political contexts in shaping socially responsible training and development practices. Dr. Kopp is one of only few training and development professionals in Florida to be credentialed as a Certified Performance and Learning Professional (CPLP). His research interests include workplace training and performance with a special focus on historical training methods and contexts.

David M. Kopp joined Barry University in 2002 after earning his Ph.D. in Human Resource Development in 2001. Dr. Kopp regularly receives Barry’s distinguished APPLE award voted by students for outstanding teaching. Dr. Kopp has taught and guided many successful alumni, including his current doctoral student as well as a world-renowned basketball star Shaquille O’Neal, into the organizational world.

Dr. Kopp is committed to the vision of making Human Resource Development a field that is not only focused on such things as "rejecting null hypotheses,” but is also promoting and disseminating the highest levels of social responsibility and workplace ethics. As a board member, Dr. Kopp will continue to be dedicated to developing practices that respect the individual and support a more humane workplace in times of unprecedented change and instability.

Russell Korte

Russ Korte
Assistant Professor
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

My vision for the Academy of Human Resource Development (AHRD) is to continually drive the field forward, and continue to welcome and serve an eclectic membership of scholars and practitioners. I believe in the power of scholarship and the power of practice and I am dedicated to spanning the boundaries between the two. I would like to see the Academy grow in the area of engaged scholarship by increasing its support of scholarship for knowledge, understanding, and practical results. Rather than trying to bound the field of Human Resource Development (HRD) and distinguish it from related bodies of knowledge and practice, I hope to see the Academy embrace a broader view of HRD based on the complexity and richness found in people and their organizations.

As a participating member for seven years, I find the AHRD to be one of my primary bases for scholarship in HRD. In addition to presenting each year, I am the co-chair for the Theory SIG. I have published in ADHR and HRDQ and serve on the editorial board for HRDI. For the Academy, I offer over 30 years of experience in education, business, and consulting. I have been an art teacher in the public schools, an executive in an advertising agency, and a consultant in training and development. My return to higher education exemplifies my strong interest in research and a scholarly approach to HRD.

Julia Storberg-Walker

I am running for the Board of Directors because of the exciting future I see for the Academy. This future may have challenges, but I see the resources, talent, and commitment we share as vital engines for enhancing scholarly rigor, growing a diverse membership, and institutionalizing professional structures into our culture and daily practices.

I am a scholar/practitioner. Before joining the Academy in 2001, I served for fourteen years in a variety of human resource development consulting roles for a global consulting firm. I practiced HRD, even though I did not know what HRD was at the time. I left Big Consulting in 1999 to start a Small Consulting practice in rural Southern Minnesota, and in 2000 I began my doctoral program at the University of Minnesota. Since graduating in 2004, I have served as an Assistant Professor at North Carolina State University.

I see a great future for the Academy. As Program Chair for the 2010 research conference, I have seen the current Board make significant contributions towards infrastructure development and member recruitment, among other notable accomplishments. I hope to build on this and help the Academy be the leader in producing and disseminating HRD research and engaged scholarship. The Academy faces external economic and competitor pressures, and I hope to contribute strategies that will position the Academy as academically rigorous, relevant to a diverse array of practitioner/scholars, and as an exciting and friendly place for HRD colleagues. Scholarship, diversity, and membership growth are keys to our continued success.

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